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Here comes.... *Pray* All my wishes will come true and my resolutions all fulfilled.
Mus b SLIGHTLY GENEROUS and nt TOO STINGYSlim dw by end of 2008 (Target: 47kg)Travel to Taiwan again and also to Thailand (dangerous as nw the political scene is in a mess) and Hong Kong.Save my first $10k for Japan trip in Year 2009 as my graduation tripBuy my 1st LV speedy bag!!!!! (I hope can save up the bucks by June)Pass all my modules and graduate happily in 2009Find a bf.. Haha (Wish long long ba... Nobody wants me!)Learn to spend money wisely and nt unconsciously.. (cos I duno y I buy tat thingy for when I c it lyin ard in my pigsty)Stop chasing idol's autograph session and concerts (except for Jolin's) Hee...Establish a good name for My Mystic Closet online shop. Shall hv more plans for my shop.

One day Boss

Ok.. After much preparation for tat one n onli day @ Scape, everythin is over. Though biz is nt tat good, bt a good try n experience. My parents, bro and aunt came down to help. In e end left my dad helpin mi out al e way. Rainin cats and dogs... Bt stil nv giv up. My dad came out wit lots of his own ideas... Thanks to him... I oso wan to thank my colleagues Jac and Cheryl who came down stil even though is raining... They both order and oso buy from mi... Thank you... Reali appreaciate so much... Next is Joanne. Thank you so much babe for comin dw even though u nit to go bk for yr part time job. Thanks for your purchase and support. Reali appreciate too... N yr fren too.. Next is Eisen... Thank you guy!!! You reali make my day. Thanks for your purchase man.. I know you cant c much fanciful thingy to buy bt u stil bought one from me... Hee.. Thanks for the little present. Is cute n THANK YOU!!!! To Christine, I know you hv yr program tat day n thanks. At least you let mi know yo…

Alvin & The Chipmunks

One lazy Thurs... Rainin n rainin... Bt it has nv stopped mi to watch this show... I went JE to watch. Haha.. Is reali a damn funny show... The three are so CUTE!!! Especially Theodore.. Haha.. Fat fat cute cute.. OMG nv regret watchin... Recently watch quite a few movies.. Nt bad. THough I watch alone, stil there is a good improvement. I can watch movie alone.. Haha...

The Story of the TWO

Hello!!! We are e TT duo. We live in our Dad's car. My mummy is Joyce. E photographer is a strange auntie called Stellz aka Fart Queen aka Burp Queen. I m Big T. E one on my lap is Small T. Aren't we both cute?

Who is tat in front? Why cant I c it? Arrgghh.. Is tat Mummy Joyce in front? I m stuck in between... Ohhhh NOooOOOooo....

Haha... Is my mummy Joyce... Heee.... Jus wana peep our prettie mummy.....

Wow... Is Chipster!! Omg... Our fav... Hot & Spicy!

Let's eat! Yum yum...

Stil a long way to the weddin dinner... Hw come there's reflection of us? Stil, we look cute.

Gifts Air Flown back from Hong Kong


The biggest step

Hmm... except for Levis jeans and mobile fone, I nv bought anythin more than 100 bucks before. Then today goin out wit my gal fren, I bought my v first Burberry's cardholder. Though Burberry is nth compare to my drean LV speedy bag, bt stil is over my limit.... Haha.. no la... Cos my gal fren wana buy a bag actually. So went in to check it out... Tis mth, I tink branded stuffs are havin sales. So I bought it at half price... Hee.... 120bucks... Satisfied cos bought sometin rite n also at e rite time.... My fren bought a bag n wallet and both gt discount!! Haha... I tink I nit to work lots of ot to earn bk e money.. Tat is nt al. We went Heeren's Levis store.. Found e watch tat I wanted to buy. Hmm.. tinkin n tinkin n in e end, I bought it. Haha... So hapi today for buyin somethin I long for... Bt hard pain e money.. We went Raffles City's Levis to buy e hp strap which is nt available at Heeren. In coincidence, my fren bought e straps for herself n mi and for mi, I choos…

Bro's Trip to Taiwan



Hee... Today I went JP catch the movie... Absolutely magical, musical, animated fairy tale. In real life this kind of love story wont exist. Is rare bt definitely there is. Hmm.. Sweet.. Brings laughter to the audiences... Haha.. Nv regret watchin.. Yeah... Watch alone bt I definitely enjoy... Bought nachos wit coca cola light.. Haha.. Wat a afternoon! Time for relaxation after a busy wk at work. Love it! Happy wkend to al!

My MOst Wanted Lifetime Partner

I wan a BOYFRIEND!!!!! Yeah... Frm 1 Jan 2008, I m ready for everything... So dear frens, do keep a lookout for me. I tink I nit to change my criteria for my ideal lifetime partner, this as follows:

Mus b taller than mi (I m onli 162 wor)Hv car licence bt dun own a carNt a smoker nor a drinker (Stil can accept drinkin bt moderation)Someone who enjoys tannin, swimmin, gymin, marathonin etc (can motivate mi ma)Stable in career and independent Can tolerate my nonsense (crap, foolish, silly, brainless, irritating conversation/jokes)Dote me, giv mi a sense of secureCharismatic (nt handsome hor, go by e feel wor)Either a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn guy... (hee.. I'm a Taurus bt nt necessary la bt mus click lor)Homely guy (loves quietness)Someone who can brin mi go travel... (haha... gd gd!)Older than mi... (nt by months, by years)Giv mi a sense of secure always n foreva (I long for tat feeling since some years back)Hmm.. So frens, any idea if there is anyone who fits the criteria? Do let …

Wat a TIRED wkend!

Last Sat... Best ar... Attend classy Pinky Ash's church weddin. Reali touched. Almost in tears.. Hapi tears.. Haha... Had a Indian style lunch. I tink so!! Hee... Yum.. I had little bit of each. I'm on diet!! Haha.. Long journey there n back hm.. Tired. Bt worth la.. Reach hm nv rest much n had to get ready for weddin dinner at nite.. Haha.. Regent Hotel. Nt bad. Started kind of late... Their montage is great!!! Food is nice... Took cab home. Tired n late le. Next day gt marathon. Haiz.. lucky I manage to complete. Mi n e litte gal completed wit lots of crappy jokes tis n tat. Haha... Went Bukit panjang had mcdonald lor.. Yum yum... Then head for Rainie's autograph session... So tired.. Then tat is nt al. I went to Pan Wei bo autograph session in e evenin on e same day. Wow.. Surprising... he is suave.. V WHITE wor!!! Nt bad.. He is stil tat popular. Alot of ppl there... Hee... Yeah...!!!! Tired lor. Reach hm watch tv liao, dreamland.. .Haha.....