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My Weekend

Hi there everyone... I'm back! Too busy with my new house cum my birthday. Yup... many readers here may not know but is okay! My birthday is on 27 April and I'm a Taurus. A very stubborn woman. So how did I spend my birthday weekend? Well... basically is very simple and nothing. Because too tied up. 
Took leave on Friday for my furniture arrival. So satisfied with my new home now. Show you peeps a few peektures.
If only that stupid aircon is not there. The whole piece of wall is simple and nice enough with Audrey Hepburn's canvas painting. Oh well... And that rainbow cushion cover and cushion itself bought at IKEA. Yes... There are many stuff in the house are bought from IKEA. Although we know the fact that their product qualities are not really that great. You can't deny this fact if you do buy stuff from IKEA. I guess small thingy from them are good. But do consider carefully when you buy big stuff. Haiz... quite disappointed with my bedside table and chest of drawers.…

I HEART my Friends...

What's up? I just can't wait to blog about this wonderful day. Not just my friends gave me an advance birthday celebration (although the surprise already known when I saw one of them arriving with a cake), also I have unintentionally dig out our old memories during our younger days. Our days hanging out together clubbing, drinking, cafe chill out and all. So fun and those were the days. 
We knew each other since ITE and till now is about 13-14 years and counting. Although after I got together with my then-boyfriend which is my hubby now, I seldom hang out with them (like once in a blue moon) and got nagged by them many a times. I still remember these bunch of friends who we have been through ups and downs. There is no friendship that has no misunderstanding. Ours do but we iron out all the odds and here we are still hanging out with each other. I cherish this friendship. 
Yesterday was Good Friday. After I'm done with my new house thingy, I went meet them up at a new hangout…

[Featured] Home Door Peephole Recorder

Door bell rings.... Or knocking on the door. Our usual reaction is peeping through the peephole. Peephole is the best thing on earth as if you see unfamiliar people (eg. door-to-door salesmen), you simply ignore instantly. But what if this situation happens?

Peephole maybe the best thing on earth but when such attempts to break-in your house or probably others, we will be totally helpless as we have no evidence to provide the police to nab the offender. The above video shows the guy in pink shirt trying to break-in and the neighbour (in checkers) happens to come back and the former pretends that he is checking on the risers.
So now, we have this device that works just like our car camera recorder for road safety but then, it is a Peephole Recorder for your home safety. Found this awesome device in a forum and find that it may do good to my new house.
This device works as a "third eye" for :
1) loss of slippers / flower pots / newspaper
2) better visability for elderly and infants…

St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore

Pop by there for a few shots. Magnificent. Sufficient lightings, esp from natural source really aids in capturing nice shots...

Crispy Puff

Some called it cream puff. But never mind what it is called. The making is different, of course.
Came across when I was buying home some bread from Swee Heng. 
Priced at $1.20, this wonderful puff made my day. Been long since I had one and my ideal is a chilled one. So I brought home and chill in the fridge. Awesome taste. The massive cream purging out and was just at the right tone of sweetness. And it is smooth too. Topped with icing, you can't imagine that it actually has a soft texture from its crispy look and the buttery taste wasn't that obvious. Unbelievably good.

Travelogue | Finale - Ryukyu (Okinawa)

Don't need me to repeat right? This is the 5th and last installment for this trip. Read if you haven't (but I have repeated). Heart of Ryukyu (Okinawa) Travelogue 3
A Glimpse of Ryukyu (Okinawa) Travelogue 2 Ryukyu (Okinawa) Travelogue 1 Highlights - Ryukyu (Okinawa)

Come! In order not to disappoint my small bits of readers, let me spam you with food photos! Had enough of my travel peektures right? Okie dokie. Food now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But note, not in sequence alright?

The following is probably my Day 2's dinner. No doubt. That main course is pork. And then you can see tempura, Okinawa rice, seaweed side, crunchy bitter gourd (surprisingly I have them cos no bitter taste actually) and so on.

This sashimi is complimentary to all because to compensate for that BBQ dinner on Day 1. I don't see the BBQ dinner as any bad. I'm enjoying it and so is my guys... So I earn a double! Woohoo... Shiok max. Sashimi so fresh. But then I have to say, that the pork is so hard to tear apar…