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Food Review | Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken

To max out our calories, we went for a random dinner at IMM while waiting for our queue to buy his Note 4. Been passing by this food outlet every time when we pop by IMM. So pop in since not crowded. Known for their kampong chicken. Needn't to say much what they are selling.
My husband had that chicken rice set that comes with a soup, beansprouts and a plate of kampong chicken. This set is quite decent. He made a comment that the rice we cooked at home is tastier than theirs. Oops...
I love this curry hor fun which suits my palate esp the spicy level. If you are a non-spicy taker like me, this is good. You get fried wantan, fishball (1 and only) and some other stuff. Quite a decent bowl, again. Nothing to shout about indeed.

While having my curry hor fun, I had their one and only fishball inside. It tastes somehow fresh and decent. And this pork ball is kind of rubbery though tasty soup. Thus will prefer to have their fishball soup instead.
I would recommend this dish as a side b…

Culinary | Just Cook!

This is a 2 weekends worth of cooking experience in my beloved kitchen. I added my own tips which to some, it may be a known thing already. Just in case for people like me who has zero knowledge and skills in cooking. These past 5 months of marriage life is a life-changing experience. I finally get the hang of cooking and soon, I'm gonna cook one meal for the parents. Probably during Chinese New Year. That's my wish to let my parents know that I have grown up and able to be just like my mum who can handle household chores and cooking by herself. Plus able to take care of myself and also my husband. They will be relieved for sure.

My husband taught me the basic of cooking porridge. Noob-shit me. Yes. So it is damn simple. Grind the rice grains and boil with lots of water. Pinch of salt. That's it. *Touchwood* So if he falls sick, I know how to settle his light meal days. This is our so-called brunch at home. Along with some spicy spam, cut into cubes.

I grind 1…

Food Review | Buffet Town @ Raffles City

Coming to Buffet Town, it is just another waste of money for me. I'm not a buffet person. Hahah... But never mind that. It is a gathering cum birthday celebration for my godson (his mum organized) thus once awhile is okay. 
Other than the seating capacity of 450, there is a mini playground for kids to play while adults enjoy their buffet spread in a slow yet enjoyable momentum. There are a variety of food stations that suits each and everyone's taste bud. You name it. Japanese food like sushi or sashimi. Seafood like crayfish or prawns. Italian food like pizza or spaghetti. Singapore local food like laksa or fried noodles. Enough say. Drool now!

Oh yeah... my friend had plates and plates of crayfish. Worth the money.

What I like is their tempura prawns. Have it while it is steaming hot. It brings out the fresh and mild sweet of the prawns. The salmon belly was good. I'm not quite particular with salmon unlike my friend. To me, I just have it for the Omega 3 intake. Lol...…

Culinary | Just EAT!

I don't know what I want to blog about so I'm just gonna spam photos. Like it or not, just read/view if you want. 
One sunny Saturday morning, I decided to cook my own breakfast with whatever is available in the kitchen since the husband is heading out for work (and I don't need queue for his all-time fav beehoon mee). I think I find sausages so tasty that day maybe because I haven't had it for the longest time. 

I tried the recipe gotten from Facebook group. Supposed to be Crispy Pork Belly but the way I do has turned it into Char Siew instead without the red colouring. But definitely taste good. My husband loves it too, which means the marination recipe is good. More rooms for improvement.
Here's the recipe (I can't remember the person name but this recipe is not from me)

烧肉食谱 - Pork Belly Recipe (Airfryer Method) 750克猪腩 (Pork Belly) 1茶匙(teaspoon) garlic salt  2茶匙(teaspoon) 五香粉 1茶匙(teaspoon) 胡椒粉 适量柠檬汁和盐
1。猪肉过热水 (blanch pork belly over hot boiling water)      …

Food Review | CBD Food Trail (Series 1)

It has somehow became a usual hangout place for me and my friend. For convenience wise, it is really the best ever place to chill out with friends because in this area, obviously Boat Quay is just within reach with array of bars, pubs, restaurants to spend your night away after a hectic day at work. For 2 consecutive days, my girlfriend and I spent our short evenings drinking away and having sinful food at the same time. It didn't have to be like if not because I have to go for my pampering session at Hairloom, located inside The Arcade. Well... it is nothing but spending bucks and drowning ourselves in boozes. We once worked in this area but seldom did we spent so much time after work to chill out here. That's probably because we were both attached to our partners. Boo...
Beer Brisket Wings
Their name tells it all that one needs to know what they offer: Beer, Brisket and Chicken Wings. Located behind Boat Quay (middle stretch of the 3 array of night spots), I love it when it …