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Food Review | Penang Place

Where can we find the nicest Penang food here in Singapore? Probably will be Penang Place at 1 Fusionopolis Way. Honestly, I have no idea about Penang food and was told by my friend that their buffet spread is good and that I should try their kuehs. Unfortunately due to my recent indigestion problems, I left that out and had something else which others will get irk about. I'm not a buffet person so can't blame me for not having the most expensive food in the buffet spread.
I was there for staff lunch with others from my office. About 30 of us and that makes 3 tables occupied.  The restaurant was quite big and spacious. Definitely a good place for department lunch or gatherings. Before we start, I walk through to see the spread and already in mind what I wanted. 

Here in the plate are garden salad, char siew bao, seaweed chicken, ngo hiang, fried dumpling, spring roll and sausage. I actually pick all others first before salad. Because salad comes in mind after I thought of the wh…

Food Review | Ramen Keisuke Tokyo, Toast Box, Don Your Personal Pie Club, TCC

My posts are always on FOOD! That's the main characteristic of my blog. So in order to have you peeps back reading my blog, I shall be hardworking enough to blog. So I shall spam you peeps with loads of food photos.
1) Ramen Keisuke Tokyo
I think this is the 2nd time we settle for dinner at Ramen Keisuke. The 1st time my guy and I both had their ramen. But now we opt for others (at least for me) in their menu.
Frankly speaking, is a must for me to have gyoza every time I patronize Japanese restaurant, even when I travel to Tokyo in 2011. To me, not mainstream at all. I just wanna keep trying till I had the best gyoza in my opinion. Their gyoza was near perfection. Not oily but is juicy. It just go purging out with every bite.
It doesn't looks appealing to anyone but definitely one delicious fried rice in a Jap restaurant. First of all, you will think that 'Oh man... so soggy!' That's my first thought too. But as you go along, you find the rice very fragrance. It may ta…

Culinary | Festive goodies

Yes yes! Why am I so excited about Lunar New Year is because this will be the last year that I will be getting red packets and so I'm gonna tag along for visiting to get more red packets! Damn it! Next year onwards is give give give!!!!! Probably we go for holidays during Lunar New Year. I'm free as a bird from my parents by this year! Yahoooo.... But no one will do laundry for me anymore. No one will sweep and mop the floor for me anymore. Damn it! That's the worst part in life. Everything is on me. Fark! I'm gonna hire a part-time maid to do it! Weekends only. Let's see how it goes.
Anyway, the past 3 evenings were all about goodies making. Actually I'm not adventurous enough to do those more advance goodies like pineapple tarts and etc. Because I DON'T HAVE A BLOODY OVEN AT HOME! *Hate* So my future home will have. And from there, I shall mess the kitchen in whatever ways I want because nobody will nag at me except myself or my hub!
So I did the simplest o…

Travelogue | Taipei, Taiwan - Finale

Oh... So I finally done with my travelogue for Dec 2013 trip. This is the last one. Gonna sum up this trip. Basically up till now, I have experienced the different weather in Taipei, from cold to warm or humid, all have! I went in the month of Feb, Apr-May-June, Aug and now Dec. Awesome! Let's see when I will step foot there again. I will miss everything about Taiwan. 
So where did I stop? I guess Day 3 at Maokong. Yup! After that tea appreciation, we took the cable car back downhill. We took the normal cable car and basically is not the first time seeing that long q for the glass cable car. Because I think the number of that type of cable car is limited as compared. Ya I understand is a kind of experience. But if you have that patience, then go ahead. I know that Hong Kong has this cable car thingy too that leads to the Big Buddha. I probably will try it in Hong Kong instead because in Taipei, I have already experienced the up and downhill.
After that, we went Sun Yat Sen Memorial …

Travelogue | Taipei, Taiwan Series 3

Come. Let's skip the food part and jump to scenery. My guy went once but for a short while because the previous trip we went on a one day tour and was given very little time and never bring him for scenery. Yes I'm talking about 九份. I have been there for many times and seems like most of my trips to Taiwan, definitely come here. Funny!

This is the common scene that welcome us every single time you step in. Narrow walking path and superb crowded. 

So our next destination is 十分瀑布. Quite excited as finally I'm going there after many failed attempts to head there due to my laziness in planning.

Walking down the stairs, I heard the train coming. Shit! I missed it. Sad. Just wait for the next round. Hopefully when I'm done inside the waterfall.

I'm not sure how it appears to you but for me, I have this kind of tribe feel upon seeing this wooden house. Very rustic too. What do you think?

This has more a rustic view. Railway track surrounded by trees. So greenery. I like.