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Day Out with the Folks | Visit to Gardens By The Bay

Seriously, I have never stepped in this place in proper to view the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. How did I come by them? When I am participating in runs esp Great Eastern Women Run. The route sure includes passing by these two conservatories. And then it will be the only time where my husband brought me there in the night to see those light ups. And that is very random. I don't even know where the main entrance is till today. 
This visit served as a birthday treat for my mum and too bad, my bro has to work so only the three of us went (my husband is working). I'm clearing my leave though (shall explain more on my work again). 
Ticket Purchase Bought my tickets online because of the discounts for locals like us. Just print out the e-tickets and bring along with you. They will scan and chop at the conservatories' entrance. $18 for adult and $13.50 for senior citizens. Click on the link here.
Direction Took MRT to Tanjong Pagar station (EW Line) and hop in to bus 400 at the b…

Food Review | Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

I love seeing a spread like this before me every single day because... come on, don't you think it spurs your appetite and this especially when it looks delicious? Although the spread above doesn't do justice to the reality, but I think from my point of view, it looks splendid.
The other day after work, met up with my hubby for dinner at Raffles City since I am meeting a Carousell buyer at the train station. Was decided between Ramen and Bak Kut Teh but went for the latter because wanna know if this is as good or on par with the ever popular Song Fa Bak Kut Teh. I would think they have a fair share of loyal patrons. Both were long established brands for years. 
Flipping through the menu, their variety was much more than Song Fa. Sometimes little is better than too much. Do what you are good at to keep up with the standard. Not only that, the business expands, standard tends to drop. I won't be the first to say so. Ask around. 
Anyway hubby had tried previously at the othe…