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New Finding

Today, I went to collect e race kit at Velocity Novena for next Sun run. Then my stupid bro can last min tell mi he cannot go run bcos he is goin to Bintan wit his frens. Arrghh.. Nvm. I stil collect for him e goodie bag on tat day.

After collecting, I hang ard to explore e place. Square 2 nt much to shop. Nt fully open actually. Until I went in tis store, SOL Mart. Guess wat? It is a Korean store. Sellin their cosmetics products and food products. Hmm... E cashier (I tink oso e owner of the store) is a Korean. Wit some staff which is definitely Chinese.. Simply can tell by e looks. Tats wat I bought there... Their products quite limited. Lots of things I c b4 in Korean drama. Hmm... Nw I know. Next time wan to eat any korean thingy, can go there. Prices is quite expensive actually. Bt stil worth tis experience. U al do drop by Novena Square 2 #03-06/08. It is named SOL Mart.
Then jus beside it, is Hankook Rice Cake House. I tink their staff are Chinese la. Nt sure. Jus a guess. 炒年糕 tat…

Pre GST Crisis

Everybody is so piss off wit tis GST 7% thingy. Mi too. Yesterday went for a long lunch break wit my 2 fellow colleagues. Hang ard at Bugis lor. They had their lunch ar Aijisen. Yummy.. Slurp slurp.That's my colleague above. Pretty rite? Too bad. She is attached. Haha.. Guys out there, jus hv to envy her bf.
Yummy... Tats wat my 大姐 eat. Bt nt e fried fish. Hers is e fried dumplings... *slurp* She is nt in e pic cos she say jus take e food. Hee... E above one use abit of force then she let mi take a pic of her n e food. *Clever* Aiya she likes takin pic. Haha... M I rite?
Tats my 大姐's fried dumplings. Seems nice bt wonder hw is e taste. Hee... I nv eat wit them as I had fried noodles earlier on in office. I oso sign up for the membership lei. Next time can bring my family to IMM for a meal. Idea! Haha....After lunch, we shop ard. Went Mphosis to look out for bags. Haha.. One of them gt my eyes. Nv bought until later in e nite when I mit up wit my gal fren for a shop at Orchard f…


Lucky, yesterday mit up wit my pal. Hang ard at Orchard. Had dinner at Coffee Club Somerset. Yummy... Again my garlic prawn pasta. Jus cant resist e temptation the prawn gave mi... *Slurp*

Then went Paragon to buy her track shoes. Yes... Finally I can go joggin wit her. Sure pull her out frm her nest n monster train her. She is goin to participate wit me e 10km marathon tis comin 2 Dec, Standard Chartered Marathon. She gt half a yr to go... Go gal!!! U can do it!!! Jus do it! Haha... For mi, I bought a sport bra... Hmm.. Colour nt reali tat nice bt stil ok.... Shall grab it elsewhere when I gt more spare bucks.

Then we wrap up our day by walkin to Dhoby Ghaut MRT.Then nw lets talk abt wat is makin mi annoyin... Again is tat old sec sch mate of mine.Few nights ago, I was online. She was too. Couldnt b bother to talk to her liao. Then she msg mi. A conversation between us as follow:Fren: Gal. Good NewsNo reply frm mi.Fren: there?Mi: YaFren: I'm single again.Mi: Congrats. (Tat to…

The Sims Pet Stories

Yeah... The game is out! My bro bought it yesterday. Cool.! Completed my first stories in jus few hours. Haha... Fun.. Bt no mood to continue cos stil nt feelin well. Cough, headache, runnin nose. Sian... Play my ds til kind of sian liao. Nt much games to download. Thot gt e reader liao can hv more games to play, bt it doesnt seems tat way. Goin to slp liao. Jus came bk nt long frm my godson's bday celebration. Shall put up a few pics of him later on.... Cheerio...

Unlucky Day

Nw at my fren's hse.

So unlucky man!!! My new thumbdrive is spoilt after bein crush by the lock. OMG!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!

All my files r gone nw... My photos which suppose to b in my notebook al transfer to my thumbdrive liao... No more liao!!!

Can anyone jus tel mi hw to retrieve my files by DIY???? All my personal photos & my frens de lor...

Very upset nw... Nothin to say...

Bein Blunt Is Bein Mi

In yr life there's sure some irritating jerks exist n u jus simply wan to get rid of them bt u cant! Cos they r my frens. Bt simply e few irritatin ones who like to get on my nerve.!!

1st, is my sec sch classmate. Frm yr 2004 til nw, her irritatin habits nv change. Frm last time, tat kind of disappointment til nw irritatin. She nv fails to giv mi a last min sms to say she cant mit up cos of all e stupid n repeated excuses she can tink of... Same old excuses, mind u! For mths we no mit since she gt a bf n bz at work as wat she say, tis habit nv change at al. Today I wantin to do OT since no class in e nite, bt she wan to mit up for a coffee so I agree to it since so long no mit. Come on... I work for an hour OT nia lor.... Wanted to work at least 2 hrs to earn more bucks for my Taiwan trip. Tis irritatin lady last min when I on my way in e train to mit her, sms mi say her bro is comin hm for dinner n hv to b at hm. Fine la... Tis is e last time I wil eva agree to mit her. …

五月天 - S.H.E



梦 开始要鲜艳



Wat a weekend!

Droppin al my thots for tis wkend... Haha....

Definitely a good one.... Fri, feast at Sakae Sushi wit 2 ladies n Sat, attended my cousin's weddin dinner.... Hmmm.....

Nw kind of broke le wor... Cos spend too much... Over spendin for tis mth... Mayb too stress so I use spendin to soothe it.. Haha bt after tat regret. Nevertheless, stil enjoy it. Bt hv to tink abt wat I shd do liao... Next Sat goin to spend a bomb on my D lesson. Then my godson's bday dinner n presents. Goin to e zoo on Sun wit e 2 ladies... Haiz.. $$$$ nt enuff.. I wan more..

My Taiwan trip hv settled liao. Goin on e 29 Aug. Tat wil b after my Sem 1 exam. Shal go relax liao. I wont take leave at e moment lor. Hv to bear wit it. Tryin hard to earn more frm OT. Cos nt enuff for mi to spend in Taiwan lor... I wan $$$$..

Nw is my term break. Hv to make full use of it to earn $$$... Y livin in SG is jus like a livin hell? Everythin $$$$.... Y nt like Brunei? Study dun nit $$$... No taxes no GST kind of nonsense…

Cousin David's wedding 16.06.07

The above pic: My cousin (lady in white) e MC for the weddin dinner.... Hmm jus wana tel Joanne, look carefully on e left, the guy holdin e camera is e one I told u since last Sat.... Do take a close look.... Haha... The guy in white....The above: My bro ZJ & cousin Jeremiah....

The above: Our flowergal, cousin Sarah....
The above n below: Took e pic wit them at our table.... Cheeky smile frm them

The above: Nice candies...
Above: I like e style of the menu.... Plain yet nice... Haha
Above & below: Nice dishes...

Feast again.... 150607

Sakae Sushi Ambassador for 2007: the little gal above.....

Haha... Sushi again...!!! Yummy... wit my classmate n her fren.. I finally gt my membership le wor.. So hapi!!! Took lots of fotos wor... Bought e green tea too! So full tonite too... N oso a 2nd time I gt a ride home by a young lady driver. Nt bad wor... Al v skill... Hee... Thanks! N tel u somethin... Sakae Sushi gt a new ambassador..!!! Wahaha... Pls take a look at e pics n u wil knoe... Nt mi k? I m too old n ugly le... Wahaha....

The Hen Gathering... 12.06.07

Hv nt met up wit her so long... Years.... Lots to catch up... Ppl ROM liao lor... Kaoz... Left mi in the shelf, waitin to collect dust. Haha... We challenge who slp e lastest, who hv e most coins. Al sort of things... So much to talk lor.... Shiok.. Nxt round go ktv liao....

All taken @ Gloria Jean's Coffees... So long no c my gal pal (in pink top). Finally mit up... More to come.

@ Gloria Jean's Coffees Marina Sq... Kaoz can u imagine tis big bag of coins??? I surrender... Cos I thot hv more coins among them!!! Haha... The two drinks, is Iced Tea bt y two different colours? Can anyone tell me???

Yummy chawamushi @ Sakae Sushi Citylink.... Wat a pose frm both of them! Haha... I dun like e taste... So nv eat lor.