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Travelogue | JB Short Trip w e Folks!

Long awaited day trip, esp for my dad, finali fulfilled! Not being able to travel out of Singapore and enjoy whatever he used to be able to do/eat because of his health problem has dampen his mood for at least 2 years. Oh well... despite e danger (eg. Robbery, theft, etc.), we proceed w e trip. Okay lah... accompany them is something we kids shd do more after married because lesser time w them. I take every opportunity I have to spend time w them even if it is jus for an hour or so. All because before married, I spend too little time at home w them. I regretted. I hope u peeps out there dun follow such footstep of mine. I am too CHEE HONG!
Anyway, it is a half day trip in JB. Just like the previous trip which u can read it here. But this trip, my dad decided to explore the other side of JB, near the custom. Yes... tts what I look forward to. Met them at Kranji MRT and took a bus frm opp to the custom. Whoever always go will know u alight at SG Custom, scan, wait for bus, enter M'…


Damn it... I must always remember today, 4 Aug 2015.

Ya... only to realize when I reached workplace and was about to buy my breakfast.
Digging everywhere in the big bag of mine, I couldn't see or feel a trace of my long wallet! WTF!
And yes... I'm basically gonna act cool and go without food for the whole day till after work. 
Then I was digging yet again for any traces of dollars and cents in my bag because I have this habit of putting my change in the bag because of convenience. Then I found a 50 cents and a 5 cents. 
I look around the canteen and realize that the only thing I can get IN THIS ENTIRE CANTEEN WITH 50 cents is Milk Tea. But why the hell would I want a milk tea when I'm hungry? 
And that makes me realize something. In my Primary school days (80s and 90s), 50 cents can buy you a bowl of fishball noodles. Now in 2015, you hardly can buy a single shit that can feed you proper. Let alone snacks. I have lived for the past 34 year…