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Yeah... Oct le!!

Finally is e last day of Sep n I m so hapi cos is Salary Day!!! Wahahha.. Exam oso over le. I so hapi!! yIPPee... Bt nxt wk gt another module startin so our vacation is BURN!! Bt ok la cos e module is interestin n is one of e module I like. Nvm... I shall hv enuff time to save my $$ to go for holidays.. 2 more mths to go n is Xmas.. I gettin bonus by then too... Bt lookin forward to e public holidays at e end of Oct. Haha.. Dun nit c tat sickenin boss is e best. Last Sat I went for e trial cardiobox, sculpt n yoga session for 1.5 hrs. Wow.. nw I knoe wat is real yoga cos I try myself le ma. Cooll... E steps for cardiobox is a bit complicated. In e end, I onli manage to rem one step for cardiobox. Nw at hm I oso do tat steps. For yoga, tat one is tough bt reali gd for those who seldom exercise n those who wan to keep in shape. I m la.. Mayb nxt mth or Nov I wil sign up for aerobics le. I mus conquer everythin.. I'm e QUEEN of e World!!! My World... My Secret Garden... Yeah!!! Women…

.::My Big Plan::.

Yeah.. I gettin my new specs le.. Cost mi 200bucks. Sigh. Bt no choice. My eyes for two wks cant wear contact lens. And I dunwan tat old pair of specs. So I buy new one. Sure kana scold by Mum. Haiz.. Nvm.. Today I wil go gym after work. Dun care le. Look fat then let it b. After I slim down sure ok one. I wont feel inferior anymore. Haha.. My fren's rom day is comin le. Wow.. Most of my frens r married. When wil it b my turn? I dun even hv a bf. Haha!! Dun care lor. I realise I cant concentrate if I gt bf. Somemore I studyin in poly nw. I m someone who will easily affected by my surrounding.. Nt flexible at al. Anyway, I bought my fren a Precious Thots gift. A small one cos I'm broke after payin for e new specs. E heart tat counts. Hee.. Examinations comin in less than 2 wks. And I haven even start any revision. I tink I beta start burnin midnite oil, wkends stay at hm le. I cant afford to fail n I dun wish to. I v scare and stress nw. Haiz.. Hope exams faster over. Bless mi.…

Hmm... Life!!!

Hee... today went Jolin Tsai's autograph session at IMM. So best. Tis time get her autograph quite fast, nt like tat time go K One's cos today nt much ppl. I reach there 4plus. Wait til 6 plus then she appear. She nv say much, jus sing two songs n e session start. So happi when I gt her autograph. She is real beauty in person. Reali n no bluff.. Haha... Her voice is like abit cute cute, kiddy kiddy type. Bt nt bad la. Yesterday went Comex 2005 with my bro. Nothin much to c or buy. Waste time. My bro oso borin. He wanted buy a memory stick bt no luck. I wan buy a external DVD for my pc. No luck too. Fine lar.. When gt money oso can buy beta one. Hee.. Today I nv go perform. Why? Becos I told my trainer last min I dunwan to participate. Kind of idiotic mi bt sian lorr. There nobody I can reali talk to. So I nv lor. Rather go support Jolin. Haiz.. Exam comin le. Mus study hard. Gambade!!!