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Food Review | Mookata at Bugis Junction

Everybody knows I am gonna review another Thai BBQ a.k.a Mookata. This is the third place that I visit and I think I can conclude that Mookata is almost the same everywhere in Singapore. But here at Mookata Bugis Junction, it looks like we are having Korean BBQ because it has that smoke extractor on top every table. At least this is good because you won't smell like BBQ on your way home in the train. Minimize on that smell. 
Another thing I like about having Mookata is that the UFO like bbq cum steamboat able to make the soup taste so good. Because the bbq pan has little corners for the seasonings from those meat to flowing to the side into the soup with vegetables boiled in there. You will end up with a nice tasty soup. 

Like any other times, I would zoom into their set menu instantly because I need not think of what I want to have and the combination is just good enough and somtimes, sufficient for two. Enjoy every bits of everyting.
This is what we get for a set of 2 at S$34.9…