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Food Review | Taste of Thailand

Time to explore more of the food spots in Yishun and Sembawang. I never really did that when I lived in the West and felt a little regretful. So this time round, I shall not let any chances off again and always prepare to hunt down new places in this area, before I decided to move house, again.

And there you have the husband's friend recommending this place for Thai food. It was said to be reasonably priced and the food is good. For someone who has high expectations on food (his friend), if this is good, then is gonna be the right choice. I can't wait till my birthday to try (the man plans to bring me here for birthday treat) so here we are after a hard day at work. Food blogger at work again.
Located in the industrial areas of Yishun, the humble looking stall opens in the evening in this coffeeshop, Taste of Thailand. Really. I don't see other stalls opening, not even the drinks stall. From the looks of it, the business is thriving well on its own because by 7pm, tables …

Food Review | Dazzling Cafe - Singapore

I always have a liking of Taiwanese stuff from their singing groups like Energy, K-One to idol dramas like My MVP Valentine to stepping into this island for the 1st time think more than 8 years ago to watching the variety shows. I would say they stand quite a big place in my heart as compared to other countries. So as you grow older, you know more things like beauty products, bags, gadgets to food. Food has always been a need in everyday life and you can't live without it. 
How I actually come across this cafe is again through Taiwanese food show. I never get a chance to try it because of my husband who is not a sweet tooth and have to give it a miss whenever we visit Taiwan despite knowing their existence. My impression of their cafe was very white and pinkish. So sweet. But after knowing that the franchise store will be opening in Singapore, I give no chance of missing it even if I have to finish up a huge toast on my own. And I really did it on Good Friday.
It was a public hol…