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Food Review | Hai Di Lao Hotpot

Finally, I came to this superb raving hotpot place, Hai Di Lao 海底捞火锅. And because reservation was made, no need for us to queue up for hours, just to have hotpot a.k.a steamboat. Though you will be occupied by the drinks and snacks provided while waiting for a table, plus free manicure. I saw free ice cream and free poncho too. And a small corner for kids to play. That is just for those at the waiting area outside the restaurant.
When you are seated at your table, you will be provided with a cover to shield your bag from the splashing from the hotpot. And apron for yourself too, to shield your clothes. Then a zip-lock for you to put your phone and even wet wipes to wipe your phone or whatever applicable. With kids around, baby chair provided plus a free toy to entertain them. The servers are quite meticulous to their customers, seeing to their needs. Like providing a mobile phone stand for the kids to watch their show on mobile phone. And then, there is those usual topping up your wa…

Drink w T.Grand

From a distributor to manufacturer, T.Grand has grown to be one of Taiwan's leading beverage companies in Taiwan since 2006. The most successful range of their decade-long effort in R&D will be the Assam Milk Tea and Assam Black Tea. Their products can be found all over Taiwan in convenient stores, supermarkets, a few to name. They have also set foot on overseas markets like Australia, New Zealand and so on.

Assam Green Milk Tea

Light and smooth, this drink is not too sweet nor overwhelming with the taste of milk. An after-taste from the milk tea that lingers in your mouth. My favourite. Just have to emphasize that. 

Apple & Kalamansi & Lemon Fusion w Chia Seed
One of their new addition in the product list. One that is so ready for the unpredictable weather here in Singapore. Combining the juices with chia seeds, a perfect boost for Vitamin C. I drank that after an evening run. Chilling, refreshing sweet taste.

Pineapple & Orange Fusion w Chia Seed
Or, for a more cit…

Media Invite | ARTBOX Singapore is here!

Let's get sweaty together at Artbox Singapore!
Thanks to DBS Bank, the title sponsor for Artbox 2017. Artbox is here in Singapore at Marina Bayfront (Bayfront Event space beside Marina Bay Sands) from 14-16 April and 21-23 April 2017, 3pm to 11pm. Mark those dates down to avoid disappointment!
The highlights of Singapore edition of Artbox include: Each weekend, there will be over 300 international creative entrepreneurs with a wide range of product categories from handcrafted bags, air hammocks to original wares;The most hipster market with stunning visual crowd-pullers like shipping containers and fairy lights display;A total event space of over 500k square feet for an expected turnout of 400k people during the two weekends. Let's talk about my experience.

14 April 2017. Good Friday. But it wasn't a good start on the first day. It was raining cats and dogs. Then it got heavier. Some stalls were not opened yet. Some were braving the rain to get on with business. I admired th…

Food Review | Saizeriya

Happen to see this restaurant at Orchard and my friend said the food was cheap. Since there is an outlet at J Cube, decided that this month's 'back home for dinner' shall be an eat-out with the family. The folks seldom eat out and mostly my mum will cook at home. Would think sometimes they need to let loose and have something different. 
This restaurant is still affordable and all of us are happy with the food, at least. That call-bell at every table is actually quite good idea because we don't need to wave or gesture or even clicking to get attention. The serving time was fast. Never short-change on quality and the portion is generous. 

Seafood Soup Pasta $7.90

Soaked in tomato sauce, my dad had this with seafood contents like squid, clams and mussels despite having some skin allergy. Then ended up picking out those seafood and got us to finish it. But he was enjoying it, having every sip of the sauce till almost clean. Almost only. However, it looked more like pasta …

Food Review | Flames of India

If it wasn't for my colleagues who brought me for a farewell lunch, I won't know there is this Indian restaurant just behind the campus. The moment you stepped into the restaurant, you find it quiet. No music played to create some atmosphere and not much of customers despite lunch hours. So easily you can get a seat. But I find it uncomfortable with that sort of dead silence in the restaurant. Especially at that moment when you realized your table were the only occupied one. 
Here it serves Indian cuisine in buffet style at affordable price. The buffet spread were quite decent in taste with a good amount of choices. Veggies and meat, your choice. Plus naan and papadum. I especially love papadum. That thin, crispy and round cracker. But eat in moderation because it can be quite heaty when you overeat them. This makes me miss the Indian stall at the old Science canteen in NUS. I love their food and I don't know why.

My colleague's 2nd round. I think she loves ladyfinger…

Food Review | Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan Teahouse

Happen to come across this Chinese restaurant while in search for our dinner place at Marina Square. So we decided to give it a go since there was no queue at that time (around 4-5+ in the afternoon). That is quite an early dinner. After that crazy rain that had drenched both myself and my husband when we visited the Artbox on the start of their first day. It can be quite tiring to brave the rain and ended up with nothing but wet.
So to my readers, this is how I go about doing food review. And most of them, I paid for it unless otherwise stated. 

Xiao Long Bao

The skin was thin and not too doughy. Passed the basic expectation of Xiao Long Bao. Still need a little improvement. 

Siew Mai 

My husband thought it was the usual siew mai and when it was served, we didn't really bother much until the first bite. It was filled with glutinous rice within. When asked, they said this was China type of siew mai. Okay. That was very new to us. Taste was fair. 

Spring Rolls

Mediocre taste. But at …

Food Review | Goruden Singapore

NUS Kent Ridge campus will soon be a foodie paradise, I hope. Goruden is one of the new additions in campus and am very curious of what they will offer. What catches my eyes was that equipment that has chocolate on it, swirling like those we saw at pasar malam, that Kebab.
The concept is a mix of Asian and Mediterranean with a range of homemade menu that is prepared with... shhhh.... secret recipe. On top of that, you can customize your order by filling up the order slip and they will do according to your choice.
For me, I prefer something hassle-free so I picked those ready menu items. Fast and easy to consume. No need to crack my brain on the customization.

Classic Pita w Signature Pulled Pork

Have always seen on television how delicious pulled pork are and the process of making and marinating. I finally get my hands on one sandwiched between pita bread burger. Drizzled with chilli sauce and garlic mayo, some cheese and lettuces to balance the taste, the overall fares well. Though t…

Food Review | Cafe on the Ridge

Cafe on the Ridge is a casual dining place situated inside NUS Kent Ridge campus and they serve up Western and Asian cuisine like their Signature Kent Ridge Chicken Rice and Kampung Nasi Goreng for example. They also have kids' meal which is great for members who are bringing their kids and family and also to enjoy the facilities over at Kent Ridge Guild House. 
Finally get myself here for lunch because I have been hearing about this Cafe from my colleagues the longest time but never did I make effort to come. It is convenience for us working in this campus so yeah, a must to visit for at least once.
Simple settings with seating capacity that can cater big groups. But you have to make reservation if that is the case. Don't give them a shock during peak hours like lunch time with a large group appearing out of nowhere.

Signature Dishes
Signature Kent Ridge Chicken Rice $9.50

The rice was so fragrance on its own. I could have just the rice itself to satisfy the hunger. Needn'…