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Food Review | Sushi Mentai

Why spend more when you have your Japanese food craving satisfied near you? Peeps living in the North, you might have visited Junction 9 but for those from other parts of Singapore, come over here now. Not only does Junction 9 has a 24-hours supermarket for groceries, there is also food court, bakery, bubble tea shop and the well-known porridge shop, Sin Heng Kee. Not forgetting dessert shop and not forgetting, Sushi Mentai. 
Like other sushi restaurants, you can order or pick your fav sushi from the rotating conveyor belt. Always curious about the taste of Mentaiko and wasn't expecting my virgin try to be here. Whether it is topped on salmon or tamago, the marriage of mentaiko and sushi along with a little touch from torching makes it a heaven and earth match. Taste enhanced. Hands down. Most importantly, it wasn't pricey and reasonable for budget foodies like myself.
Sushi  $1.30 for Yellow Plate (> 20 diff types) $1.80 for Red Plate (> 21 diff types)

If you are looking f…