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Food Review | Amber Nectar @ Robertson Walk

Amber Nectar.
A concept of a beer garden. Enjoy the finest beers from around the world. Go for the brews from Germany and Belgium! And is a great place to chill out and watch this year's FIFA World Cup 2014! Don't say I bo jio!
I find the place quite familiar as I used to club at nearby area during younger days. You know like Double O? Mdm Wong? Club 3 Club 7? Whatever. Those were the days.

So at Amber Nectar, if you wanna watch World Cup, they have alfresco dining for football fans. Quite spacious. And not forgetting they have indoor dining. The ambience was good, probably is Wed and there wasn't a big crowd. I like! So that it doesn't disturb too much while me and my girlfriend chat.

We actually bought the voucher from SuperDeals for $38 to enjoy free flow of German and Belgium beer plus chicken wings and fries. Superb good deal. I leave it to you all to imagine. 

We had 3 rounds of bottled beers, 2 sets of chicken wing and fries and 1 set of fries only. Because me and my…

Additions to my Nanoblock collection

It has been so long since my last post on my Nanoblock collection. I did quite a lot of them with my bro along the way. Now let me just show you what I have at the moment. Enjoy!

Currently, I doing up my train. 1/4 there. Will post on Instagram soon. Stay tune!

[Featured] - Stylez Wardrobe... The Korean trend continues!

2NE1? Girls' Generation? Big Bang? Super Junior? 
The Face Shop? Etude House? 
Boys Over Flowers feat. Lee Min-ho? Coffee Price feat. Yoon Eun Hye?
Have you watch the recent World Cup match between South Korean & Algeria?
And there the Korean fever goes on! How many of you out there are die-hard Korean fans? Raise up your hands people!
Not forgetting that many of us love Korean fashion, right? Those who been to Korea must have shop till drop at Dongdaemum I guess! But how about those who didn't but love their fashion so much? Fret not. For reasonable and quality apparel, here we have the latest addition of a Singapore-based online store, Stylez Wardrobe that brings you pretty and nice apparel directly from Korea!

The owner of this new online store, Lynn is known for her knowledge of latest fashion trends, all at her finger tips. Her founding of Stylez Wardrobe is just like anyone. The love for fashion. 
One day she was browsing for some Korea online clothings and after receiving …

Culinary | Less Kitchen Affairs this week!

Should be last week (cos I'm blogging now on a Mon). It hasn't been easy because my dad's chronic coughing is BLOODY FINDING ITS WAY BACK and causing him to pant with every step. Even private doctor has no other ways than referring him to hospital. What is happening to him? We don't know. Not a single doctor can figure out and always put him to tests/screenings and all that makes him losing appetite and weight. Feels weaker in the sense. WTF! I just can't believe it! 
Never mind on that. I just know it's coming again. But chill. Keep cool.
Friday night, call back home to ask how is he. Still cough. Still pant. But he is at home and not outside. So still fine. Just worry if anything happens when he goes to work while panting with every step. 
That night, I did a non-bake Blueberry Cheesecake which was luckily a success. If not, I'm seriously a noobshit! Bought that pre-mix by Betty Crocker at Cold Storage. At first I procrastinated. Cos I'm scared it will n…

Culinary | Kitchen Staples?

I guess many know what is Fashion Staples. 
Fashion Staples are versatile items that you wear, which can never go out of style, can wear many time and in many different ways. What is yours? Mine will probably be my Uniqlo Legging jeans in black. It goes well with any tops. 
So is a must have for me. But what about Kitchen Staples?
Recently due to my interest in cooking, I learnt quite a bit from my husband who is damn talented in whipping up his own meal. Damn it! And from there, I realize there is such thing as Kitchen Staples. Let me show you mine which definitely never go wrong when you cook.

Very basic condiments right? It makes wonder to your food. So I call it my Kitchen Staples. Restocking it as and when it finishes. Don't need to buy those traditional pieces of garlic, onion, shallot or whatsoever. Using this is good enough. Although some might say I'm cheating (not cooking it from scratch) but then in this era, almost 9 hours each day for 5 days are spent at work, earning…

Food Tasting | 3-in-1 Concept at Paradise Inn

Being a Chinese, I shouldn't just know how to cook but also appreciate Chinese delicacies. Though I'm not a good cook nor a veggie person, that doesn't stop me from trying out the varieties of food presented before me. So I'm a food, dessert and tea person. To try everything in one place, where will that be? 
It's gonna be Paradise Inn by Paradise Group.
Being the 3rd culinary concept, Paradise Inn is presented as an all-in-one dining experience of a restaurant, tea house and dessert place. Thus the menu is circling around these 3 areas. Miss your grandma's home cooking when away from home? The dishes offered at Paradise inn gives a nostalgic feel of a simple yet heartwarming taste for every local Chinese.
So now, gonna introduce to you their new menu that is chosen from the best of most popular dishes to bring you the awesome taste of Chinese dishes by Paradise Inn.

Our Choice from their Menu:
Fruit-infused iced tea and Floral & Herb-infused hot teaDouble boile…