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Food Review | Hoshino Coffee Singapore

It has been long since I stepped in Suntec City and wow... it has changed a lot that I nearly got lost myself there. Was heading to the East Atrium for the collection of race kit and goodness, from the station to East Atrium is like walking from one end to another. But I have to admit that along the way, lots of shops caught my eyes. Shall be back again for a good shopping. Anyway, after the collection, in order not to waste further time, my friend and I just settled for Hoshino. Conveniently. Because it is just in front of the race carnival. As usual, I didn't do any research and just hop in as I want. Yes... risk of burning my pocket yet again. But then, that's what a unpopular food blogger does. I paid for my own meal. 
'Fuwa Fuwa' Hoshino Souffle $15.80

At first, I though it was my long-lost taste of chicken pot pie soup. Don't you think? It caught my eyes, again. That's why I ordered even when it states souffle in the menu. And wow... I'm impressed. In…

Food Review | Crystal Jade - Jiang Nan

I'm not sure if I have blogged about them and I really can't be bothered to search back my archive. Anyway... this is the 2nd time I dine here with my hubby. I remember the first time we tried their colourful steamed pork dumpling (a.k.a Xiao Long Bao 小籠包) and you get to taste the different flavours. But for me, I honestly prefer the original. Not very versatile towards new creation of taste, yet.
Why I come back for it is because no queue. I'm well-known for my impatience in waiting (except that collagen soup). Anyway, before I go on, I need to tell you peeps they have this promo going on. Spend $40 and above, get a Free dish. Or if you are DBS or POSB credit card holders, enjoy 10% discount for the same amount of spending. For someone cheapo like me, I definitely go for the latter option.

Xiao Long Bao 小籠包

I have been to other places to try on this dish and I must re-emphasize that in my opinion, the criteria of a nice Xiao Long Bao is thin skin, generous amount of soup …

Culinary | Chocolate Cinnamon Buns

I saw many home bakers using Tangzhong recipe for the bread baking. Pardon me if it can be used for other bakes because I'm quite selective in searching for recipes if I'm really focusing on just one type of bakes.

Decided to bake some bread today since I have not been doing so for a while. Miss my breadmaker, sitting inside the kitchen cabinet. So pick up the courage to do it. If not, I will always be thinking about it but not putting it to action because I scare failure. Actually I intend to make Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls but then it doesn't turn out as what I want. Disappointed. But still, it looks more like bun to me so why not?
Tangzhong Ingredients
25g bread flour125ml waterMethod
Stir the flour and water on low fire till it thickens up like paste. It does feel sticky and takes about 30 secs to 1 min.Set aside in a bowl with cling wrap covering it till it cools down till room temperature.The amount of ingredients used is about 83g, needed in the bread dough.Bread Dough …