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For mi, I'm kind of straight forward. Once an end of a relationship, I wil nt leave a single 'debris' in my room or anywhere tat I can c. Plus, a period of time to heal frm a relationship. Bt y sometimes ppl stil like to keep somethin as memory? Is there a need? I doubt so. Cos if u r in another relationship wit another person, the past shall b gone...................... Nt even leavin a single space in their heart. Bt y sometimes human stil like to keep memories? For mii, nt a single memory of my exs r left anywhere... Or isit bcos for so long, they forgotten tat the little memory of their past is stil lyin ard somewhere bt they jus nv bother? I wonder. I tink shouldnt b paranoid over thingy. Cos conscience is clear. As long they noe they hv someone beside them rite nw...

Little Miss Stella

N tat's miii. Yours truly. Being Stella is stil e best. Lov it.. N I shd lov my way of life... Tis is Stella Chen.

Brownie Bud

Nice homemade brownie by my bud... Hmm.. actually I prefer cold brownie... They taste nicer than we make it hot.. Nicce nice... Thanks bud... Showin off yr nice work here for ppl to envy... Haha... I'm a lucky one!

Woohoo... My PO!

Saw e advert in tv jus the past wkend... Was wonderin if it is available in Mcdonald. Finally I gt it...!! Wahahah.. I m so damn hapi man.. My Sun was spent at United Square for my god son's bday celebration in advance at Globetrotter. YahOooo.. when we abt to leave the place, we went Mcdonald to c if it is out. N yes.. Hahaha.. is out! Though we had our dinner liao, bt stil grab a kid's meal lor.. Hee... 4 pcs nuggets, cup corn and milk.. Hee.. v small portion nia.. Bt my main purpose is for PO!!! Hee.. so hapi lor.. Gt sound comin out from it wit a press at e back.. Wahah... Nice.. Lov it!


Yeah... End of the year, I goin to Macau!!! Woohooo... So hapi!! Finally can fulfill one of my dream destinations. Haha.. Lookin forward to the trip!! Goin to try e famous egg tarts.. YahOoo.. another round of photosnappin trip! Best... 6 mths to go.. Sian.. can faster abit anot? Travellin is goin to b a hobby for miii....


Nw, jus gt to noe that next wk on the first day of sch reopens, I have a test. On e same wk Thursday, I hv another test. Haiz.. over enjoy my 3 wks break. Nw hv to hurry up get al e revision done. I onli manage to study 3 quarter of my Mon's paper. Haiz... Shd finish by today for the Monday test. Den tml can study for Thursday test.. Hmm.. like tat den gt time to accompany my guy. Hmm.. I tink he wil oso wan mi to study.. K lor.. I brin along my book to study when I mit him lor.. Steady rite? Ok shall concentrate on e tests next wk.. Hee.. gt motive de.. I wan to get good grades so tat he can fulfill wat he promised for next yr.. Go go go.. I can de la.. Bt quite sleepy nw after last nite's clubbin session. Tryin to concentrate... Jia You!!!!

Everyday seems to b e same

Tis few days were terrible. Sneezing.. Tis reminds mi of my primary school days. We have a set of story books. One of the story is 'Ah Choo'. I cant rem wat is tat, whether is an animal or human. Haha.. Someone who always sneeze ba.. Cant rem tat story.. Hee.. For 4 yrs le... Tis has nv been cured. Mayb one day, I shd visit a specialist ba.. Tats a nose prblm! Haha.. Endure for so mani yrs liao.. Use to it le.. 4 yrs ago, lots of prblm surfacin out. Skin prblm, nose prblm, put on weight etc. Wit al tis prblms, I cherish e 4 yrs by pamperin myself... Though is a lonely one.. Well.. tats life. Jus face it. Shall treasure my last 3 yrs b4 hittin 30. Shall do lots of things so tat I wont regret in future.... Hmm... Shall list them out one by one n fulfill it one by one...

How To Groom Yourself


Add on to my previous post on GUYS

Wat I wan to add on is, guys are ego. Kaoz... Stubborn too... 男人用下半身思考 no wrong wit tis phrase. Is true lor.. E guys tat I hv met r all like tat.. N is total sux... Ok bk to topic again. Little gestures frm guys r hard... Cos of their ego... Damn it.. Bt dun they noe small gestures frm them can reali light up the day for tat gal? We say tat guys onli noe hw to tink.. Bt wat r they tinkin? They jus based on hw they feel lor.. Nt jus hw they tink sia... It hurts.. N I hate it... I dun like it at... Den, I rather b single.. Cos guys cant even do al e small n simple things... Anyway, guys r simply unsensitive, stubborn and ego... I reali cant feel any happiness for long.. At e moment, is jus e companion tat u hv wit yr other half. Bt I c far ahead. Cos I jus wan to settle dw for one n nt hangin ard like nobody's child... Haiz.. Bt after my meeting wit the JVS gals, I find tat sometimes nt jus in a relationship can hv prblm, u can foresee prblm after marriage. Tats wat happen …

What I wan to do now

Rebond my hair... Bt length stil too short for tat Take good care of my nails... Tats long term. Kill the pimples on my face... Bt how? Get rid of my panda eyes... I gt my eye mask!!! Yeah... Balance my skin tone... Dun some parts white, some parts dark.. Kaoz Sharpen my face... 减肥! Get rid of my flabby 大腿 Cover up al the uneven holes on my face... I dunwan to b 李国煌's sista Get rid of my tummy


Sometimes, it makes one think tat guys can speak well bt nv use their brain to tink. Nt even tat, they dun hv ani in built sensor in them. They always like to say, 'U nv tell mi, hw I noe?' Upon hearin tis, u noe they dun tink n nv activate their sensor too. It probably turns mi off. Reali. Y mus everytime, every single thingy mus say out n they cant jus sense it? Tat means they dun understand us reali well.. Mayb sometimes shd reali take things slow.. If a year later, things is stil e same, it becomes pointless. U put in effort to let them understand u bcos u hope tat u dun hv to keep remindin them every nw n then n sometimes it becomes awkward for a gal to do so... Sometimes a gal can b petty too.. Over small things, they can b v particular. I m one example. Some I didn't say out. Some I jus let it out. I mean I reali appreciate small little gestures from a guy. I reali reali appreciate it... Bt sometimes it reali makes mi either so sad or piss off... Bt I fin…

Here I come again Taipei!

Woohooo... Taipei again!!! Long waited for tis trip once again since last yr Aug.. Haha.. tis time goin to take more photos... Nice nice de hor... So excited. Bt sad to say, jus tis mornin the news report tat Taiwan gt earthquake. Bloody hell..! Last yr I go oso gt typhoon. Bt lucky when I'm there, no typhoon until I'm back to SIN, the typhoon strike again... Hopefully tis time I m lucky too. Prayin hard I get to enjoy tis 5 days... Shoppin spree n scenic spree.. Haha.. phototakin spree la.. C u guys again when I'm bk tis Sat.