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Travelogue | Central Taiwan

Before the year ends, better rush out this post because it has been half a year since the trip in Feb 2018. The longest I have procrastinated. Well done!
So in Feb 2018, I made a trip to cover the central part of Taiwan. Yes, basically I don't go one shot the entire Taiwan but cover bits by bits. So that it gives me a reason to travel again the next time. Some may find it a waste of time and money. It all depends on individuals. So just don't bother lah. Happy can already.

Okay 长话短说. You peeps may find it boring because is neither food nor shopping. Haha... more on visiting places of interest in Central Taiwan. A very laid-back kind of travelling. And I have picked a few of my favourite places to complete with my previous post on 2 others I went like Rainbow Village (took a photo with 彩虹爷爷 too) and Gaomei Wetland. Click on my post right here
Let's start.
Wu Ling 武嶺/ Kunyang Rest Station 昆陽休息站
Went on the trip up 合歡山Mount Hehuan (altitude of 3,275m) on the day of arrival …

Travelogue | Melbourne, Australia (2018 Version)

I'm back to Melbourne again after 4 years and coincidentally in the same month of August. So I'm just gonna show you peeps my personal favourites of this trip, which of course will be different from the last. May not be interesting to you but at least it is to me.

And if you are curious, here are the links to my posts 4 years ago:
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So let the simple narration and lots of photos to bring you through Melbourne.
Williamstown and its surrounding
Honestly, I have never been to a place where you get to enjoy serenity. Not much of vehicles and people walking around (yes, there still is and not a ghost town please). I wonder if it is because of the rain or it is really this way. If not, it will be a perfect place for retirement. Totally away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And the population here is about 70k+ according to their stats.