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Food Review | Kith Cafe

I come across their cafe at Millenia Walk and was hoping to go with my husband on one of the evenings but too bad, couldn't find a common time because he is too busy with work. Since my friend had their breakfast before at the Park Mall outlet and commented their food was not bad, I suggested coming here for my birthday treat from her. Because I always believe individuals have different expectation on food so can't expect one to love what you love. So I shall keep my expectation low first on their dinner because pinning high hope will make you more disappointed.

There are too many hipster cafes in Singapore so the only way to differentiate them is through their variety of food items and their specialties.

Kith Salad - $16

What constitutes a good salad is freshness and the dressing that goes along. Not only that, the ingredients chosen to mix with the veggie must be something that gives us the nutrition. Because people are getting more health conscious and this is one of the ma…