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Culinary | Dessert Making

I was so inspired to do this simple yet healthy dessert. It is honeydew sago. One day, I was having lunch with my colleagues in a vegetarian restaurant at Park Mall. The last thing we had was honeydew sago. Basically it is just honeydew, sago and soya bean milk. Is that simple. In my mind, I was thinking why not just try it out at home as it won't take you an hour to complete such simple dessert. At least my family can have it instead of the norm of having fruits. Ok!!!! Vegan, vegetarian can have it. So everyone gets to try. No restrictions at all!!!!
So I went to buy what was needed.
Yup... Told my mum to buy honeydew. So is not capture in the pic above. And so, I'm ready.
 What we really need to do is just to cut the honeydew into cubes, quantity is up to your preference. And then boiling of water for the sago to transform from white tiny round thingy to transparent roung thingy. I guess most of you should have it before in other desserts. I suggest that you should only put t…

Poor Pathetic Me

Well.. Many will ask why I want to land myself on this kind of pathetic situation and find it hard to believe or rather stupid or moron. Maybe my tolerance level is up! Max up already. Yup... The situation is that I tendered my resignation 2 weeks back because I want to end my misery at my current workplace. It sounds terrible to you peeps but to me, is worse than anything. Maybe I am too exaggerating but that's how I feel.
I feel the misery of unfair work distribution. I feel the disorganised workplace where work is just thrown to anyone when they never even find out whether that person is ready to take up the job. I feel the manager in charge of us is way too coward and just can't find ways to help his staff or fight the rights for his staff. I feel that my limit is up for this industry and just want to learn something else which is an eye opener to me and I know nuts about it which allows me to learn from scratch.
I am that kind of person who likes learning from scratch. So…

Eco-Friendly Giveaway!

Recently I went exploring on new ways to deco my room... But my piggy brain don't function as well as others but then I came across this thingy, hanging your Polaroid photo cards on a hemp twine with those mini woody clips. I find it quite nice. So I went GMarket to see if there is anyone selling. And yes there is but bits of expensive. Then I saw it at Kodak or Fuji Film shop and a pack consists of the hemp twine, mini frame and woody clips cost $5. I think back: I think it can be cheaper if I do it myself. So I went and bought the necessary materials like hemp twine and woody clips. Finali, I did the crappiest thing ever but I find it very eco-friendly:
Tada... I used the hanger which is meant for bra set and did the funniest, crappiest and stupidest thing ever. But I like it. Need some touchup or deco on the hanger itself to make it nicer. I am still thinking where else can I hang them or to tie the hemp twine at. Can anyone give me some suggestions on that?
The materials I bough…

Rilakkuma Giveaway

Yes... Long awaited giveaway from me!!!
Giving away one pink Rilakkuma 4GB thumbdrive. To get it, simply drop me an email at with your name, address and subject title: 'Rilakkuma Giveaway'.  Closing date is 31 July 2012.  Shall pick the lucky one to receive this cute little thumbdrive and announce in my blog on 1 Aug 2012, Wednesday 12 noon. Keep your emails coming!

7 Essential Relationship Skills

Dr Epstein's research, conducted with colleagues Regina Warfel and James Johnson, shows that seven basic skills are essential for building happiness in long-term love relationships. 7 Essential Relationship Skills
Communication This category involves critically important skills: knowing how to listen, sharing your thoughts and feelings honestly, refraining from criticising and encouraging your partner to share his or her feelings. Knowledge of Partner What's his shirt size? What's his favourite food? After communication, simply knowing a lot about your partner is a powerful way of showing that you care, and makes you better equipped to tend to his or her ongoing needs.
Conflict Resolution Conflict-resolution skills include techniques such as staying focused on the topic, staying focused on the present, being ready to forgive or apologise, knowing when to take a break.
Life Skills Do you plan for emergencies? Do you exercise and stay fit? Studies show that people usually wan…