Food Review | 刘大妈烧烤吧 Liu Da Ma Charcoal BBQ

Never really go to any restaurants open by the Chinese except for steamboat buffet which is also in the vicinity of Geylang (it is quite a huge place with eateries, restaurants, on top of that 'red light district'). This place was hidden along shophouses and our friend brought us there on a Sat night after attending a baby shower in the afternoon. It was almost full house (if you never come early) and you know who are the patrons most of the time. They really can eat. 很吃货. 

They serve up the dishes quite fast. But anyway most of their dishes are sides or maybe I miss out from their menu. Very local (I mean to them in terms of locality) taste.

The many skewers ordered by the young boys (our friend's students). Wow... I got myself Taiwan Sausages. Yumz. There are wings, potatoes slices, Chinese chives rolls and meat skewers. I suppose is mutton skewers. I love the Chinese chives skewers. You can't believe it tastes so good. 

Honestly speaking, I really don't know much about their food culture so I basically order whatever I find familiar. You know when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Although this is in Singapore, follow suit and learn their almost similar food culture from their restaurant here.

And that is how I end up with a plate of dumplings. A plate of 15 dumplings. What a treat! Generous portion. Never mind the price.

Look at this humongous mutton leg. Our friend said they usually get the kitchen to slice and debone for them but as it is our first time (me and my hub), so let us have some thrill of slicing the meat over fire. Go to my Instagram for the short video and you will know. Hot hot hot... sitting near to the fire.

This is how it looks like after deboning and slice. A tray almost full, of mutton slices. Nice to chew on. Go with some of their spices which is made available on each table. Our friend even got a pack from the cashier for us to bring home for cooking. Husband loves it. 

This is one dish that I do think you should order. Enoki mushroom is awesome. It looks mediocre but then it opens up my appetite and makes me wanting for more. 

Lucky that we have Chinese friend who knows how to communicate with their own people and so not much of dishonesty on overcharging on the bills and etc. Yes I understand this restaurant is in Singapore but most of the people working there are mainlanders. What do you expect? If you are not comfortable with it, then just go other BBQ restaurants. There are lots out there. I'm just sharing something that I personally like. Or a new found love. Hahaha... The bill can come up to $100+, depending on what you had. We had beers. Cheers.

LDM BBQ Bar 刘大妈烧烤吧
26 Lorong 11 Geylang
Singapore 388718
Opening Hours: 4pm to 4am (to 12am on Sun)