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Day Out with the Folks | Tanjong Pagar + Bugis Area

Major throwback to Vesak Day holiday in May 2017. Met up with my folks and aunt for a street walk and our plan was to walk through the areas of Tanjong Pagar and Bugis. It was raining that day but it didn't dampen our spirits. If I never follow them, I don't know what I am missing all these while. Follow me through the photo talk.

Thian Hock Keng Mural

Happen to come across this mural art in Amoy Street. A pleasant surprise. Beautifully drawn to describe the life of early Hokkien immigrants in Singapore.

Here is Thian Hock Keng, one of the majestic temples in Singapore and managed by Hokkien Huay Kuan. Used to come here when I was a kid. My grandparents would come here to make offering on some occasions. This temple has been around for many decades.

Chong Wen School

The site now has a hipster cafe but the structure of this place remained the same. Continue to immerse yourself in the beautifully craft paintings and the architectural details. Imagine the expectations back then.

Food Review | Delhi Chilli (Umar's Kitchen)

The next food place at Junction Nine that I wanted to introduce will be an Indian restaurant located at a quiet corner in this mall. Actually the human traffic was good but it wasn't crowded when we were there twice. I mean how many times in a month will you have a craving for Indian cuisine. Some may just popped in to see what's on their menu only. But anyway, it was good for us because can eat in peace (rather than noisy like foodcourt) and our food serve fast (not really very fast but ya...). And the smell of cooking coming from the kitchen (they have their own tandoor) was quite alluring.
In their menu, there are noodles and rice to choose on top of the traditional Indian food like thosai, different types of masala and of course, tandoori chicken. Wide variety but what did we choose for our dinner? Here is a sum up.
Coin Prata $4.00

Swirl into small round shape before frying, the coin prata was one of most wanted in my list of to try. Crispy on the outside as compared to t…

7 Quality Buys from Daiso

Randomly read one or two posts on what to and not to buy from Daiso. So I have concluded mine and am going to share personal favourites that has been used for at least 3 years with repeated purchases. Why so? Because not only they are useful in our daily life, but also for hobbies like planting and building mini blocks (like Nanoblocks). Mostly importantly, price is economical and for quality wise, I give a 70/100 and the rest of 30 for future improvements. 
Disclaimer: You may or may not agree to my picks but that doesn't concern me at all. I am just sharing. Sharing is caring.
1. Vegetable Oil Hardening Agent

Got to learn about this from a blogger and have since been using for 3 years and counting with no regrets. For those who cook often, this is useful especially when you are frying food. Usually you either store the remaining oil (if clean) or throw away. But how do you throw? Pour down the drain? Pour in a plastic bag when it cools down? No need those greasy dirty job. This b…

Food Review | Di Wei Teochew Restaurant

Not sure when was the last time we came to Seletar Aerospace Park after reading from news about this new hipster place. But remembered we had dinner at Wheeler's Estate the first time. The food there was expensive and mediocre. Stumbled upon another one and that was Di Wei Teochew Restaurant. So decided to try one day. And that one day was on the last day of 2017. Wasn't crowded (only us and another couple) and so we can have some quiet dining in the restaurant. 
Before we came here, did a search on their menu. Price about the same as other Chinese restaurants but having said that, we took the set menu for 2 that consists of a 6-course meal. At $49.80, it wasn't quite costly as the one we had at Peach Garden (click here). But depends on what they offered so can't compare. Once awhile, just splurge on something that will make you happy.
Fish Maw and Crab Meat Soup

A lot of fish maw bites but hardly see the crab meat. Was good to have since we didn't have it for a lo…

Food Review | Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao

Was hoping to try for the longest time since it opened for business at Northpoint. Finally the chance came by when I got to finish work on time. Thank God because Northpoint is always packed with crowd and so is their carpark. With the brand new Northpoint City opened doors to the public, you get to choose from a wide range of F&B outlets and even retail shops. Now I can just stay in my kampong and no need Orchard anymore.
Started from Lavender Food Centre till now, Ju Hao  has more than 10 outlets islandwide and one of them is located here at Northpoint Yishun. Let us see what it has to offer in this contemporary Chinese dining.
Prawn Cake Fried Rice $13.60

The appearance was alluring and it sets me to order a plate for us. Not kidding but I saw some tables ordering this one here. The prawn cake was crispy on the outside and every bite on the inside was a joy. You get the morsel of prawns in it. However the fried rice though cooked with Japanese rice, wasn't as flavourful as …