Food Review | Sufi's Corner

My very first time having Turkish coffee and stuff. Indeed a good experience. If you like Sheesha, hang out at Arab Street. Other than Sufi's Corner, you can also find other cafes that has Sheesha for pleasure. I never tried but find it cool puffing out from that tube. 

Here, I shall let the photos talk more than I describe. 

I love the tiles of their table. Very Mediterranean feel. 

Now, here comes our Turkish coffee and dessert on a hot sunny weekend afternoon.

Turkish Coffee

My mum told me that I must never stir the coffee and just sip in as it is. Because the coffee powder are underneath and if you stir it, you are drinking the powder too, which tastes a little weird. Dumb me! Forget about it and went stirring. But actually the taste is good. Not like any other coffee that you might have it before. I think what makes them unique is the unique taste from their powder and brewing. I'm guessing only. And a subtle sweet taste. I recommend this.


Confirm this is not to my liking. Very sweet and I can't figure out what is this. Taste a little crunchy but is not biscuit or shortbread or whatever. The looks of it like pastry but not very pastry. WHATEVER! You can try out others in their menu and don't force yourself on what I have introduced here.

It is indeed a great experience and I just love going out with my folks because they are just like me who like to explore around places of interest. Esp my dad. 

I shall not leave any address of the place as at Arab Street, you can find identical Turkish cafes around, with sheesha available.