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Home - The best place of Learning

I read something meaningful frm FB and like to share wit all:
1) My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION... 'You wait! Just wait till your father comes back!'

2) My Mother taught me about RECEIVING... 'You are going to get it when we reach home!'

3) My Mother taught me to MEET A CHALLENGE... 'Look at me when I'm talking to you! Why are you staring back at me?!'

4) My Mother taught me about HEALTHY COMPETITION... 'Aunty Mary's son scored 100 marks for Maths! Why can't you be like him?'

5) My Mother taught me about FINANCIAL PLANNING... 'Make sure you marry a rich man/woman in future!'

6) My Mother taught me about HISTORY... 'Many many years ago, when I was your age, I used to....'

7) My Mother taught me to be HOUSE-PROUD 'Chalet? Stay what chalet? You got no house to stay is it?!'

8) My Mother taught me about GENETICS... 'You're just like your father!'

9) My Mother taught me about the WISDOM OF AGE... 'W…

What's up in 2011?

Updates of me as of Mar 2011

I leave my job of 4.5yrs end of Feb 2011. Great!

I step in the soil of Tokyo, Japan for 5 days finali. Wish come true!

I came bk frm Tokyo for a wk n it was hit by 9.0 mag earthquake n tsunami on 11 Mar 2011. Real sad.

I get e q number for selectin Yishun BTO flats in Apr 2011. Great!

I rcv my gf's weddin invitation after goin round e island for 10 days.

I rcv my work testimonial and IR8A frm my ex company after goin round e island for 7 days.

I m lookin forward to my trip to Taipei soon on 30 Apr n I m goin for a food exploration trip.

So..... basically is my latest update. I tink after my trip to Taipei, nt much happenin for mi. Jus work. Cos stil under probation. Nv in my life a 6 mth probation cos I'm in e Executive level. Sigh! Wat to do? Tink shall tone dw frm May onwards till Sep my confirmation. I wonder if they wan to confirm mi or nt... If nt confirmed, look for other job. If confirmed, continue to work lor... Crap rite?

Tats all for today...…

I'm back!

Wow... It has been for quite a long time since e last post.

Aniwae... I'm back for good! Since FB is a 'dangerous' plc to post my comments, I shall vent my anger over here like b4. I wanna keep all my thots over here. So tat when I'm old, as I read e past posts, I noe hw silly I m when I was young.

B back for more. Stay tune!