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Season of Joy | Christmas Day 2017

The season of gifting is here again! Out of 12 months in a year, I look forward to December the most. Why? Because is Christmas!!! All the retailers come out with great gift packaging and gimmicks to attract every single buyer's attention. I am one that falls for it everytime as it is so irresistable. And you will go broke this month too because of that. But then again, many are getting their bonus or 13th month supplement this month so try to be generous in your gifts ya. 
Earning less means I should spend less but then, I don't know what change me overnight that I decided to be a little generous on gifts (unlike last time where I used to be so stingy on this part). And most importantly, buy something that others would want rather than random stuff. Something that they use or if it is those Secret Santa, try to fullfill their wishes. They will appreciate it. Although, there will be some who just show their disappointment indirectly. Never mind that. I did my best to be obser…

Day Out with the Folks | Kusu Island & Club Street

In my 36 years, this was the first time I stepped foot on Kusu Island (also known as Pulau Tembakul). If it wasn't because our community centre organized a day trip on a weekend, I won't even think about it. So decided to sign up since my hub and I were first timers to this island. $15 for adult which included 2-way transport from our estate to the pier and the ferry tickets. Quite worthy, considering that it was a weekend (usual: $18 for weekend and $15 for weekday). And I couldn't believe that I actually went twice in 2 consecutive weeks. First time, with my hub. The other time, with my parents. I prayed for all the wishes to come true, in double. Haha...

The annual pilgrimage went on for a month this year from 20 Oct to 17 Nov 2017 and as usual, attracted a lot of devotees to pay homage to the temple in the island. It housed deities like Da Bo Gong and Goddess of Mercy. Also at the hilltop stands three kramats (holy shrines of Malay Saints). Imagined myself climbing tw…