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Lousy Me a Blogger

Oh well... I'm just like a normal blogger who blogs my mind out. 
No advertisers will ever look for me to promote their products or whatsoever. I'm quite certain about that due to my poor English.
Most of the time I do my own personal recommendation on stuffs I bought or use or whatever. Don't ever need to think that I'm offered to do review or whatever advertorial bullshit.
There is a difference okay?  I do my own without being paid and those more famous bloggers are paid.
I am not paid a single cents. I do as I like.
And most importantly, theirs are sponsored but mine, I PAY MYSELF!!!
Simple as that. In any ways, am I doing something wrong here by showing and recommending stuffs that I use my own money to pay to let peeps here know? I don't think so. 
I'm a consumer of the products/services. I deem fit have the right to comment or feedback in order for the companies to further improve. Too good or too bad, they still have to do note on comments everywhere. 
And then …

A Reliable Service Provider


Have known them for some years since I joined my previous company (I have left the company for a year plus already so I won't disclose further on my previous company). My previous company provides an integrated facilities management which consists of services like carpark, security, cleaning, FM (facilities management), M&E (mechanical and electrical) etc. I was in Engineering Division which obviously doing more on M&E and later part, FM. So B K Civil & Construction Pte Ltd (known as Blue K General Contractors too) is our term contractor and has been there for us when we quote for works anywhere and also prompt response time, 24 hours 7 days a week.
B K Civil & Construction Pte Ltd started out in 2002 (previously known as Blue K General Contractors which started way back in 1992) is well-versed in PU Grouting & Waterproofing, Minor A&A (Alteration & Additional) works, Road & Drainage Work and etc. They have a experienced team of staff …

Culinary | Vongole??? Nah... Sausage Spaghetti

Why I don't want to do the original Vongole instead is because I don't eat clams. Sighz... So I change it a little bit different by using sausage instead. I'm just trying my luck only. I'm not sure if it is going to taste damn good. Eh... not damn good but edible. Fingers crossed.
So a happy Saturday morning. Wake up with excitement as I wanted to whip up my dearest Sausage Spaghetti. Prep all the necessary and here I start.
Oops... A bit dirty looking in the background. No choice due to daily cooking by my mum. The stove itself is dirty too just that it is minimized by using aluminium foil to cover it. Anyway... Let me introduce to you my fave pan, Happy Call. I bought it since early 2012 and have been a happy user since then. It requires teaspoon of oil to whip up dishes of your choice. I love it. To me, it is like promoting healthy eating. I bought it thru bulk purchase with my then colleagues (because most of us left the company already) at $69.90 which includes free…

Culinary | Failure Goodies

I was so excited about making the seaweed crackers for Chinese New Year at home. For my family, my fren and my guy. I saw a post from Facebook Happy Call Group that it seems so easy. Okay. I am very naive in this. But it will definitely save a lot because outside the cheapest I saw was $11.80 a bottle at the bakery. But if I can buy ingredients and do it myself, I save $2.65 though is gonna be time consuming. 
I bought popiah skin, seaweed and bottles to keep the seaweed crackers. Very excited.

Because they (FB Happy Call Group) used seasoned seaweed, so I bought that Big Bang seaweed which is one of my regrets. Total cost for all the necessity is $9.15!!!!
A day before making, I was discussing with my mum how should we cut the size for that popiah skin. I wanted it small but don't know which is the appropriate size. Then end up she said cut into 4 a piece and do it the triangle way. I think is not bad idea too because normally is a rectangle shape or they roll it. So set for that id…

I am...

I am:
1) going 32 this year;
2) completing my RMIT degree program by end of year *fingers crossed*;
3) repaying full for my study loan with Maybank by end of 2013;
4) planning for pre-honeymoon to Korea (but with his friends along) in early Feb-Mar 2014;
5) planning and designing my new flat with a certain theme (undecided yet);
6) preparing myself to be a wife;
7) planning and preparing for our small-scale wedding to be held hopefully in 2014;
8) going for a post-honeymoon after our wedding
9) setting up my own business that I'm interested *fingers crossed*, and 
10) planning to retire by 45 or maybe extend to 55 years old the most.
So this is what I have planned for myself. It is very current and realistic.
I am also:
1) grateful for whoever I don't know out there who pop by my blog;
2) grateful for those who like my photos posted on Instagram (very greatly encouraged);
3) grateful for those who follow me on Instagram (except maybe fake account or sort);
4) grateful that Pinterest is around…

Ushering Snake Year 2013

Based on our Chinese Zodiac, the coming Lunar New Year is the year of Snake!  I have a Snake mum. Hahaha... My mum born in the year of Snake and is her year. 
From now it is just 2-3 weeks to Lunar New Year. Everyone is cleaning up their house, buying goodies and decorating etc.  For me, what I did was buying the drinks in advance. I scare this year out of stock again. Usually I buy 24 cans of drink from the petrol station just 5 mins from my house. This year, I finally got it!
Ta-da.... Heaven and Earth. This pack has 4 flavours, Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Chamomile Green Tea, Passionfruit Tea and Lemon Tea. My love.  Cost me $12.80, which means about 50cents each can.
In case u wanna buy for New Year but afraid is not really healthy, check out their website to find out more.
That's my first contribution.
Next will be goodies.
I bought from Mr Bean their goodies at $40.80 for 3 tins which comes with a nice bag for gift and plus a pack of red packets. Is cute. I was so into their reusable…

Food Review | BlackBall Singapore + Freezing Day

I never felt this cold before in my life especially in Singapore. Last Saturday was freezing cold. Raining non stop since midnight I guess. This is like too extreme. Whenever I go to bed, I will on full blast my fan but think since Dec last year, I either turn it to the lowest or never turn it on at all. And I am still very cold (I'm not falling sick or what) with my jacket and long pants on. Wrap myself in the blanket. Damnit. But I love it!
That last Sat I was mentioning, I met up with my fren to head for sch but before that we head to Clementi Mall (I suggested) because I wanna try the dessert that I spotted previously.  Initially I wanted Baskin Robbins. Then my fren give me that kind of 'wtf' look because weather so cold liao. But I also don't understand why I like to beat against the coldness by having something cold still. Then I rem at City Vibe, there is this dessert shop which I wanted to try and so we head there. Hot dessert instead. To warm our tummy.
Yup thi…

Good Old Times

Well... Last year in Dec, my parents and aunt went for a premiere of 'Old Romances' at the National Museum of Singapore on a Sat afternoon.  'Old Romances' is a documentary that features lots of places where special memories are in Singapore.  As being described as 'a journal of love letters to places that we grew up with'.  It is a 67 minutes documentary and directed by Royston Tan, a filmmaker (who directed a film, '881' in 2007 about Singapore 'Getai' scene) and other co-directors like Eva Tang and Victric Thng. After my parents went for the premiere, they came back with the DVD of 'Old Romances'.  I was so excited to watch it and immediately turn it on.  
I can't get enough of this documentary and keep watching for lots of times with my parents. My dad sometimes watch it himself at night when he can't sleep. Then he told me there is a previous one documentary also by the same director call 'Old Places'.  Shit!  I went …

Wonderful Gatherings

Well... I supposed to have post my Christmas Day lunch at my Uncle's house but till now is not up. Yes... I going to do it now and is going to be long and full of photos because is not just Christmas but oso a gathering in New Year 2013... 
Okay... I don't know since when it has become a tradition that on Christmas Day (25 Dec), we will go over to my youngest uncle's house for Christmas lunch. Eh.. He stayed with his family in Clementi. So very convenience for us.  I mean mi and my family because we stay in the West.  I think if I'm not wrong, since my uncle married many years ago, he started so-called party. For me, I on and off went though is a yearly event. And 2012, I went because my bro is working. Yes on a Christmas Day and he is working. Idiot! And I ditch my guy for a day and went with my parents.
Is always the usual.  Before the day, have to think of presents. Nothing but presents. Especially for the kids. Well... So good right?  Because when I was a kid, I love…