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Food Review | The Royals Bistro - Singapore [Halal-Certified]

Oh hi from the Northern part of Singapore. Strange enough to be writing at wee hours on food especially. Hope it doesn't make you or myself hungry. But for sure, I will just sleep past the hunger after this post. Not gonna be defeated by the hunger pang! No definitely.
Here I am at The Royals Bistro for lunch on a sunny Friday afternoon. Yes, not just me but with my colleagues. Being able to hop around the campus to find FOOD, definitely feels great despite the heat! And of course... before that, I have let this food outlet passed me for not once, not twice but many times when I'm at University Town. Thankful that my colleagues initiated to try out the menu at The Royals Bistro. If not, I'm gonna miss you, yet again.
So what's with that big wooden peck numbered 24? That is our number tag for our food. Quite interesting though. Given to you after ordering and payment at the cashier. NETS payment is available so worry not if you come cashless. Oh... and yes to my Muslim…

Culinary | Braised Pork Belly

One day, my hub and I were talking about what to cook for our weekend dinner. He said to make braised dishes. So I recall what we have in the fridge so as to reduce food wastage. There are frozen pork belly in our fridge. Time to use it man. The only thing I bought was the tofu puffs and fish cake. The rest of the ingredients and seasoning are existing stuff in the kitchen. 
As usual, this pot of braised sauce will be of two (2) uses in a day. One is served as our breakfast porridge by pouring the sauce over, topped with ingredients. And the other will be served as a dish with a bowl of rice or noodles as preferred by you.

Do note that we started cooking this pot of braising sauce one day before and so only when you wanna have it, then you put the ingredients in to boil and simmer.


500g pork belly, sliced
4 eggs, boiled and shelled
10 fried tofu puffs
Spicy white fish cake (not the fried type)
Spring onions, for garnishing (optional)

Braised Sauce Seasoning:

4 cups of water

Food Review | Yoogane - Singapore

I finally dragged two ladies to go Yoogane with me. Since we are meeting up and the only suggestion they give was no steamboat, then I have all the luxuries to choose. And I will choose the ones I have never tried before so I get to blog it. One stone kill two birds. Always find such opportunities yo...
Why Yoogane? Because I can't resist the yummy ramen that is stirred with the sauces in that big pot of Chicken Galbi. I drooled over those photos on Instagram. I should stop looking for hashtags to make myself longing, craving for those yummy food. Woes of a food blogger.
Like Japanese restaurants, you get greeted in Korean when heading to our seat. Then they serve up your drinks and that big wok in front of you. Lots of seafood, veggie, kimchi, dokboki, chicken meat and of course, last to add will be my ramen.
For a start, their staff will cook for customers at every table. Adding the ingredient one after another till it is ready to serve.

Here you have it. The complete wok of Se…

Food Review | Eighteen Chefs - Singapore

Okay... I'm late again on trying those raving food outlets. It is better to be late than never right? Yes... I keep instilling this principle in my brain. Since I'm meeting up my bestie at AMK, why not try out Eighteen Chefs? Always find the opportunity to do my job as a food blogger in order to maintain my readership. Well... I hope I did it. I hope.
You must have already heard about the big man behind Eighteen Chefs, and that is Mr Benny Se Teo. A former drug addict turned restaurant owner. He hires ex-offenders and youth-at-risk so that they have an opportunity to integrate back into the society. Good karma comes to you Mr Benny Se Teo. So at Eighteen Chefs, they serve a variety of western cuisine and the well-known one will be their cheese baked rice. But then again, I'm not too much into cheese that day so no, thank you. Wahahaha...

Instead, both my bestie and I ordered pasta and a platter. Platter is always the key to sharing fats with your friends, provided you don…