This is how I live

So this post I'm just gonna blabber along. Simply because I got nothing better to do after my examination. 

Mostly are #tbt kind of stuff. Hope you don't find it bored. But then, I just gonna continue.

I believe if you follow me on my Instagram, some of the shots are quite familiar. Whatever. I am just too into food photography. Lots and lots of food. Any problem????

As you probably know, I work in a place when canteen food are awesome and cheap! Yes... If you haven't read my post previously, please do so now here.

Here is from the one and only Indian stall that sells a Chinese style of Mixed Rice and Vegetable combination. Reasonably priced from $1.40. Find it funny but I like this combi best. Oh is nasi briyani btw.

Here is another one from the Malay stall. The prices are standard in the canteen so no worries it will burn your pocket. What I like is the chilli fishcake. Actually I like chilli fishball and fishcake. Especially those dip in sambal chilli. Marvellous taste! Although I'm not a 100% spice lover.

The Pot Pie Cafe replacing Megabites is introducing more variety in their menu, other than pie. Here is Fish & Chips $5.80. I love criss-cut fries. But my mum simply hate the idea of having fried stuff because of health issues and have warned mi and my bro many many times. Once a while should be fine.

Another one will be Chicken cutlet. You can choose from a variety of sauces for your cutlet. Mine is Thai Chilli Sauce. Eh... sweet sauce I mean.

This is Black Pepper Chicken Steak (if I'm not wrong) with Teriyaki Sauce. Excuse me! I hate cheese! Why would you want to put that? Ya my fault. Should have told them I don't want any cheese. And yes! I should have choose fusilli than spaghetti! Makes me so sleepy after that. But I still love you Spaghetti.

Yes here is one from my favourite Pork Rib Noodles and Lor Mee stall. Fishball noodles soup at $1.80!!! Cheap right? You can have it at $1.80 or $2.00. Excuse me. Can you see what a basic fishball noodles should have? And then you compare with the one at SIM my previous post which I'm so disgusted about it. Read it here! Tel me about it! The term fishball noodles is not simply just fishball + noodles! Damn it. And I'm stupid enough to pay more just for dinner before class. Never mind! I heard they are closing the food court there and rebuild to something else, or whatever. 

This one from a Chinese Chup Chai Bng stall which I think in my previous post have introduced. Yes it is just broccoli and meat with little rice. I don't want to feel sleepy. Damn cheap. Below $2.00 can get.

This one from the same Malay stall. Had this Nasi Lemak for breakfast which really can last me throughout. Not feeling hungry at all during lunch. Well done. I was attracted by the big chicken drumlet. How to resist? Looks crispy and nice right? But in fact, the taste can be further enhance. Still, I enjoy the crunchy sound.

So enough of food. Now my hobby. Nanoblock! Yeah!!!! From the very last post I did, our collection has already increased. Big or small all have. Wahahahaha... Is an addiction now. Thanks to my bro! 

I insist buying this because is iconic place in Sydney. To me, I want the collection to be more of iconic places and not those very superficial stuff. Probably one or two still okay.

This one till now is not completed yet. Because I'm too busy that time on assignments and examination and my bro has only built the first few levels from base. All right! Shall do it soon. 

My mum suggested to combine those leftovers from each of them to make one special block out. But I don't have a creative mind. So can't come out with anything. So after attempts to refer to online for guide, we build the following after this.

Okay. Is duck. Ugly right? Mi and my mum were laughing away when it is ready. Mostly is the colour part. Don't know what colour to use when the wanted colour is not available. OMG! We are crap!

This is my bro's favourite since young. Pokemon. So he bought 4 of them one shot. Seems cute. Yes he meant it. And we build Pikachu first.

So alike right? Very cute. No wrong in buying this. The Japanese are damn clever to come out with various designs. There are Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars and so on. Marvellous.

I bought this for Christmas. Come to think of it, this is a very good Christmas decoration at home. Why not right? It won't spoil if you case it up. And you can just put there for display 365 days ahead too.

Oh hi there. Pikachu has a friend now. My bro and his girlfriend built the blue one. So cute. We left with 2 more to go to complete the Pokemon collection. Go go go!!!

And then since last week, there is mini pasar malam a.k.a night market at my neighbourhood and the first thought is SOTONG BALL. 

Half the time in my life involved food. Wahahahahhah.... How to resist food you tell me??????

Spotted some snacks in provision shop randomly.

I just choose to believe that it is not sinful to snack on this because it says 'REDUCED FAT', even without a Healthier Choice logo. I believe in you okay? 

I randomly bought this pineapple filling biscuits home from Causeway Point and damn it, my mum loves it and tell me to buy if I see it. Okay fine. I love this too although the fillings is a little sweet plus the top is coated with sugar.

At first I though it was some uncooked beans or whatever but then after asking, I found out that it is actually snacks. A healthier choice, if you get what I mean. Now at Mr Bean, they are selling at 2 for $3. Not salty nor sweet, which is good lah. Healthy mah. Won't get fat easily by snacking on this.

Okay that's all for now. Nothing much to post. I think I miss out a lot. But then I realise this post is 70% on food. So if you don't mind, just read randomly. If not, close your browser. I don't give a damn!