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Day Out with the Folks | Mount Faber and Pender Road

It was another exploration Saturday with the folks. This time round, Dad suggested going Mount Faber. His purpose was to see those old colonial houses and most importantly, a Danish Seamen's Church which formerly known as Golden Bell Mansion. You know old folks loved to read papers and so are mine. Because sometimes the papers will feature some roads or buildings in Singapore that brings back memories. Since right now, we are encouraged to do a local travel, shall continue to set the example for others to follow. So if you are looking to start your Mount Faber or Marang Trail, from Harbourfront MRT Station you find Exit D and go out from there. When you are out, turn to your left where you will see some construction going on and on the right side is the road. Look out for the signs that read 'Mount Faber or Marang Trail', even on the floor. You will see exercise goers coming out from the woods. That's where it will bring you up to Mount Faber.Please prepare yourself to …

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