Lifestyle | Street Food Photography with Dr Leslie Tay

Hi... Since finishing my final examination, I have plenty of time to do whatever I fancy. That includes my hobby, photography. Bought my first Canon EOS 650D SLR in April this year and has been happily using it to shoot. Love! I'm much more into food photography, follow by architecture and travel. Yes... This is just the beginning and I have lots to learn too. Gonna invest on lens and learn in order to fulfill my wish to b a freelance photographer.

I signed up for a workshop with Canon Imaging Academy that is conducted by the famous food blogger Dr Leslie Tay at Equarius Hotel, Sentosa. I had a hard time going there due to a heavy rain and only at last found the place where I can catch the shuttle to my destination. Good grief!

Finally arrived at about 2.45pm before it starts. Saw the registration counter and gotta my goodie bag too. Wow! Held at the Forest Restaurant, the place was kinda small but guess it probably is good enough to cater for their hotel guests during breakfast hours that is usually packed.

So it started on time although the participants are flowing in every now and then due to the rain. Quite inconvenience but what to do if you are an avid photography hobbyists.

A short lecture went on by Dr Leslie Tay, getting to know the equipments he used to shoot those wonderful food photography and the tactics of capturing nice shots. The first look of food must appeal to you for a 2nd look. Wow!!! Noted on quite a lot of things since food photography is my priority. Still trying my very best to take nice shots with his tips.

Then follow by 3 food stations for us to practice our shoot. Food prepared by the chefs of Forest Restaurant.

As we snap at the food stations, our 3 course lunch is served one by one, from appetizer, main course to dessert. Wonderful. So in total, we have 6 food items to practice till our hands get numb.

Deep Fried Mushrooms coated in Wasabi Mayo w Avocado and Tomato Salad
Wok-fried Japanese Pearl Rice w Squid Ink in XO Chili Sauce accompanied w Seared Hokkaido Scallop
Chilled Lemon Grass Jello w Sweet Thai Mango, Young Coconut and Wolfberries
Oh... I took my food review from Openrice. Too lazy to rethink since I have already pen it down. 

Deep-fried Mushrooms coated in Wasabi mayo w Avocado & Tomato Salad

The mushrooms are likely coated with batter for frying. It is not oily and yet the juiciness accompanied with the wasabi mayo created a unique taste, which keeps you wanted more. The little cubes of avocado mixed in the sauce enhance the bland taste. The overall taste was good.

Wok-fried Japanese Pearl Rice w Squid Ink in XO Chili Sauce accompanied w Seared Hokkaido Scallop

It tastes like I'm having fried rice but the pearl rice gives a little stickiness which differentiate them from others. And it is special when it is cooked in squid ink. It's not salty and a subtle sweetness from the rice, which I guess is because there is some dry scallop used that enhance the taste, and definitely fragrance. The scallop is fresh and blend in well in the chili sauce. 

Chilled Lemon Grass Jello w Sweet Thai Mango, Young Coconut and Wolfberries

I have a mixed feeling for this dessert. The taste of lemon grass was strong and every mouthful, you can't get away from it. There are strips of mango and coconut, jello where the lemon grass taste comes from along with raspberry and blueberry. You can taste sweet and sour at the same time and you can't figure out which taste to look forward to. But definitely, the health benefits you get from this dessert is a lot. That's a saving grace.

So here are 2 photos taken during the workshop by Canon and also Dr Leslie Tay's son. Yes... his son seems to be another avid photographer at young age. Well done!
Photo Credit: BE EMPOWERED by Canon
Photo Credit: ieatishootipost
Thank you Canon and Forest Restaurant @ Equarius Hotel for having us on a wet Saturday afternoon and also Dr Leslie Tay from for the abundance of knowledge imparted.

Check out Canon Imaging Academy website here for more upcoming workshops/outings/seminars.