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Garden By The Bay in the night

My guy brought me there on a weekday night.  We walked from Marina Square, passed by The Esplanade, Floating Platform, Helix bridge then turn to our right down the staircase before the way heading to MBS and cross that dark underpass and here we are, at GBTB!  Alright, is really very dark as you walk and not much of lamp post. U will see a lot of runners having their routine jog and with that pitch dark, quite dangerous for them and also for those heading to GBTB.  I hope the authority can look into it because is about safety of the public. Anyway, let's enjoy the few pics I selected to post.

On this 2nd peek, you feel like there are lots of stars in the sky right? Twinkle twinkle little star....

I think you peeps realise that I keep snapping different angles of this OCBC Skywalk. I wanna go up!!!! But the ticket booth is closed. Too bad! Adult at $5 and Children at $3 (If I can rem correctly). Well next round I will go there early. 

Alright... End the visit with a peekture from Heli…

Food Review | Hot Tomato + My Saturday Afternoon

On 25 Aug 2012, everything seems so beautiful a morning....

First of all... I thought I won't get salary for this month and will have to wait till mid of Sep because I serving my tender notice.  But checked this morning and yahoo... I got my salary!!!! Blessed! Will still continue to scrimp and save till settled down on my new job... probably Oct onwards.

Second, I gave a treat for my colleagues. 4 of them. Burger King!  Though I used the coupons gotten from letterbox, but I am just so happy to give them a treat. I feel good. Cos they are happy. Sharing happiness is just so good.  *Thumbs up* Third, I finally settled with my first assignment and I am ready to submit. *crossed my fingers* Hope everything will be fine.  I will pass this assignment. Fourth, I found my blog a new background. Thanks to!!!! I like e background!

Fifth, I am so happy that the lucky person who received the gift from my very first giveaway is using it.  Saw his blogpost.  Thank you for participa…

Happiest Day!

Finally, I found a new job.  It takes mi lotsa courage to do that because I have to serve two months notice contractually.  *Sigh*  Not logical at all.  I'm not even at managerial post.  Damnit.  Anyway, I finally overcome the 'curse' of that two months notice.  I tendered my resignation before I found the job.  Why am I doing so is because employers won't wait for you!!!  Search quite a number of them and is either short notice or immediate. So depressing.  I thought I was going to miss lotsa chance in joining good companies. 
Luckily, my guy's sista helped me out.  Her friend's workplace is hiring.  And so thru her friend, I went interview and though I hope to get the job, but after that interview, it seems to me that I will never.  Because the interviewer was so terrible!  He asked me questions that I felt insulted!  *angry*  So after the interview, the first person I called was my guy.  I told him everything about what happen during the interview. He also c…

5 Simple Tips for Healthy Teeth - Yahoo! News

Sharing my thoughts Well... After reading this article, I shall follow faithfully. It is really true that our teeth could affect the impression that others have for us.  Our smile.  To be frank, I am a lazy bum.  I brush my teeth once a day. *yucky*  I don't floss or rinse during the day.  Only that one and only time in the morning when I get up for work. Hahahaha... My set of teeth is not pearly white.  My guy who smokes for years has a rather set of pearly white teeth. *jealous*  He has his own way which follows him for years.  Very simple way of putting salt on your toothpaste and start brushing... I am stupid okay?  He taught mi for so long but I never did it ritually. Few times and that's it.  I guess the combi of salt and toothpaste contents have the purifying effect.  Do try it Peeps!  Or maybe some of u already know it.  But to see the results will take a real long time. Must have the perseverance. And those rush things like me. End up you will give up because u can'…

Childhood Thingy

Who doesn't have childhood memories?  This is bullshit!  Well... I'm on a journey back to my childhood where I find back all those memories that I have.  First of all, the kiddy snacks that I have...
Wow... Basically all these are still available. I found them in Woodlands.  Actually I haven really search for these at my area...  But not much places have all these. Now where got kids fancy all these???  More ATAS (high class) stuff available now for the young generation.

Yes yes.... I bought this at a bakery. Still available. Cost me a $1. So colourful, don't you think? It is a thin piece of waffle kind biscuits... The taste is bland with tat bits of sweetness, maybe due to the colourings.
白糖糕 (or sugar cake, sorry for the direct translation).  Found it at Woodlands too.  I tried searching it at Jurong but not available.  I guess now not much people are doing this traditional cakes.  I straight away bought 2 slices.  Yummy... I love it!
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