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Culinary | OREO No Bake Dessert by JELLO

Bought 2 boxes of the pre-mix before our hse-warming and only now I decided to do it. Picked up the courage because I was afraid that such simple no-bake recipe I also can't manage then I'm totally useless bum. But surprisingly, I can. Okay lah. Because I did no bake cheesecake before but still no confidence. Quite happy now.  

So I bought this box of JELLO Oreo No Bake Dessert at Cold Storage. Can't be more happy to buy all these baking stuff there. Because is no bake recipe thus that time before hse-warming I bought it as I don't have an oven and if I wanna bake, I have to use my Philips Airfryer.
Inside the box, you can find the Crust mix, Filling mix and Oreo cookies crumbs. And all you need is butter and milk. Just like any cheesecake recipe.
So my procrastination starts here. I couldn't figure out how much is 4 tbsps of butter and 1 1/3 cup of milk. Today I finally went to google how much in grams. This is definitely god send. I found 1 whole list of measurement…

McDonald's Shiok Shiok Satay 30s TVC

Culinary | Cook and Eat + Annoying Wk!

First thing on a Monday morning that stirs my anger is seeing my work desk being intruded by a very rude Professor who thinks he has the right to access my computer and also shifting my stuff. He is a Computing Professor and he has all his ways to access the comp without any problem. I'm gonna teach him a lesson on what is being FARKING RUDE! One who hates technology but still LL have to use technologies for his work! Damn it! 
Ommm.... Ommmm... Chill! Continue my writing of my week. This asshole gonna get it from me DAMN RUDELY BACK!
One of the days I had lunch at Kopitiam @ NUH which always without fail will give me 'surprises' in my food.

Previously I had vegetarian beehoon and I found a strand of hair. Thank you for that. I find it gross and from then I don't take their vegetarian food. Now the above, prawn noodles soup. I found a small piece of egg shell. Thank you again. Kopitiam, you have given me the best surprises and that shows how hygiene your stall vendors are…

Food Review | Omakase Burger

A random search and found Omakase Burger at Wisma Atria. 1st try out with the ladies and didn't really impressed us. Probably the 1st and last for this food outlet.
First impression left me feeling like any fastfood restaurants but a much more expensive fastfood. Then when we look for our seats, it feels like atas restaurant where you have to be guided to the seats. What a combination you have here!

Here is the menu:
Our orders: Omakase Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Omakase Chicken Sandwich, Truffle Fries, 2 Root Beer Float and a Sapporo beer. Cost us $70+. Well done!
Who on earth will have problems with beverages? No right? Unless is those mixed or exotic drinks and then is you to judge whether a thumbs up or not.
Here is my burger. Was asked how would I like it to be done so I follow my friend and get it medium done. This beef patty is definitely commendable which my friends will agree with me. 

Nice shot of our burgers. Frankly speaking, the burger menu is kind of limited, prob…

Random... yet again

I'm quite annoyed for sometimes but then I just have to let it go without affecting me too much.
Anyway I'm my own manager and I'm on my own to look for opportunities out there, and not just sitting there waiting to be approached with opportunities. Yes! I am like that for quite sometimes. 
I can't rely on others anymore. Because I'm old (at 33), not pretty at all and not popular too (cos not young & pretty). But I have my own style of blogging (doing reviews or rant about anything) and not many can accept that. Oh ya... I've a poor command of English too. Too bad!
Always hunting for opportunities and there I got my record breaking of only 2 food-tasting invites plus a 8 months of Ambassadorship with a food brand. I should count my blessings too because not just looking out for it but whether they give or not the opportunity to you. 
I'm glad. And I do my very best for the food reviews because I feel I indebted to them for these golden opportunities to '…