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Travelogue | Lunar New Year in Taipei - Take 1

I probably guess this post is gonna be lengthy due to the number of photos that I'm posting.
Well... Why not, right? Let photos do the talking. I will be just backstage of these photos. 
Why I choose to spend CNY in Taipei is because I HAVE NOT BEEN TRAVELLING FOR 15 MONTHS!  Due to the fact that I'm a student NAO! And the whole of last year, my guy is also a student but luckily this year on, he is free but I'm not, till end of 2013 along with all my passes in the last 6 modules. Okay I haven say why I choose Taipei because I have not been there for at least 21 MONTHS! And I freaking miss that country. To me, I would have faithfully go there at least once a year but because of the above situation, I can't. So I take this chance to travel for a short 4 days there with my guy and one of his friend who is new to Taiwan.  Of cos I play the role of a tour guide cum navigator there. As if I live there right?  Ok unless Taiwanese Government is willing to accept me as their citi…