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Featured! #iheARTwoodlands Instagram Exhibition

I think I know myself that I am a self-proclaimed Instagrammer and very into +Instagram and I post up to date 530 photos. I used to post more on Facebook but I find boring nowadays and that platform has meant for me to play games and read some news, once awhile change cover photos or profile photos. I just more like it on Instagram. The filters that they have are awesome. Follow people or vice versa, it has become part of my daily life because most of the time I'm in there. So is Twitter and Pinterest. 
So I saw this thing going on in Instagram which #SGIG aka Singapore Instagram held a Photowalk in April and is basically in Woodlands. I was like 'Bingo' because most of the weekends I hang out at my guy's place which is Woodlands. I was quite keen but too bad, it clashes with my exam or I should say I'm preparing for examination which gonna happen in 2 days time. So I gave it a miss. However, they continued this theme about Woodlands by getting Instagrammers to shar…

Food Review | Dip n Go by Old Chang Kee [Halal-Certified]

As you know, Woodlands Exchange has just opened not long ago. Lots of food outlets gathering there like bakeries, Pepper Lunch, Sushi Express, Burger King and many more others non F&B outlets. You can't imagine yourself having finger food further after a big bowl of noodles for dinner. And my guy did it. I'm a follower.
Look at the portion and you know is a lot and I tried to finish up everything as not to waste money. And yes I did. And I told myself I'm not gonna stuff anymore food into my mouth.
But thanks to my guy. I have to. Because we come across Dip n Go at Woodlands Exchange at Woodlands MRT. It is a sister brand of Old Chang Kee. Well done. But I wonder why they use a rooster to symbolise this brand. Ya I look at their menu, lots of items are related to chicken. I guess that's the reason. 
But it looks cute, isn't it? A very cheery rooster aka chicken. Nice! Never fail to please. Eh but again, why Dip n Go? Dip, I can understand because dip their food in…

Skinny is an insult - Part 4

I post on some tweets previously and I think is quite motivating. Some may think that 'Hey! Get a life. Stop influencing others with what u know from other sources! Be yourself!'.
I must really say that these people are so ignorance. Think about. 
From young, who teach and guide us along the way? Answer is our parents. They teach us in our studies, they guide us getting on the right path, tell us what is right and wrong and we just follow. If we don't follow, get whack or things we do will go wrong. Am I right to say that? Okay I must also consider those whose parents are too busy for them to teach and guide them from young. And usually they are with their domestic helper or grandparents. But please... our grandparents will also pinpoint at us for wrongdoings if it's gonna harm us. I know nowadays children are too pampered. Yup I see it with my own eyes every weekends at my guy's house. But still, when the children did something wrong, they still get scolded, no matt…

Food Review | Fish & Co Express [CLOSED]

By the way, whatever food reviews I do is self-paid. So I got no obligations to give good or bad reviews but to give the facts. It all depends on individual's taste bud. Please remember that real clear.
So I head for lunch at U-Town aka University Town in NUS (National University of Singapore) and decided to try Fish & Co Express. I can't be going all the way there to have +Subway when it is conveniently a throw of stone from my office block. Must try something which is exclusive. Okay I think only U-Town has Fish & Co Express and I haven't explore around the campus at other faculties.
First thing first, the restaurant is just like a fastfood restaurant setting and not like the usual restaurant that we see outside of the campus. But I think that their business is not very good or maybe is because of the bad weather and no one wants to have heaty or fried food or because is probably school holidays. And no one patronise at lunch hours. Can you imagine that? The restau…

Food Review | Dong Po Colonial Cafe

I wonder how my dad manage to find all these very nostalgic cafes. He has good resource in this area. So everytime I know all these stuff from him. And this Dong Po Colonial Cafe is superb new to me. He went and bought back some cakes.

Do check out their Facebook page

Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198904
Tel: 6298 1318

As I browse their FB page, so many types of nice puffs, tarts and cupcakes. OMG!!! Their theme is kind of like reminiscence and saving the French type of pastry or cakes from vanishing. And they are featured on the papers too. I think that is how my dad got to know. Damn it. The place where my dad worked is so near to many nice cafes. Heard from my dad that the cafe is quite modernized type, I think should be just like Chye Seng Huat Hardware. Yes it is a bar, coffeeshop and restaurant. Check out their Facebook page at I haven't been to CSH too. Must go!!!!

Well …

Food Review | Pho Stop

First of all, I would like to thank +OpenRice Singapore for Pho Stop dining voucher worth SGD30 that I have won in one of their lucky draws. I must be very thankful because I never won anything in any kinds of lucky draws like for many years, I think 10 over years and this year I'm not sure but I feel a little bits of luck coming back to me *fingers crossed*. 

So finally I have found a good time before the expiry date to have a good dinner with my boyfriend at Pho Stop. If you are asking where is Pho Stop, it is located at Tanjong Pagar area, near to Maxwell Food Centre.

The address is:

Pho Stop
21 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088444
Tel: 6221 4001

The nearest MRT will be Tanjong Pagar Station. Walking distance about 10 mins. From what I know, that stretch of shophouses is where many bridal shops gather. And there is food outlets there too. 
Going there is easy because I worked in that area before. As you walk, you will see the nice architecture of those shophouses in different colo…