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Jus another day

Yummy... *slurp* I had yumi yoghurt!!! Blueberry flavour.. 2 more stamps to go for my free medium size yoghurt. Nice...~~ My lunch bud went for her holidays at Vietnam... B back next wk ba.. So I choose e movie lunch in office which cost jus a dollar for a nice n full yummy food! *slurp* Save $$$ wor... Bt goin to spend alot of Xmas present! Hmm.. for my Xmas eve gatherin wit my usual 7 + 1 gang. Bt heard my fren sayin one of my guy pal is bringin his gal along. Hmm.. so tis time is 8 + 1 gang.. Anyway jus nw I saw a usual sight. A lady driver obstructin the traffic in a narrow junction. She is parkin her car bt it seems like she gt prblm doin so. Haiz... lousy driver! P plate somemore.. Haiz... Tats y I giv up learnin. Cos we female r e lousiest in drivin... Obstructin e traffic. They mus admit. Cos they reali nt as gd as guys... Then cut lane hor oso anyhow de lor. One of tis day they will get into a traffic accident. Horrible. I nw spend my money on more useful thing rather tha…

It's MI... ElliOt

Hee... Mommy Stellaz aka Aki aka love ElliOt foreva bought mi new top and bottom. Which is beta? Red bottom or.... Tis blu blu bottom? It has gt the Santa on it... *Wink* Pathetic! Tat's the clothings I have. Haiz... My momo is stingy. Willin to spend on herself instead on mi. Bt at least I gt it cos if nt, I will b naked foreva... *SOB* Xmas comin... I wan shoes... I dunwan socks!!!! Arrgghhh.... Cold la... Wish to find my daddy for my momo.. So tat he can buy mi a pair of shoes... Yeah.... My momo is so picky. Oopss...

Our Kiddy Recep

Tis kid once again take MC today...!!!! Always for nothin take MC. Too lazy to come work or v sian to come work!!! Gt lots of her own excuses... Kids nowadays reali v rich... Always go take MC la n unpaid leave... Arrgghh... I v poor lei.. Donate some to mi pls...!!!! I hate covering RECEP DUTIES!!!! Unless her pay is portion out to all e admins, then tat is fair!!!!! Once she no come, all admins will suffer... Suffer the fate of sittin at e stupid recep area like a watchdog of my Company!!!! Damn it... Like one GONG GONG there... Kaoz... Cant stand sittin there.. Though nw gt e new recep system, I stil dun like... I wish it is abolished. I will work harder, learn more things, do more things to get promotion to Executive so tat I wont nit to do recep anymore.. I will do so!!! Definitely... She is terrible. I know tat she take MC or leave la tis n tat is her OWN Biz... Bt she hapi hapi take de lor except for those leaves she took is for holiday... Tat one can take it.. Bt nt MC lor..…

Giv UP

I tink I beta drop e idea of D!!!! He is stil nt tat suitable.... His circle of frens I tink those yucky ppl... which I dun reali like... He smokes n drinks I tink! Haiz... Hmm.. N I dun tink can click.. Cos duno lei.. His age is ok.. Bt he like tat kind of Malaysian style... Dun like lor... I tink can giv up.... I goin in search of my another gd guy.... Hmm in my dream.. I gt tis perfect guy. Bt in reality, there is no such guy... In my dreamland, tat guy takes care of mi, protect mi frm any harm, romantic tooo.... No jealousy... jus love n trust... Hee.... So sweet.. *Knock* Wake up!!! There is no such guy in tis world... Unless e guy loves u alot... I dun worth ppl's love meh? Nit to change change... C wat I can do...!!! Hmm...

Sad :(

Just tis mornin, heard from one of my guy fren that he is gettin married end of Jan next yr... Huh? Sad sia... Y all my frens gettin married liao? Tis guy fren of mine is e softest of al e guys I know. Rem tat I know him when I was jus 14 or 15 yrs old at a CD shop at CCK. He is a poly student if I'm nt wrong tat time... Haha... Mi n my fren were hangin ard at the CD shop which we know e owner of the shop. He is workin jus few shops away... He happen to pass by the CD shop when e auntie (the CD shop owner) called him in... Haha.. Tats hw we know him... Rem tat time I was so shy... N my fren is doin al e talkin.. N he is friendly too... Hmm.. like him!!! Hee... Tat we gt mit up wit him once awhile. Look for him when we go to the CD shop... Hee.. years passed. We hv grown up... Hmm wonder hw is he... Though jus tis mornin sms him... He is a nurse by the way... Bt nw a hospital specialist... Hmm... He is reali a nice guy.. Shy guy too... He is Kunda's lookalike... Haha... Real…

From him

Hee... Tis is frm him... Is nt bought by him but he gave a piece to me... Hee... though I dun reali like donuts (too sweet), bt I m ok if is frm him... Hahaa..... So hapi!

MRT commuters

Can anyone tell mi if u hv come across ppl leavin such a space n those who wan to board the train couldn't get in jus bcos some stupid idiotic inconsiderate ppl? Commuters wil nv learn to show graciousness... Damn it... Always like tat. No change... E above pic is taken when I was in the train at 6plus in the evening... Irritatin... Y is there ppl squeezing themselves at the door rather than movin in? Come on... U wil b able to get dw the train when u rch yr stop... Stupid... even if u miss a stop, u can get dw at e next station n take another train opposite back... Kaoz.. scare waste time? Come on... Time is nv enuff for anyone... Everyday u r wastin time... Takin train is wastin time too if u duno hw to make use of yr time in the train... U slp is oso wastin time... U bathe, u eat, u watch tv, u walk to the market frm yr block is wastin time too... Kaoz... In Taiwan, I reali can c their ppl's gracious side... They know hw to keep to one side on the escalator for fast movin…


Hmm.. Went to watch movie wit my gal fren at JP. Watch Bratz. Haha.. V nice show. Abt 4 gals who are best frens and when they enter high sch, their life changes cos each of them hv their own activities and for 2 years, they nv talk... Finally one day after an incident, they realise hw they hv neglected each other n their friendship. Once again they r back together to face an upcoming challenge. Nice show reali. Friendship show... Lov it. Gals out there shd watch...


Yeah... Nw I know I m nt tat stupid. Today I c hw ppl do those earrings and I try out myself. Hee.. I succeeded... Yeah....!!!!! I learnt hw to make lots of earrings rather than jus ear studs... There was once I went out wit my frens. I show them my hand made ear studs. I ask if they wan cos I can make for them. Then they shoot mi back by sayin, 'so easy anyone can do it. jus use super glue n stick on it will do the job'. I was quite hurt. I wanted to make for them n nt sell them. And yet they shoot mi bk this way.... Shit!!! Nw I nt onli know hw to do ear studs, I know more than tat liao... Damn it... To tink she is my best fren, she say tis to mi... Forget it. I wont b so petty over tis thing. At least I hv learn hw to make and oso manage my online shop. So angry tat time... Blunt! Anyway I post up on the blog liao. Do visit My Mystic Closet for more handmade earrings. NOT SIMPLE EAR STUDS ANYMORE!!! *piss* Also today, I hv an urge to make garlic bread. So in e afternoon I w…

A self made rap for the SICKO in my class

I am a student of Singapore Poly

I wanna study here happily

But there is one sicko who spoil my idea

Someone who thinks he can speak bloody well

Someone who thinks too highly of himself


Someone who doesn't have any EQ

He is e bloody Hitler no. 2

He is well known as the bloody asshole.

Limit is UP!

Last nite, I broke dw to tears in class. I had enuff of nonsense from this hateful classmate of mine. He is Raj Kumar. Just over a CA date, he argue wit my lecturer and I reali feel that my lecturer is offended. The way tat sicko speaks to my lecturer, is damn rude. He jus cant hide al his damn arrogant look. So wat he is the class rep? So wat he is the A Distinction student? Come on... If someone is lacked of EQ, havin jus IQ doesn't mean he is one wonderful person. I was in tears not bcos of the argument between him n my lecturer, bt he has trigger the tolerance I had for him all tis years. From year 1 til now, it has nv change. He lecture the whole class in front of the lecturer. He doesn't care who is around. He doesn't respect the lecturer at al. Neither do he respect the whole class. There was once, he lecture us bcos his project team mates did nt do a gd job on the report which has to b submitted soon and meanwhile he is havin exam for his degree cour…

Frustrating Day

I wasn't able to get to slp til 1am plus last nite. Tinkin of wat I shd tell e Finance VP on the finance matters. Tink n tink... Til I finally slp. Tis mornin I came in early to Office to write out the email. Whateva I write, is a fact. Yet tat fellow can go complain to his fellow colleagues why I wrote tis kind of email. Come on... I nv talk abt A/P only... A/R too... So is there anything wrong? I hv been cooperative enuff wit them and yet their mess is not clear after so mani times of telling... Kaoz... Forget it... Wateva they wan to say... Finance div is a nitemare to mi!!!! I dun care abt backstabbin mi in the Office. I feel wat I do is rite tats all...

My first move

After tinkin for so long, I hv decided to tell tat someone tat I started to like him. Bt I duno hw he tinks... Hmm.. Told him last nite tru sms... Bt he did nt response at al. I was tinkin... ok lor... mayb he doesnt like mi.... Haiz... Bt gd enufff.... is jus a crush towards him ba... I tink so. Piss off... I tink I beta get myself ready first b4 I get into a relationship... I dunwan any wrong decision again... Nw I jus wan to find someone tat I can settle dw wit... Nt jus for e sake of goin in to a relationship... Hmmm... Good luck to mi ba.! Wish tat e someone out there who is meant for mi wil make appearance soon... Al mayb tis life... I mus b lonely wit anyone... FINE!!! Let it go man... Tink so much oso no use.


Today is my company's bowling tournament. Which I m involved for e 2nd tim since I join e company. Damn it... My duty is to order trophies and purchase door gift... Simple bt scare too. Cos I scare the supplier wil nt deliver the trophies on time etc... Lucky al is smooth... Hee... I met my colleague at Tiong Bahru 11+ for lunch b4 headin to Kim Seng... Hee... We had MOS burger... YUMMY!!! Bought a telephone strap. So cute...Gt 5 to collect. I had one... Stil gt 4 more... Then we walk to Kim Seng. Drizzle bt nv stop e decision of walkin... We talk n talk on our way... When we reach, is onli 12.30pm as wat my colleague told mi... So we hang ard Great World City... Hee... Went in an interesting shop... Sellin al e party thingy... PINATA!!! Haha... surprise to c it... Thot I onli saw it on tv. Then went into the arcade to try my luck on those machine... Haiz.. Wait long long ba... My luck is nt tat gd to get those big prize... Wasted almost $20. BROKE!!! I mus restrain frm eatin n…

What I wan for X'mas

First, I like to welcome e long waited X'mas... Comin in less than 2 mths... Yeah... My fav season of the year... Jus cant wait for tat day to come... Cos I can go out wit my frens and also celebrate with my family n relatives. Haha... My schedule for Dec:
As usual, a dinner n gift exchange wit my usual gang (Chris & family, Yiyun & bf, Hanming & Lawrence). Hee... Tis yr we r headin to Holland V. Haven decide to hv our dinner where... Cos I duno wat to hv tis yr... So nv reply my fren.. Hee... Bt I will b tellin them tat tis yr gift exchange theme is GO GREEN!!!!! It can b like no gift wrapping etc... Hee... I tink they wil say I'm crazi... Bt I simply crazi over green. In office, my exec call mi a slime... Damn it... Or Ms GREEN! One of e VP name mi tat.... Arrgghh... On la.. tml I wear GREEN again!Hv a gift exchange wit a few gd colleagues in office... Haha... last yr oso the same... Small little gift means lots... Few days back, I drop by Outram to get some b…

Energy In Town... 4 Nov 2007


Hens Night - Ashley babe 3 Nov 2007


3 Brits Morons in SG

See this sicko face? Damn it.... Their acts have insulted Singaporeans. Bloody hell.. It makes my blood boil to see them claiming they are not bullies... I mean what the hell is this! That poor old man doesn't know he is being mocked and bullied! Gosh... The 3 sickos, OUT THEY GO!!! They shd do more homeworks before coming to SG. BLoody hell... I cant stand it anymore when I see the video... What do they treat us as? Stupid? Low class? Or what? They tink too highly on themselves. I read the newspapers and is real sad! They are nobody but jus tourists. Is as if we are stil in the British colony as wat I saw frm the newspaper or comments on Youtube. Take a look at the pic. If they eva come to SG again n you see them on the streets, please throw eggs on them cos THEY ARE THE BAD EGGS from their country.... WHole of SG has come to know of this news. Shame on them!!! Jerks.... Please go to the following link and take a look.…

Cleansing Day

Shiok... Nt jus the nice packagin... It cleanse my system tis mornin... A real cleanse... Shiok... I'm a yoghurt lover... Ate lots of different types... Once a while u eat is v good. It reali did help! I help it last nite when I reach home frm sch. Nice taste. Green green.... Haha... I hv nw bcome a GREENie freak!!!I like e packagin la... Tonite after class I shall buy again... Tml can hv a good one again..... Haha...