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Food Review | Sojap Neun Eobu

Ever since I left my previous company in 2011, Tanjong Pagar seems to change a lot and becoming more of a hipster area where cafeterias, restaurants, bars are sprouting, and of course we do see also opening and closing of these F&B outlets. 
That's beside the point. I only realized that one side of Tanjong Pagar Road is crowded with Korean restaurants, like almost the whole stretch of shophouses full of them. Yes... you do see one or two pubs/bars. Haven't really explore that area but is never too late to start. I call it (on my own) Korean street in Singapore.
Popped in Sojap Neun Eobu as there is no crowd (I actually dislike crowded places or needed to wait in the queue). Another reason is I wanted to have BBQ food. I love that very Korean way of having BBQ with that long smoke tube hood in the middle of the grill pan. This do help in lessen the BBQ smell on you but sometimes, not really.

One thing I probably love about Sojap Neun Eobu is that while serving up the raw f…

Food Review | Seasonal Salad Bar [Halal-Certified]

Under Onion Group (Onion Restaurant & Bar Pte Ltd), Seasonal Salad Bar had opened for business at One Kent Ridge for more than half a year and the reason why I didn't patronize their restaurant is due to pricey menu. And today, I decided to go ahead since my friend wanted to try. Finally someone is going with me.

Salad Bar
Free flow of salad, fruits, soup, ice cream, cakes and many more. Of course I will get only those I like without any sauce. I feel guilty if my salad has sauce, though tasteless. But I love it. Absorbing all the nutrients from my greens intake. A variety to choose from. That mushroom soup is my friend's and he said this is the type which his best friend like. You can find pieces of mushroom inside. That makes a mushroom soup worthy. Creamy texture and aromatic aftertaste. That's not all. The smiley potatoes are awesome! Love it so much that I had 2 servings with my friend. Probably shall grab a pack from supermarket if I ever see it. Yummy! The ice c…

Food Review | Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

I think Song Fa this Bak Kut Teh brand is quite common among us Singaporeans and not only they have outlets at old shophouses in Chinatown area but now at shopping mall too. Been to the one at New Bridge Road with my ex-colleagues when I'm working at Raffles Place. Not bad though I don't really know how to appreciate Bak Kut Teh except using the soup to cook noodles. Hey... it taste good you know. 
Here at Seletar Mall, 15 mins drive from my house, I settled for a Friday dinner with husband at Song Fa. No queue yet at 6+ in the evening but when we are seated, the queue formed from both sides of their outlet.

Top: We ordered each a bowl of Premium Loin Ribs. Superb tasty and peppery soup. And it is refillable for free. That's what they are famous for. Bak Kut Teh. I can't finished the ribs because too filled with the soup and our sides. Quite meaty and tender ribs. Slide off the bone easily and 'clean'. 
Bottom: Finally. I had some fresh dough fritters to dip in …

Food Review | Charcoal Thai

Read a fair share of positive and negative reviews but then I decided to give it a try because, I won't resist Mookata. Moreover I got a voucher that entitles me for a jug of Thai Milk Tea, wait what? Bought my girlfriend a belated birthday treat at Charcoal Thai. Both of us never patronize here before so why not? Can have more constructive reviews from us. But end of the day, we preferred another Mookata elsewhere. Nevertheless, the service here is so far so good. Never wait very long. At $39.90 per set for Mookata with refillable soup, still worthwhile. Not entitled to their buffet spread. But who cares? Right? The portion is just nice for 2 ladies to share. We finish the whole plate of ingredients. And feeling just right. 80% full? I think that's fine esp when both of us who are on diet currently. Eat first exercise later. Haha...

The chicken soup ended up so salty that I hardly can swallow the vegetables. Probably like my girlfriend said the culprit is the marinated meat.…

Food Review | Back for Dian Xiao Er

It has been long since I stepped in Dian Xiao Er and finally our dinner was settled at Vivocity outlet. 
All I have to say is the taste of all the 4 dishes we ordered remained just as good and still never fail to impress. Service is good and serves every dish promptly. They did some renovation and the layout was slightly different. But that doesn't matter. Good food taste is priority. Let my photos do the talking.
Visit them now. I recommend all the dishes above. My all-time favourite. Guilt-free meal, esp when you are on a health conscious diet, like me.

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Food Review | Ah Mei Cafe [Halal-Certified]

For those visiting Singapore, hello! Welcome to Singapore. And you must have heard about our local food and how some are superb yummylicious. Yes... pay a visit to our hawker/food centre or some cafes/restaurants that serves local dishes.
Came across Ah Mei Cafe many times esp when I'm at IMM. Always wanted to try but the husband think otherwise. Boo... And ironically, his contractor treated him for lunch at Ah Mei Cafe and he is impressed with their Nasi Briyani. Damn it! I want to try. But probably not the Briyani. Others in menu.
Ah Mei Cafe is conveniently located at Anchorpoint basement, opposite IKEA. Introduced by Banquet Holding Pte Ltd, it serves menus commonly known in hawker fest like Char Kuay Teow, Hor Fun, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice and many more. Most importantly, they are Halal-certified. With this, it enables our multiracial society to blend even closer and better. As you know, the 3 main races in Singapore are Chinese, Malays and Indians, we are able to enjoy eac…

[Featured] CNY Deals at XT Body Nails Face


What plans have you made this CNY? Ya... the usual spring cleaning, shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, purchasing all the ingredients, food for reunion dinner and so on. Every common right? And queuing for new notes at banks. Money all fly away swiftly. To make it worse, going on a tour during this period is gonna make you pay more. Okay lah. Unless you got extra cash from bonuses. You win.
But even if you got extra cash from bonuses, there is one thing that will make your money worth while and stays longer with you. That is Beauty. However, to have this Beauty is not like just doing nothing and you get it. You have to make that effort. How to make that effort and money worthwhile? Go to XT Body Nails Face.
Missed the Opening Promotions of XT Body Nails Face? Don't worry. They are back with Chinese New Year Deals up for grabs NOW! From now till 8 Feb 2015!!!
Co-owned by 3 lovely ladies, Rachel, Caline and AnnaXT Body Nails Facebrings all ladies out th…

Resolution 2015

Happy New Year to all my readers! It is now 2015 and I hope you people out there had a wonderful week and today is Friday! Woohoo... So I guess everything will be back to normal by next week. Sounds sad isn't it? At least for me. Sort of having that post-NY hangover, though I never drink. Anyway... every Dec of the year is fun of fun-filled activities plus getting bonuses/AWS a.k.a annual wage supplement a.k.a 13th month bonus.
So now I'm just gonna jot down my resolutions for 2015 and I hope I can actualize it rather than just jotting down and never fulfilled it. If not, resolutions become bullshits (actually to many, it is unnecessary). But then this will sort of like goals that you wanna achieve and yes, you don't just stop there (depending on what you want to achieve/do). Hence, make realistic resolutions. No harm. 
Hope for a Jubilee Baby!Okay... this one 随缘 (follow fate). Special right? This year Singapore is celebrating the 50 years of independence. You don&…