Lifestyle | EOS Ladies Photography Seminar

Okay people! If you follow me on +Instagram at @hi_stellachen like now or forever, you will see 2 of my photo posted today from the seminar that I attended this afternoon. 

Yes this is my 2nd time participating in such seminar/workshop organised by Canon Imaging Academy. This seminar today is mainly for ladies. Yes!!! Ladies only as the title says. Held in Food for Thought at National Museum of Singapore. Awesome! I have always heard of this Food for Thought and never get a chance to taste their food. Now today, apart from the 2 parts seminar, we have a buffet spread for tea break by Food for Thought. Can't wait to show you people!

Oh and yes one more happy thing is that the new lens I bought came just right before I step out of my house for the seminar. I'm so blessed! Can't wait to try out the new lens for food photos. 

I was early so took some shots outside the museum. Btw, I took with my kit lens.

It's been a long time since I step in the museum. I think I should come more often for exhibition. I superb appreciative of such things now! Yes. U didn't hear that wrongly.

And so I'm seated down inside the seminar area after registration and also a goodie bag. And I change my lens to the new one of course. So the rest of my 3 hours seminar, let the photos do the job.

Nah... I had fun snapping away with the lens. I love the bokeh effect (art of blurness) and that is why I choose the basic. Although it might not be the best bokeh effect but at least something I look upon to. 

Okay now here comes the tea break. They set up food stations for us to practice our shoot. Great! I'm so eager to do so rather than heading for the buffet spread first. 

And now the line of buffet spread. I did the right thing. I shouldn't be so greedy as to head for the buffet first because there are plenty for everyone. Sensible choice. And I went crazy when I saw linguine!

And after shooting all that I can, time for food. My mind in repeat mode 'linguine, linguine' but end up due to shyness, I took not much when there is so much leftover. I was like 'can I pack away for supper please?' that kind of mentality. Cheapskate me, of course.

End of seminar. Today I have learnt even more tips on photography that is essential for me especially when I am so into food photography. And travel photography tips too. Wonderful pocket list for my holiday trips. 

Thank you Canon for organising this seminar and also Food for Thought for having us plus the wonderful buffet spread. And also the speakers. They are awesome. 

Practice makes perfect. I will continue to shoot photos till it turns out perfect. At least to me and to my blog readers.

Looking forward to the next event by Canon! Cheers.