Food Review - Madam Kwan's

So I hear a lot about Madam Kwan's and I even told my guy how highly recommended this place is, even by food bloggers. Right! I'm always so naive about it and so fall unknowingly into some 'food trap'. Yet again.

So basically, it is kind of an over-rated place for their food. And it is expensive. Totally not worth it for some of their food. 

Originated from Malaysia, Madam Kwan's is famous for their Nasi Lemak. They brought out the Malaysian's flavors by serving a fusion their local dishes.

Ipoh Kway Teow Soup $11.90

I wanted something light. So I went for this. And the minute it was served up to me, I regretted. So plain. Nothing appeals to me. I'm dupe once again. I keep repeating my mistakes of deceived by photos and reviews. Dear me, please don't be so naive again. Well... the soup was bland. Prawns was a little overcooked so it tastes a little harden. Although I wanted something light, but I need something that can stir up my appetite. This has totally failed on me. 

Claypot Seafood Beancurd $15.90

The only reason why we ordered this is because we want a good balance of nutrients. Inside, you can find tofu, prawns, beans, cauliflowers, mushrooms and so on. Al I can say is well-cooked and the prawns are fresh. Shall not pin-point on this one. This is quite norm for meals at home right? *stupid me*

Nasi Bojari $18.90

The waitress recommended us to try this. My guy left that achar out. He doesn't like. As usual that sambal prawns is good and very appetizing. The drumstick is quite a big portion and lucky enough to have tender meat. Love the skin. Tasty. As for the rice, quite norm but fragrance. Like Yang Zhou Fried Rice. 

Otah $15.90

This is quite a thick piece in 8 cubes, cut unequally. It's nice and that aroma purges out with every bite. The strong taste of otah stays for awhile in your mouth. But as you go along, you get a little sick because too big a portion plus the thickness of every cut cube. 

Not gonna go back again. Not that I'm a bad taster but if it is really not nice, I will be honest. Same goes to my guy. Too pricey plus over-rated. You can try. I'm not stopping you but myself.

Visit them at:

Madam Kwan's

1 Harbourfront Walk

VivoCity,  #01-152/153/154
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: 1100 - 2230
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront