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Finally get rid of tat title

Hmm... finally gt our letter. I finally get rid of e 'ADMIN ASST' title!!! Yeah... After workin a total of 3 yrs in admin line, I manage to go on to a new title 'ADMIN OFFICER'. Bloody hell... Hate tat 'ASST' thingy for so long. Nw at least 'OFFICER'. Arrgghhh... Shall work bloody hard. I gt motive de wor... Cos I wan to get rid of doin recep duties... I hv to wait til I graduate lor. I wan to stay here as long as I m stil studyin... My boss nv giv mi stress at al. As long I do wat I shd do, is fine.... Hee.... gt increment too... Tats a boost to mi!!! I in nit of money la... I wan to keep for my undergraduate studies in 1.5yrs time... Haiz... Oso I wan to travel... Travel al e places I wan... Hapi Hapi.... I dunwan to tink of stupid things at sch nw... Jus hapi hapi hapi... Thanks to my boss!!! Haha.... My khakis at one of my job site oso gt gd news today. Best employee of the month. Haha... E nomination form I fill in de... Cos I wan to push her for e…

Tat's IT!!!!!

Ok peers. Shall tel u al another frustration on tat 'STUPID CLASS REP' in my class... Nth bt an asshole. Simply an ASSHOLE I can say. He gt no bloody gd thing to do bt to cause us in great dilemma. Bloody ass.! Today is one of our module presentation. Again, all the gimmicks he can tink of as usual. Guess wat? He stil ask our lecturer to let them in e class early by an hour to set up all his STUPID presentation. Again, food is e usual one. Always! Nv fail. So I make it a point tonite no dinner needed as I gt free one ma... *grinz* His presentation is a total sux! Guess hw he present himself in e slide show? His pics wit tat STUPID car. Suave, witty, charismatic, tis is hw he describe abt himself. Wat e hell is tis!!!! *puke* So disgusting!!! His skin nt onli tat colour, but thick! Real thick! Simply thick until e mosquito is simply nuts to suck his blood.!!! Damn it! Stupid lor... He like to use v tough, damn tough question to sabo ppl durin Q&A session..…

Wat can my choice b?

Sometimes, reali feel like hvin someone by my side. I wish I can give him al my care, understandin, love.... Bt isnt tat ez at al...! Who dun wish to settle dw??? Bt guess my time is nt ripe yet. May I noe wat is my fate like? Where is my the other half?? I cant b complete witout another half... Who can he b??? I wana noe.. Is he jus near mi or stil in e mist of meetin him somewhere in this world....? I dun tink my ideal of my the other half is tat difficult to find. Wat I care most is, e kind of feelin.... The Chemistry!!! Haiz.... Til nw, no one I come across hv.. There is actually one... Bt I hv given up..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmph...

Yeah... Got it!

Haha... Finally gt my v own credit card. Al thanks to Citibank for introducin e Citi Clear card. My annual income cant reach $30k at al nw. So envy when most of my frens hv at least one credit card. Mi hvin tat is jus to get my privileges, discounts. I scare of e interest too... So i jus make use of e privi will do. Lov it. I dun nit to get supp cards al tat. Tis is jus exclusively mine. Haha.. So hapi when I gt it tis afternoon. When my annual income can reach $30k, I will apply for others. Haha... There sure b one day I can make it to tat amt... I wont stay as a low salaried employee foreva... Jus wait n c.

Quote of the day: 10% comes frm Experience, 10% comes from Qualification and 80% comes from Attitude which makes a 100% human being! Haha


Haha... Thot it wil nv happen bt it happen.... Today went dw to Square 2 to c Milk. He came for e promo of Square 2 n heard is like closing ceremony for the GSS too.. Saw it frm e papers. Haha.. He is stil e same, nt much changes bt more suave la. v upclose.. Knoe y? I gt a chance to take a pic wit him... Onli limit to e 1st 30 ppl who spend $50 can lor... I did... I bought my lens solution. Steady hor... I m damn hapi though a bit nervous. He damn tall frm wat I c. Damn white too.. Hahah... I nt goin to show e pic to anyone except one of my dear fren. Haha.. given her comment to mi liao le la.. Hmmm.. Shd learn to smile more.. Haha... Lov Milk!!!!

Good mornin Jurong East


Food for Life

Had tis 'Anything' jus nw... Damn it. Taste jus like Sprite!!! Kaoz...

Haha.. Nice food huh? All tis can b found at Maxwell Food centre. Cos my office is jus opposite. Took al e pics b4 my colleagues start tuckin in. Haha.. Their food contribution + my excellent photo takin usin my K800i. *grinz* But e fried rice is my yesterday lunch. Yummy... I reali luv tis fried rice. I luv all food... Yummy...


I m tired. Emotionally n physically. Controllin myself. Dun wish to use retail therapy. Cos I'm almost broke...... Duno wat other ways I can use le............ Mind blank. Finally I m exhausted. Nv knew tis day wil come. Duno y I jus cant stand it anymore. I wan to break free frm work n studies. I wan more time for myself.... I nit a break. My pace is too fast le. Dun like tat way...




I m tired. I reali find tat time is too short for mi to get my things done. I needed some time to relax.. I needed some time to do my own things. Bt al my time r stuck at work n studies. I gt loads of things at work haven done finish, I hv to get my online shop wit my classmates done up. Al time wasted. When I reach home frm sch, is areadi 10pm. N I wan some relaxin time surfin e net, lazin ard then when I c e clock, is areadi 11+ near midnite. OMG... I reali v sian n tired. Y m I livin in a fast pace society where things cannot make it witout $$$$??? Y so realistic? Cant believe it. I'm goin for a half day leave tml. I wan to do my sch project done tml. I hate wastin time on projects.. Tests r more straight forward. Study a few days then test liao. Dun nit waste time do research n do tis n tat. Time wastin.! I dun get it y my class majority wan projects instead of tests. Aren't we doin enuff projects since Year 1? Duno y la hor.. Find it stupid lor. My time…

Rulez in my L|fe

There are mani rules we have to follow but most imptly, we mus follow our own rulez.!

Rulez in my Life:
Maintain a messy hairstyle as long as I'm comfortable wit...Eat as much as I like... As long is my fav food...Nv touch cigarettes! Is nt cOOl anymOre... HahaLet myself into a retail therapy wheneva I wan as long as I'm hapiDress how eva I like... as long I'm comfortable... I hate comparison nwadays!Play my SIMs games as long as my notebook can take it....Play wit my DS lite as long as e battery can last...Slp as much as I wan, as long as I giv my mum allowance to pay electricity bill! Yeah!Earn more bucks as long there is a place for mi to work as long as I wan! CooL!Turn on e volume of my mp3 player as loud as my ears can take it...DrOOl over handsome chaps as long as they are HANDSOME!Run as much as I wan as long I can run... 5km or 10km... Tat's nothin anymore..Tanning session to increase as long as I m free!!!No more clubbin as dining wit frens at restaurants is mo…


Today, I had my lunch at Sakae Sushi... Yummy... Lov it! Then when I took a plate, I took a snap shot. U al shd noe mi by nw... I like takin food shots... So I took it. Tis asst mgr of SS, saw mi doin so, came n ask if there is somethin wrong wit their food. Haha... OMG!!! I told him tat I jus wana take a shot of e food n nothin wrong wit e food. Haha... Then he went off.. Damn funi. 1st time bein asked lor. I dun care actually... I jus like to take e food shots... Call mi a food photographer... I wil like it...!! Or a food fanatic!!!!

Build A Bear

I like tis bear... So cute lor... My colleague went to build one... Oh... so adorable.. Can treat it as my baby. Haha.. Stil tinkin whether shd I build one in SG or Taiwan cos the price at Taiwan covert back to SG dollars is $2+ higher. Haiz.. Lookin at the webby, they gt a lot of varieties in Taiwan.
Visit the website at for more cute stuff.


Hmm... after resolvin misunderstandin wit my fren, another comin up. My fren told mi tat if others say somethin I dun like, I shd say it out instead of keepin in my heart. Then nw I say out lor..... I may nt b gd in somethin, bt it doesnt mean I'm totally a lousy one who is nt gd in everythin.. I hv things tat I m gd at which others dun... I definitely wan respect frm others. I can treat ppl gd bt ppl mus treat mi bk e same. I like fairness... Especially those youngsters. I m old bt nt brainless... I dun like tat kind of feelin where ppl treat mi like as those I may cause some problems cos of my competency. Tat feelin is no gd. Put yrself in my shoes... U r nt totally a perfect person jus like mi... Everyone hv flaws... Some gt pretty faces bt plump or obese, some may b tall bt no figure n looks, some may b perfect to everyone bt flaws on their features which ppl nv reali notice.. I may b short, ugly and fat bt tat doesnt mean tat I shd b condemned by the world. Everyo…

Belvin's 2nd bday on 24 June

The Usual Gang - 7 + 1 small kid
Mummy, Belvin, Daddy
Nice cake...
Belvin & Mummy @ e playroom
The cute boy Belvin

Clearing the air

Finally tis mornin... I clear the misunderstandin between mi n my sec sch mate (nt e flyin aeroplane one). Hmm feels good. Hope we can b like last time... Go out together again.. I dunwan to lose frens lor... I dunwan enemies too.. Bt actual fact, sometimes is nt up to mi to decide. I may always vent my anger here cos I tink tats e onli place I can vent it al out... Haiz.. one thing is clear liao stil gt another problem one... Tat is e flyin aeroplane one.. My frens were tellin me to cool dw first b4 askin tat fellow to come out n talk in proper... Duno wil she b lyin again or tellin e truth...!!! Reali scare of her stupid n lame excuses and lies... Tryin to find out e truth so as to help her. Haiz... tis is a problematic lady... I stil gt another fren duno head n tail abt tis whole matter. Duno hw to tell her nw... Cos I m stil v piss off over tat fellow. Will tell her one of tis day.

Educational Trip to Organic Farm 1 July 2007


@Cafe Cartel on 7 July 2007 IMM

The Birthday Guy.... Happy 26th Birthday!!!! In advance..

This is my godson....


Finally I trash things out wit tat fren who always put aeroplane... Same reasons... Say she nit to earn as much as she can as she had to support her family... Ya... Onli she isit? I myself too... My parents are nt workin.. My bro jus ORD n haven settle dw wit a stable job yet... Then mi hw?? Lots of things for mi to plan out for my family n for myself too.... Again, say until she v heavy burden... Ya la... whole world onli her havin the heaviest burden... Wat e hell!!! Then say she too bz at work n even no time for her bf, tats y breakoff... Ya... pls lor... Tis is call time management... If u cant manage yr time properly hw to manage a relationship??? So old liao goin to hit 30 in 2 yrs time stil like tat wor... Pls lor... tis is jus excuses... She can slower her pace bt she choose to earn more money... Earn money is not wrong lor... Earn as much as u like lor.... Tire herself out onli ma... Who wil care? Onli family will care... Then hw abt relationship??? Aiya pls la... I…

SHE Singapore event Schedule

Finally they are here... SHE is coming to Singapore to promote their latest album 'Play'. Best album... They nv fail to b the Taiwan's best gal group....
S.H.E 7月28日即將玩FUN新加坡!! S.H.E [PLAY] 慶功 FUN PARTY: The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo on 28 Jul 2007 at 8pmS.H.E [PLAY] FUN 天簽唱會地點: IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza日期: 29-Jul-07 (Sun)時間: 2PMHaha... the autograph session is jus so near my hse... Damn it... I will go... They are gd so I go... Dun care... Must get their autograph... For sure... B there... if u like them!

Gib Mi a Break!

Sian... I v sick of workin.. I dunwan to work! I wan to enjoy life. I wan to travel as much as I can. Bt no $$$$... Our company increment thingy nt out yet. Duno hw much I get. Is it wat exactly my boss told me???? I wonder. Can I work more OT nw so tat I can earn more $$$?? Nt worth actually. I duno wat I talkin abt nw..... Stupid frens of mine called mi up yesterday, askin y I no reply her sms... Pls lor... a meet up wit them is like so difficult sia... Change e date again and again. I couldnt b bother since I oso dun hv much intention to mit up wit them... Stil gt e cheek to ask mi. Told them each time when they wan to mit up on my schedule for wkdays. Aiya... They nv bother wat I say de... So y I care wat they say. Y mus I bloody repeat e same thing so mani times..??? Reali dun wish to speak to them... So sian.. So yesterday I rather mit my another gal pal at JP. I would rather. Cos she is v straightforward. Can mit, she wil mit. If cannot, she wil tel mi directly... S…

Complicated Workin Society

What e hell on earth is tis!!! Same company cannot charge each other meh? In total there are 7 divisions in my company. 1 division wan my division to do some works in e office. Y cant I charge them? I reali dun get it. My guys hv to spend their time in office to do al those works n our outside jobs cannot do liao ma. So I jus wan to cover abit of losses tat may incur. Jus abit of $$$ wan to say tis n tat n giv mi tat kind of unhappy face.!!! Wat e f***! Too much la. Always takin advantage of us. I dun care whether we same company or wat liao. Work is work lor. My guys come n do work then jus jolly well charge man... I make sure I open a service order to charge for e 2 power points to b done in our office. I mus b firm liao tis time. No care.!!! Ppl r gettin on my nerve nw a days. Then I shd retaliate liao... Shit... Tis company reali sux. Nt bcos my qualification is low, if nt I wil go off for a beta job. I treat here as a steppin stone. In tis few yrs of my diploma…

Stupid Idiots!

Hw mani bloody times mus I tel them tat I m schoolin in e evenin frm Mon to Fri??? Wan to mit up oso mayb wkends ma. Or Wed when I dun hv class... I rem tellin them so mani times. I m a student nw n tat everyone knows!!! Bloody hell. Frm one date change to another to another... Wat e hell is tis? I agree to mit last mth cos I m hvin sch holidays. Then they change again... Bloody hell... So piss off... Tats y I nv wan to reply their sms until last nite... I reali v piss off wit them... Some of them dun nit to study, some study finish their Dip liao bt nt mi lor... Always say mi bk, 'Hw we know u gt class anot?' Bloody hell... For tis, I oso rem deep deep inside my heart. I told them once, twice and tis is e LAST BLOODY TIME! I m schoolin frm Mon to Fri except occasional Wed. Wkends, I m definitely free. Shit them lor. To them, I m always in e wrong de la... My stupid look wit their stupid attitude... Tat is enuff!!! I rather dun mit them lor. E more I mit them, e more I prefer to…