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Food Review | SIM Canteen aka Food Court

You probably have read my post on Nice Cheap Food in NUS and if you haven, please click on the link and read. You are missing good food that is way better than those outside, even at hawker centre. It is really comparable. The canteen is at Faculty of Science, NUS. Actually after that post, I got lots more of them to show you guys but probably in the next post because in this one, I'm gonna talk about the food at SIM. How can I just introduce my workplace's nice and cheap food and not doing anything for the place I study my Bachelors right now? Badass. Though is not as cheap as NUS but at least is cheaper than outside food court and food centre or on par, or whatever. Okay! Lets get started.
Well the canteen is situated at Singapore Institute of Management aka SIMBlock A, Level 3 near to Popular Bookstore, opposite Mega Bites. It is sort of small and seats are way limited to, knowing that on daily basis, tonnes of students are coming for classes and sort. And sometimes you ca…

Invisalign - Decision Time!

Wow... went for my 2nd appointment for consultation on 20 Sep 2013. Got a rough quote on how much I will expect if I proceed on.
Actually I feel damn awkward when taking photos. Yes! Especially my side profile. Actually my front is also. So protruding. Well... What to do? It is the first step to a perfect set of teeth and smile. 
Thereafter, a consultation session with Dr Yap. He is damn tall huh. Check my teeth, explain everything to me so that I can understand what I really want. 
See lah... Never take care of my teeth and got decayed ones at my age!!! WTF! 
Shall make e final decision on 21 Oct whether I should proceed or not.
If I want a superb obvious change on my features, I have to extract 4 of my teeth.
If I just want a set of straight teeth with slightest change on my features, I can proceed with another one without extraction but probably filling up those decayed ones.
Price to me is still my biggest obstacles to go through. Over my budget. And must spare a thought for next year.
I …


Sometimes I wonder why am I so talkative or is it I'm too bored so must find people to chit chat. But sometimes I can just stare at my computer and ignore my phone for half to whole day at work. Okay... Why am I like a superficial lady talking about dieting and slimming stuff with others who are still whiny about their shape and size when all I want is a healthy life and nice bod? Why why why??? Tell me!!!! I feel like I'm like those no substance kind of category already!!! I don't want that... I just need to stop talking with people on those stupid things out of boredom!!! I must got substance! I'm just so different from them and I don't want to be like them! U might tell that I'm kinda mean but u know according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, I'm now at the 3rd level of needs and that is Esteem.

Yes... I love achievement now! Superb love. Who don't love that? Be it in personal or work. Trying to gain back my confidence. That's why I want do Invi…

Invisalign Pre-Consultation

Yes I indeed make that effort to head down Orchard Scotts Dental for the free consultation. I don't know what makes me so determined. I'm even afraid to be late for the appointment. I guess I just don't want any opportunities to fly off before me.
So I went on 23 Aug 2013 at 11am. The consultation was done with 2 ladies in the room which 1 of them is understudying (I guess). Everything went well. And I know what to expect if I'm really gonna take up. 
For a lazy person like me, I can't imagine that I'm gonna take out and put back my invisalign whenever I eat. And I have to wear at least 20 hours. OMG!!! Can I just wear it forever and don't take out for meals? Anyway, quite excited about it. 
But what bothers me all these while is money. If not I won't wait till so old then do it. Can't bear to part with the money but I know I can earn it back. Hope by doing so, it will change my luck. It is like an indirect form of plastic surgery. Wahahahha... Okay I …

Food Review | Soup Restaurant

*cough* Excuse me... I can't remember when was the last time I went for meal at Soup Restaurant. I only have some idea that I went with my family at their Jurong Point outlet. That is probably more than 5 years ago. Hahahahah... Since my guy has not tried their food before, so we went. Probably the menu expanded after so many years. I'm not sure till I see it myself. Oh ya... I remember my parents saying that it is not very nice and they can cook at home themselves too. What the hell! Maybe expensive so they think is not worth. 
We were at IMM outlet. As usual on a Monday. Less crowded, which is good. My guy hates crowd. The restaurant is quite cold too. Not very crowded. Only a few tables with patrons, plus us. 
1) Fried French Bean w Minced Pork - Recommended

Although it is quite common to many, but this is one of those dishes that you must go along with rice. The beans are tasty and crunchy, along with the fair amount of minced pork over it, the overall taste is good. And is n…

Food Review | Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

The first time I step into Xin Wang was years ago at Marina Square outlet. And after years, I'm here once again at their new JEM outlet. You probably can tell why. Too many options at JEM that made me randomly pick and choose them again. 
Heard so much about them after my first time. Even hold events for food bloggers. Well... the first time did not really impressed me and my guy. I hope it does after years.
Their outlet is located at Level 4 of JEM and I can see good business with many patrons. We got our seat at a corner, away from the noisy middle section. Took awhile to decide what to eat with their wide variety of food but end up ordering their Signature dishes. Oh by the way, I never read up latest food reviews. So pardon me if I order some very common stuff in their menu.
A very nice menu. Brightens up everything. I remember it wasn't like that. Much duller colour if I'm not wrong. Well... probably nobody cares but hey... first impression is so important. U will agree …

What do u have on weekend??

I'm always envy when friends head out for meals over the weekends. But come to think of it, I am superb fortunate because I had my meals at home and is all home-cooked, be it my or my guy's house. It is more comfortable to dine at home right? So I'm not envy anymore.
Most of the time I will be at my guy's place so from breakfast till supper, is all at his house. I must say that his eldest sister is a great cook. You name it, she knows it. My guy too. He whips up meal sometimes and other times, is just for me exclusively. So that's the reason why I will grow fat. It gives me the reason to run even more. Anyway, nothing beats home-cooked food. So be appreciative. 
And for those who don't know, it is a typical Singaporean home-cooked meal. Don't find it gross or whatsoever. Cos I may think some of your food are gross too! Respect for others okay? Enjoy the little visual food feasting!

Food Review | Sushi Tei

I have always been looking forward to a dinner at +Sushi Tei and finally fulfilling my wish with my guy. Actually tried once at their Raffles City outlet and that was so many years ago. 

Head on to their outlet at Vivo City. It is always packed with people so be early. We asked for a table (they have options for dining at their bar) and waited for about 5-10 minutes and we are in.

Looking through their menu. Wide varieties. And I actually note down on those dishes I read from reviews at +OpenRice Singapore that is recommended and also not recommended. I mean it all depends on individual's taste bud so maybe others find it so-so but we might have a different opinion.
Mini Golden Roll $11 - Recommended

There are different views about this one but we love it. I think is because of the tempura within. It is still hot and crispy. The mango is sweet too. What a unique combination! There is some mayo on the plate so actually to get the real taste, don't need to dip with soya sauce. Spoil…

Food Review | Red Dot Brew House

I'm back for more food reviews. Finally settled my first draft for one assignment but still got lots more to do. I hate assignments! Anyway it didn't spoil my mood in eating and I am eating more. 
TGIF! Yes... Friday night! Time to chill out after 5 days of work. Met up with my ladies for dinner and drink at Boat Quay. Initially we chose Harry's Bar but freaking insane. Not even 7pm and is packed. So we went further down to Dallas. Same problem. Then finally settled for Red Dot Brew House which is just further down.
It is packed too but manage to get seats at their semi-indoor area. Service is not very good. See us no up is it? When we sit down and ask for menu, means we got money to pay. Don't ignore our presence when we want to order drinks! This is very rude. Even if you are short of staff, that is not the customers' problem. 
Anyway finally we got someone to take our order. Had their beers and some finger food while waiting for the rest to come. While waiting, I d…