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Food Review - Bear Bites Singapore

This is really a long overdue post which I suppose to do so (not for the sake of advert because nobody ask me to) last year but then only doing it today is because I found the photos. 
I have been to Taiwan for many times and basically, I just get myself stuck in Taipei. Always. I don't know why but probably because I'm too lazy to plan for trips further down to other places like Tainan or even Taichung. I've been to Kaoshiung and so is their Liu He night market. Heard lots about Bear Paw Bun and I think was this Taiwanese variety show, 食尚玩家 (Super Taste) that I got to know about Bear Paw Bun. I'm a superb big fan of Super Taste. I get to know all about Taiwanese food through this show mostly. 
So I guess many would have know that Bear Paw Bun is so popular at this Feng Jia night market. Have anyone try this Bear Paw Bun at Feng Jia night market itself? I guess there is because my ex-colleague did. That cute bear paw represents Taiwan's Formosan Black Bear, their nat…

Wedding Shoot

Say real one. If I say that I can't smile, what is your reaction? The photos won't turn out well esp me right? Seriously. Now I'm a little scared what the photos will be like. I'm not worry about my guy but myself. I really don't have a nice smile. Thought that I can just go for invisalign to do something about it but then, I'm just too stingy. Oh and please... I won't go for plastic surgery! No way!!! NO!!!! So I just have to bear the consequences of lousy turnout for my photos. Damn it!

The day before our shoot, I went to get my nails done. Seriously I don't do anything to my nails, even normal painting. Unless special occasion like now for my wedding shoot. I think not even special occasion will I do my nails. Seriously, I wonder if I'm a woman. But I am. However, not very into such girly stuff. Too bad. 

You see. My nails. Did a gelish and this is the turn-out. The nail technician said this shall match every colour of my gown. Wonderful. This is s…

Food Review | Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge 长城粥品中心

Probably I will conclude that my favourite places for nice, hot piping porridge will be at Lavendar Food Centre and Chinatown Point (restaurants not included). But heard from a friend that Lavendar Food Centre is gonna close for good. I'm not very sure about that so probably you wanna find out more. For me, if it is true, I will make a trip down for the food there before is gone for good. You won't know where the stalls will head to. 
So just last night, I was there at Chinatown for doing some matters and then head to Tiong Shian for their porridge. Been there for their porridge many a times. It is always so packed with people at any hours. One thing I don't like is sometimes they missed our order! *roll eyes* Ya... Business very good. Hire so many people. Please be more organised okay? We pay for your food. And that's what keeps your business going.
We ordered their Gong Bao Claypot Frog Porridge, Fried intestines, Braised beancurd and Fried fritters. They have wide var…

The usual gathering

Probably you get sick and tired of my post on steamboat. Like I'm having steamboat every now and then. Seriously. Let me tell you how many of my post is on steamboat (be it any occasions/location/purposes/styles):
Happy Lunar New Year! Recap of December 2013 Food Review - Tom Yum Kungfu (2nd visit) My Weekends + Food Review - Shabu Sai Food Review - Secret Garden, Steamboat at Chinatown Point My Pre Xmas Gathering One
Okay lah. Seriously some are food reviews and some are gatherings. Whatever! So long there is a pot with water is considered steamboat, regardless whether is big or small or bowl or WHATEVER!
So are you ready for another short post of my steamboat gathering? Are you? Or you cannot tahan? Cannot, I'm sorry you can just exit from this blog. If you can, let me SPAM all the photos! Woohoo!!!
The usual gang, usual place, usual steamboat.

Looking down from Level 37. Awesome view. Superb windy esp when you stay that high up. That gush of wind can actually blow things away (kiddin…

My Juice Cleansing Experience

As you know, I'm the bride-to-be this year 2014 and though I'm not good-looking (look crap all the time), but then I still need some form care for my overall look (what am I talking about?). Yes! Not being pretty doesn't mean I cannot have the rights to become one! I want better skin and hair, plus nice bod to fit that gown perfectly. So other than my decreasing run routine (8km every Sun), daily weight-lifting and crunches, I do take supplements like Vitamin B & C + Iron. Daily intake of hot green tea and drinking water, what else do I need to do for my body to be even better? I choose the healthier way by cleansing my body through juicing. 
I happen to know about hic'Juice via +Instagram (okay I declare myself as a Instagram addict & seriously is one!). If I'm not wrong, was through the famous blogger Dawn Yang's profile (okay as a self-claimed food blogger, I follow other bloggers too). From there, I study about them through their website and also rev…

Food Review | Chilis' Grill & Bar Singapore + My Valentine

How's everyone's Valentine's Day? Typically that day, most of us are heading out for dinner and movie or whatever ideas nowadays youngsters can come up with. And as usual we ladies being shower with flowers, gifts and etc. Or some may get a surprise proposal from their boyfriends. But of course, some may choose to stay at home, have a nice home-cooked meal with their loved ones. I think that is more practical because not many can do that. For me, I would love to do so for my next Valentine's Day because I have a home of my own. Finally. So this year, my Valentine's is just that typical, having dinner at +Chili's Grill & Bar located at JCube Level 3. The last time we had our dinner there was years back at Sentosa outlet. Was a great experience but pricey. But then this time round was cheaper, probably because of our orders. Nevertheless the spending from previous meal was about SGD80+ for two. Read my previous post here if you want. 
14 Feb 2014 was like a tr…

Food Hunt at NUH Medical Centre

Okay... I know normally you won't make your way down to hospital *touch wood* and nobody wants to step in hospital but hey... don't think that way! If you are working nearby and have lack of choices for your lunch, why not go down to the new NUH Medical Centre? Their F&B and Retail areas are growing. Explore for more choices.
It is very convenience as the entrance to NUH Medical Centre is just at Kent Ridge MRT station (Circle Line). The first shop that welcomes you at the entrance will be Uniqlo and the aroma from the bakery. 
At Level 1, you can find Don-Your Personal Pie Club. (CLOSED)
I think I did not do any review on their pies but certainly submit one at +OpenRice Singapore and my advice is to share with your lunch partner, even if it seems like a 'small' pie to you.

Just beside Don is the newly opened QQ Rice - The Rice Magician. At Level 1 too.

Basically they have opening promotions going on now and is always long queue so I never go for that. However, I have a…