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Yeah... I gt my CPR certification liao... Valid for 2 yrs!! Yes yes yes!! I goin to take up the Basic Exercise Course in July. Save up $$ for the course though is quite cheap bt for Aerobics Instructor Course is $800 lor.. Arrgghh... Nvm. To fulfil my wish, I shall sacrifice for tat. Then hor.. Nw I stil duno my timetable for Year 2 n I couldnt register for the tennis lesson which start next mth. Aiyo.. Sure last min then knoe our TT one. Sick!!!! NVM!!! Wont giv up e idea. Nw countin dw to my last day of work! Haha.. Everyday go work yawn la... slack la... Steady rite? No choice. Sian liao ma over tis co. Anyway I gt my results... Surprising lor... Mine is al Bs and Cs... Haha... no Ds.!! So hapi! My Year 2 wil b beta than Year 1. Strive hard. Gt e Biz Stat book frm my Dad. N I m goin to read abt it b4 sch start. HR I gt e book. So can go tru too!!! Yeah... So hapi!!! HAPI HAPI HAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> I dOnt GeT iT <

I dun tink is e end of e world after a failure in yr life. Bt I dun get it y tis decisiOn was made n I find it ridiculous... Y mus it a foreigner instead of a local? I jus cant figure out y. I m quite disappointed... Bt I noe tat is impossible frm start til nw. God is playin ard wit mi!!!!!! I learn nw tat is stupid to tink of impossible...!!! Yup.. I finally learnt. I resign to tat.
Enuff of it!!! Nw is my own stuff.. Havin read in depth of Rich Dad Poor Dad, I hv an idea hw my money can work for mi... I hv e $$ nw bt I kept it stupidly in e bank, hopin to earn interest which is jus few cents. Yucks.. Nw I noe liao! 2 yrs later, I have my 1st income earn by my money invested!! I shall keep on generatin it. Hee... I GET IT NOW!!!!!

ShOrt n Sweet

Mi have jus finish with my examination. Next wk, starting my vacation module n totally no break. Sch reopen in April. Bt is good cos less than 4 yrs I will get my diploma. Hopefully I pass my recent exam n proceed happily to Year 2. Lets pray.!! Wish mi luck!!! Recently oso have lots of argument with my boss. Hate him to the core. Bt nvm. I m starting to look out for job opportunities. Thot of startin up my own business so have started to plan liao. I dun wish to work under others liao. I had enuff of the insults I get frm my BOSS!!! He is too cocky. I cant start Him!!! After my exam, I release my stress by buyin my fav Levis jean and a new mobile with a new line. Spend almost $300. Haha... Bt I'm hapi. I stil haven buy a new MP3 for myself yet. Stil nt yet release my stress totally. Hmm... Is ok la. Wait til my results out then c how. Al pass I wil reward myself wit a new MP3. I swear to God I wil b good from Year 2 onwards. I regret wat I did durin Year 1. I wil put in my effort…