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Food Review | 1 Market by Chef Wan (Halal Certified)

Opened by Celebrity Chef Wan, 1 Market is a Halal-Certified buffet restaurant that serves a great variety of food for you to choose from. 
But before you start helping yourself with the food, queue up and pay first. You will get a invisible chop on the hand for re-entry purposes (just in case you need to go to the toilet). 
No time limit like some other buffet restaurant. So you can enjoy the food while catching up with your friends and family members. The dining area is big and spacious, you won't feel crammed while getting your food. With a great variety of food to choose from sections such as Japanese, Desserts, Seafood, Salad and many more. 

Culinary | Homecooked Eggy Fried Rice

Why spend so much when you can cook at home that cost less than $5 (if you buy in bulk/pack)? Let me present to you my dinner, Eggy Fried Rice w shrimps and peas, topped with a sunny side-up. Does it look like I bought from those Zi Char stall at coffeeshops? Wahahaha... don't be fooled. I cooked that.
The serving size of the following simple recipe is for 1 pax.

Staples of Eggy Fried Rice 1 cup of rice, cooked and mix with pepper and sesame oil2 to 3 eggs, beaten and mix with pepper and light soya sauce Mostly importantly, I don't put the cooked rice overnight like some or many will do. The cooked rice will just go straight into the pan to cook after mixing. And it turns out just as good as those overnight rice. 
Standard Seasoning Fish saucePepperSesame OilLight Soya Sauce As for the colour, if you wanna have it to be healthier, less light soya sauce. For a more yellow or golden colour, use 2-3 egg yolks (not the whole egg). I don't suggest you use colouring. 
Method Heat 1 t…

Culinary | Homemade Flavoured Bun

Oh hi there... I'm back again with a string of photos to show you peeps. No recipe for this post but over the few weekends, I tried making flavoured buns at home with the help of Panasonic breadmaker to make the dough. I followed the dough ingredients and method from Panasonic recipe book. So if you have it, do try. Easy and hassle-free. Because it is my first time making buns so lots of odd shaped buns. Pardon me. And so my hub and I had tea-time at home with my buns and TWG tea. Homemade/homecooked food is always the best. Fresh with no preservatives. My advice is to have it within 1-2 days for homemade buns. Same goes to homemade bread. Tried and tested. The most is 3 days. That's the max. It will become moldy. Remember that okay?
Sausage Buns

Oops... I know you couldn't see any sausage because is hidden inside the dough. I guess the next round I shall make mini ones. Looks cuter than these ginormous ones. Wanna try 2 sausages in 1 bun. Bingo... A noob had her first att…

Culinary | Homemade Pizza

I'm back again to share recipe from this morning. I made pizza for our brunch and tea-time with the help of my breadmaker for the dough. So fun so far. I should have make full use of the breadmaker to motivate me to bake instead of just cooking. No regrets investing on this breadmaker.

The serving is for 2 pax.

Dough Ingredients (Using Panasonic SD-P104 Breadmaker)
280g Bread flour15g Butter1 tbsp (12g) Brown sugar1 tbsp (6g) Milk powder1 tsp (5g) Salt190ml cold water1 tsp (2.8g) Instant dry yeast Select Menu 10 on the breadmaker and start. Once done, take the dough out immediately as fermentation will proceed further.
Dough Making Divide the dough into 3 pieces with a scraper for thin pizza dough.Shape them into ball shape and cover them with towel for 10 - 20mins.Roll them on the cooking paper and poke holes on the dough with a fork.Pizza Ingredients (share between 3 pizza dough) 1 Red Pepper, slice thinly0.066kg of Salami White, slice half3 slices of Smokey BBQ Slice Wrapped Cheese…