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Singapore Hailstorm?

Well... I'm surprised that it happens in Singapore (it did happen before in Year 2009 September here too) and I'm glad it came although much disruption on the road has been caused. You know how glad we are since the hazy week here and it hasn't been raining for almost a week plus. I'm serious okay? With this hailstorm that came, it helps a little in minimizing the haze and also bringing the temperature down too. I damn feel cooler that night after the hailstorm. Okay lah. Although we don't need to mask up already (PSI at moderate range) but the freaking weather is damn hot. Grasses are drying up and the leaves from trees are dropping down too and it turns brown. U know what I mean huh?
The story is on 24 June 2013, it seems like it is the hottest day in the week. At home, whatever stuff I touch is confirmed warm. Terrible right? U sit on the chair, is warm. Your floor is warm. Your bed is warm. Even your toilet bowl cover is warm. OMG!!!! This is farking terrible. I…

Product Review - Inside A Race Bag

Despite PSI 400+ on a Friday, I just have to take half day leave in order to get all my stuff. My Shape Run race kit + bag, my vouchers from Openrice and the sleeping balm from Haus of Spa. Okay enough of that. Gonna do a quite crappy review of what is in my race bag that I have collected from Shape Run Carnival. Selected a few from their sponsored items to review. But first let me show you what is inside.
This year, the race tee is Orange in colour, sponsored by Reebok. I quite like this colour and through their Facebook page, many runners suggested that instead of a Finisher medal, most of them (including me) preferred a Finisher tee. Don't you think is much more useful because we will wear it for running or exercising in the gym but a Finisher medal will be forgotten because left in one corner of our room or somewhere. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First up.Brands InnerShine - Ruby Collagen Essence (Strip)

The Unnatural Disaster in Singapore - Haze

At this very moment 10am, the Pollutant Standards Index aka PSI in Singapore is at 367!!! For those who intend to visit Singapore or Malaysia, please don't come. Because it is just a waste of money seeing nothing here of our attractions. All your trip to Singapore at this moment is just spending money on shopping and dining. Very boring. Postpone your trip till the situation is okay! Check out our National Environment Agency (NEA) website for the latest update on our haze situation and plan your trip accordingly.
For those who don't know, let me show you what it is like on 18/19 June 2013:

Looks like we are in Genting Highlands right? This is not the worst. Our neighbouring country Malaysia is also suffering like us and even worse. I just can't help it by posting in my Instagram and Facebook. I just can't help it. We experience this haze every year but is not as bad as this year. I am serious. When the PSI can hit 300+, is a record breaking figure in Singapore haze histo…

2 Months Break

And yes... counting by days, I have 20 days to the start of my final semester. Which means I have only 20 days to dilly dally around, taking my own sweet time to do whatever I fancy. I have been on term break since my last paper on 24 April 2013. Superb shiok. 2 months to do whatever I want without thinking of going for class. Except the anticipation of my exam grades. But my mum told me not to anyhow think so I just hope for the best while enjoying that 2 months break.
Finally I get to celebrate my 32nd birthday this year. Because my birthday tends to fall on examination period. Hate it. This time round, I can celebrate without fearing about my revision because is over before my hatch day!!! I am also superb happy that I finally bought my Canon DSLR as a birthday present for myself. Eh... Okay actually is I want that and my guy said he will pay for that. Got lots of freebies upon buying. Feel so good. 
So that's my birthday. You can read from my previous posts:

1) My 32 Years 2) 32 a…

Photo of the Day! #Makanhunt by Openrice Singapore

Well again. Is a pleasant surprise again on a Friday. Received an email from +OpenRice Singapore , saying that my photo has been selected as the Photo of the Day for 29 May 2013. 
Yup I hashtag #Makanhunt on my photo in +Instagram again and not knowing it has been picked until the email came in. Thank you +OpenRice Singapore ! Really appreciate it. And the photo is Spicy Seafood Marinara I had the other day at Astons Express at U-Town, FoodClique. 

Oh actually it comes with a soup + garlic bread. But I never finish it because I just wanna finish the spaghetti. I kind of like mussels now after this round.

Oh by the way, Food Clique by Kimly Food is a foodcourt. The style is just the same as any other foodcourt or food junction. Kind of lazy to find any info about them but you can find them at NUS University Town, just walk further down after Koufu.

Yup the paging device that Astons is using so that customers will not miss their orders. Yoshinoya is using that too. Good job. I like!
Okay bac…

Food Review | Itacho Sushi at JCube

Seriously. I wanted go JEM last night after work but end up their opening is yet again delayed. I wonder what is the developer doing. They should have a good coordination with their tenants on all these authorities submission. Must keep following up with them. You see, why other malls can do it, JEM can't? I used to be in this industry too so I know that keep pressing and following up with your tenants are damn important!!! See lah! I already ran out of ideas for dinner and yet this JEM is not open at all!!! Fine!!! I shall continue to dig up some good restaurants for once a week dinner with my guy. And so here I am, at Itacho Sushi, JCube.
Itacho Sushi is located at Level 2 of JCube, just opposite Franc Franc. And by the way, Franc Franc is having sales now. You know what to do right?  So as you know now is school holidays and lots of parents brought their kids out for shopping or meals and etc. Expected a long queue even if it is a Tuesday but luckily not that long and it is fast…

My Running Calendar

Sad to say that this year 2013, I'm not very aggressive like before in participating in runs. Because my guy said that why must I pay to go for a run when you can do it for free like running near our house area. But despite that, I still participate even though I'm paying for all the runs and not sponsor. I don't really have a good reason for participating. Maybe I just like to run with lots of unknown people. Oh by the way I'm usually a lone ranger when it comes to this. My frens are either not active enough or not willing to pay for runs (those who have the same mindset as my guy). But I like that cos I don't need to wait for my frens. I run at my own pace and complete at my own timing. 
So far up till now, I have just completed one run which is Nike She Runs 5K that took place on 11 May 2013 and I have blogged a little about it previously so you may want to check it out in this link here. Now I have some more runs coming up. One of my favourite will be Shape Run …