Culinary | Mess the Kitchen!

I tend to mess up the kitchen when my parents are away on holidays. No lah! I am quite anal about keeping the kitchen clean. But here is my chance to cook whatever I like with my Happy Call Pan. When I have my own kitchen, shall mess it even further!!!! Woohoo...

I made my own breakfast! Easy...

Pre-make roti prata, soft-boiled egg and HL milk. Weird huh? But I like it. Or...

Hashbrown + banana + HL milk. How difficult is that?

I bought this chunk of stuff to enjoy at home while preparing for examination. Favourite will be Sherbet!!!

Now... my dinner!!!

My bro bought this new Nissin Japanese Ramen and he was like, raving about it! So to make it more like those you can find in Ramen shop, I add seaweed to it.

Sorry for the gross stove but too bad! Our stove has served us for more than a decade. And now the ramen is cooking! Nice round yolk huh?

Ta-da!!! My ramen. Quite tasty. Should have done the egg in hard-boiled instead. Looks even perfect. Better try next round.

Now is JUNKIES' time!

Added dark soya sauce on it and that's it! My dosage of protein. Checked. Nice!

Yo... Whatever is inside the freezer, I take 2 pax serving for me and my bro. But then he headed out for work which I got no idea. So I had them all as my lunch!

Next, what you do with leftover stuff in the fridge.

Ingredients: yellow mee and kuay teow, 1 egg beaten, dark soya sauce, garlic, crabstick, sausage and fishcake.

There you go. My lunch. Not the best fried noodles but I like! Cos I cook myself. So proud of me!

Another one for dinner. My very own sausage spaghetti!

Oh yes... I used Angel Hair Spaghetti, slightly thinner than normal spaghetti. That's gonna be dinner for me and my bro!

Spaghetti in the pan. Till it's al dente. And yes, how can we short of sausage? All ready to cook.

Almost done! Gotta think of how I should present it. Meanwhile let it cook a little longer to absorb the sauce.

There you go! Presenting to you, Sausage Spaghetti by Chef Stella.

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