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I wonder... ponder again..

He is always tinkin tat I'm crazy bt I dun tink I m. Cos I tink I m jus to engross in him and hw tis relationship will be. Bein impatient is always e way I m. I jus wan tis thing to happen at once n I m v impatient in terms of waiting. Mayb I m reali too rush over some things.. He himself said to mi b4 tat after two yrs, we shall get married. N u noe wat kind of person I m. When a guy tells mi tis, I wil reali believe it n wil always hv his words in mind. N it makes mi get paranoid when we quarrel or when there is a slight change of his attitude. I jus feel uneasy n wont b able to take it. Tell mi wat shd I do. I gt al e thots abt our weddin etc.. Where to hold, hw I wan e style to b (he likes simple so everythin shall b as simple).... Bt I jus duno y our quarrels become real often n things get so bad tat he even shouted at mi, sayin those hurtful things like m I e rite wifey type for him or he doesnt love mi cos I always scold him... Simply dun like.. I duno wat to do rite nw abt…