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Travelogue | Taipei, Taiwan Series 1

Oh hi!!! Yes I'm back from my trip and still having that hangover because of the wonderful place with awesome food + cold weather. It drags me when I landed back in Singapore. Anyway I'll be back to this wonderful country again next year. Hopefully.
I shall start with my forte, FOOD! This trip, I really went around with the guys to eat almost everything. Nahh... Too many to contain. Shall introduce some of my picks and you might want to add it in your itinerary. May not be the best but definitely my pocket list of food places.
1) Fong Da Coffee 蜂大咖啡(Pocket List)
We came to know about this place through a Taiwanese variety show and never expect to stumble upon while walking around Ximending in our previous trip. This is our 2nd time there for breakfast. Awesome aroma which you smell it even before stepping in. We had their breakfast set at TWD100 = SGD4.35. Simple yet satisfying.

The toasts were good. Not overly toast and it has that crunchiness yet soft. Spread with strawberry jam…

Pre-Wedding Jittery

I know is a little too early to talk about it (like 6 more months before I get hitched) but I thought all these supposed to be planned early. So I told my parents last night and alas... they want to invite their friends too! WTF!
My guy and I wanted a simple yet presentable ROM wedding (which means solemnization + sit-down lunch + tea ceremony at a go) and not like ROM first then later hold wedding. NO NO NO!!!! I have a house renovation to settle. Unless my parents are going to force me to the verge of taking bank loan. They don't like but if they want too many stuff, I will. 
Anyway, my pre-honeymoon is burnt because of them!!!! 
Now I just hoping to look for sponsors:
1) Venue (cater for 80 paxs) 2) Wedding favors  3) Makeup + Hairdo 4) Bridal shoot
Drop me a mail at and we can discuss further on that.
Simple right? The rest I think I can handle it. Because I have parents who want this and that when they are not the one paying. Make sure they give me good dowry. …

Heart of House Giveaway Winners!

Winners of HOH Giveaway:
1) Kapricia Pang
2) Nabilatin Etiqa Bte Norazwa

Each will receive a $50 Heart of House Voucher!
Check out your mailbox this week!

I'm on Dayre!

And yes I'm finally on Dayre. Just my daily rantings (if any). Go download and follow me and other awesome bloggers! Trending now. You can use it as your platform of penning down some thoughts. 
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Featured - Heart of House

Located at one of the oldest housing estate in Tiong Bahru, Heart of House is a perfect place for family diners and groups where they can sit down and enjoy a meal together, recollecting some happy childhood moments with the nostalgia decorations and displays surrounded the restaurant. Since its opening in 2012, Heart of House has established itself as casual dining, known not only for its Home Made Classics and Signature Food, but also the Specialty Beers. 

This is a very motivating act for the kids. But kids, don't cheat! It must be your 'A' paper alright? Don't use your siblings or whoever's paper to trade for this. I personally think that we shouldn't take advantage of the boss's generosity and kindness, and his love for children. Honesty and Integrity. World Peace! Want to know who is he?

He is friendly and first appears to me, tough man! Here is he folding some paper boxes/ships/planes for the kids.

When you step into the restaurant, the vintage/nostalgi…