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Mind Torturing

Tml is ISO audit!!!! Finally e day came. I suffer almost a week bcos of tis audit... I duno wat m I doin man... Nw I settle quite a few thingy... Left wit some labels to change, ensure filing in order n documents r al in!!!! Sian.. Kill miiii! After tml, is my results comin out.. Pray hard tat al passed... Pls... I wan to go to Year 4... Let mi complete tis year 4 quickly!!! I wan get out of tat stupid place wit stupid irritatin ppl in my class.. dun like! Hmm.. n another big torture is my weight n figure!! Damn it... I cant control my mouth frm eatin gd food.. Arrghh.. I mus liao. I start wit my 1 mth Subway diet plan.. Die die mus use to tis plan.. Arrgh... In one month time, hopefully can drop 2kg.. Tat is realistic hor... Hmm.. Can de.. My fatty boss sure lose tis time... N I wil win 2 Swensen meals... Yeah... e last torture of my mind is him... Haiz.. I duno... I tink one of tis day I shall mit him n talk ba... Hahah... Cheers.

Holiday mood

Haha... Countdw to my Bangkok trip liao.. Cant wait to shop over there.. Then after the trip, I look forward to my Taipei trip... Haha.. tis time round go 5 days.. Haha.. I dun mind takin Jetstar as long as I can go lots of places... Goin wit 2 frens... The Goh sisters.. Haha.. Jus cant wait to go there again... Bt nw plan for my Bangkok trip first.. Hmm mus do some homework on that.. Then hw abt my 3rd and 4th quarter?? Hmm.. I duno yet bt I know I wil go Hong Kong.. Which quarter I duno. I say liao.. Every quarter I wan to go for a trip. Next yr more beta... Japan is in my confirmed list liao.. Then Melbourne and Sydney I duno which to go.. I wan for relaxation de.. Dun nit spend alot of money de.. I mean it wil b big bucks for jus e package. Mayb another place can go Korea... Haha.. I abit slow la.. Everyone go liao I haven. Bt I mus save up money ma.. Tats y slow... Haha... I dunwan go US. cos mus change passport. Wait til I go renew ba in 2015. Haha.. Yeah... Hmm I was tinkin i…

Future Chef

And tat's miii. My goal. Haha.. so I start frm e v basic... Washin of cutlery and utensils... Yeah... Haha.. U al may tink is kind of stupid, I mean who duno hw to wash plates ar etc.. Bt I wan to wash it in a quick n clean manner. Started yesterday... Haha.. Is a gd chance cos my dad's hands gt some kind of skin prblm which he cant come in touch wit chemicals... Bt hw he bathe?? Funni.. My mum get him to wrap his hands wit plastic bags I tink.... Anyway, I wil wash n wash n wash for a year.... I mus nt b lazi liao.. Hee.. Meanwhile, I start wit cookin rice too.. Seldom eat at hm cos workin in e wkdays. So I wil try my rice cookin skills on wkends. Haha... For a year too... Ya... N oso mop n sweep e floor.. Wat is it gt to do wit bein a chef? Mus learn al ma... Hmm.. Mus start plannin for my future liao la... I duno which path I wana.. Is either I take up a specialist course which my colleague is takin in NP, or continue wit a degree in Biz Adm, or take up courses in ho…

Classic pic

Hmm.. She left our company for quite some time... Livin happily in the arms of her Hero... Forgotten when this pic was taken... Duno y my colleague stil have e pic... Haha... Is she cute? Pls leave yr comments at my taggy.

Poly classmates gathering at Pariss 16 Feb 2008


Stupid Flu again...

Kaoz.. Whole of today, my sneezin nv stop.. even nw.. Damnit.. Al thanks to last nite.. Mit him la... Alreadi nt feelin gd liao last nite.. Cos can sense my flu is comin again.. Had a cold drink outside too.. Bloody hell.. No mood to post my photos for yesterday buffet wit my poly classmates... Goin to slp soon man.. Arrggh... Last nite went out wit him.. Sit outside tat JEC... Bloody hell! E wind blow like dun nit money lor.. I thot is ok for mi... Nv know tis mornin when I wake up, flu al e way til nw... When I mit my fren, I areadi sneezin like dun nit money liao.. Kaoz.. He stil gt e cheek to msg mi... Arrgh.. Scold him back.. Biang... I tink post e photos when I'm beta the next few days ba... I nit to take medicine n slp al e way til tml for work.. Tml is a tedious day for mi.. Sad...

My company CNY celebration 15 Feb 2008

Prize Presentation (my Engrg div part)Her last day of employment, Angie our Payroll officer... Sad.. miss e conversations n stupid funi argument....

E ladies Wit e lady frm Carpark div, Shauna (frm left)
Koh & e Engrg 'fatty', Vincent (wahahah... one of my victim in my bully list)
E Proj ladies, Ting & Jac! Whoot...
E Admin, Proj & Engrg ladies... Cheers
Abit of smile frm him wit our HR ppl..... Kaoz...
Y guys jus like to act cool? Our carpark div guys, King Kong and 'Edison Lim'
My gossiping kakis cum site staff, Lin from Republic Plaza. She received the best employee and long service award... Congrats wor... Lov her...
KTV session after the celebration: Ting, Jun, 'Edison Lim' & miiii

Happy V Day!!!! Wat a day!

Went out wit a guy fren for dinner last nite... Yeah.. at my fav Sakae Sushi @ Citilink. Chit chat lor... yum yum... Tried some sushi which I nv had b4... Lov it.. Time reali flies... We sit inside at least an hour wor.. Haha... Den my guy fren thot one of our mutual fren is workin at MS... So we had towards there to look for him while givin him a call.. Bloody hell!!! Our fren is nt workin at MS lor.... Shit!!! Cant imagine I had a blur fren!!! Duno he nv dig his ear properly or wat lor... Kaoz.. Bt stil we head there cos he park his car over there... Yeah... I bought stuff at MiniToons... Lov tat Tigger! Oops.. I stil lov Winnie... After tat went Tampines look for our fren lor... Guess wat? Heavy traffic... Hmm... E driver hor... reali one kind! Nv plan his route de wor.. Keep makin wrong decision on which route to go.. So kana a 'MASSIVE JAM' at expressway.. Haha.. I tink at least took us a hour to reach Tampines ba... Haha.. Den I suggest goin to King's Albert park Mc…

New Year side effect

I am overloaded again!!! Shit... Frm new year eve til nw, I hv gt a v big appetite. Al e water drooling food makes mi hungry... Wahaha... So I tink I gain 1 to 2kg tis 6 days.. Horrible... Feel so lousy nw... Cos I gt a tummy again... Haiz.. Mus exercise liao.. Lookin forward to Mar 22 for a suntan... Yeah... I wan open ceremony my bikini set... Hee.. Mus jio e gals for exercise... Swimmin wit Joanne..... Runnin wit Rong... Rope skippin at home by myself... Stop eating my fav laksa and mee rebus in e morning!!! Arrghh.. Horrible.. I wan to slim dw!!!!

My Friendship List

They are those I consider my frens and those nt in my list, u r either my enemy or nt so close frens!

Sec sch mates
PeirongWanxiBellaPeizhenHun NeeMeilingCheng YanITE fren
Christine (inclusive of her son, her husband, her sis, her sis's bf, Hanming, Lawrence)Poly fren
AshleyJoanneJoyceSereneEisenMy current company colleagues
JacCherylYvonneLiJunIvyFor nw, I can onli tink up to here... Hweva, I tink e best fren I eva hv is MYSELF!!! Cos I treat myself well enuff. I feed myself properly... (Hee...) I buy myself lots of things... N so I become fat... Hahah... Yeah.... Cheers to FRENSHIP!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Wow... a long wkend is nw over! Tml goin bk to work... Sigh.. Bt at least I make use of tis few days lazin at home, resting, watchin SCV... so mani shows to watch til I duno which channel to watch... Today I went for a movie... Ah Long Pte Ltd.. Nt tat bad... Alot of nonsense scenes. Violence too... Hahah... Tis my first movie for tis year... Duno wan to watch CJ7 anot.. C hw ba... $7 today.. Hee.. watch at JEC.. Then went JP after e movie. Wana change Thai baht lei.. Bt the money exchanger haven open yet... Bt most of the shops are areadi open liao on Sat or Sun... Haha.. So hw is e ang pow collection? Hmm... mi gt $100plus on the first day... so total up by end of tis CNY, shd hv $200plus... Haiz.. so little.. I bank in half of it liao jus today.. My bonus more than it lor.. Haha... Tis is of cos de ma.... Yesterday went to my sch mate hse as usual.... Some idiots nv turn up again.. Lame excuses... REALI LAME! As usual, is tat woman goin to turn 30 so in one year's time... KTV s…

Taiwanese insulting our English!

I tink most of u hv read e newspaper jus tis wk on Taiwanese artise sayin abt our English. I went in search of the video in youtube. Found it. E most irritating part is when they say our English is weirrd. So I went in search of tat artise's blog and bombard him. I mention in my comment that he should apologise to we Singaporean. Jus went to browse his blog and he reali apologise.. Hahah... At least he reali read his blog... Can be forgiven. He beta learn his lesson liao... Nt jus other countries know hw to bombard the artises lor... Singaporean knows hw too... Shitty... I m a complain queen... Yeah!!!! Wheneva I m nt hapi wit somethin, y keep it in our heart??? Jus complain... Jus bombard!!!!! Wahaha...

KTV session 1 Feb 2008