Food Review | Saboten @ IMM

At Saboten, there are limited choices to choose from. There is no ramen and udon that I can opt for. It is such a meaty dinner and is pricey too. Since it is not crowded, then it becomes our choice for the day.

It's a little too pricey in my opinion because of its lack of choices. The whole menu I can find is prawns (ebi), loin (pork) and chicken. 

Don't believe right? Then see for yourself here. So sad. Superb. Really regretted it. So end up, we just gotta swallow the pride and order set meal since it is so pathetic.


Free refill for rice, miso soup and cabbage. Well done! And pickles. Surprisingly, the pickles are nice and crunchy. Really appetizing. We pour their sauce over the cabbage and it tastes real nice. I love the crunchiness. The sauce is kind of sweet but along with subtle taste of sour plum. Wahahahaha...

Chicken Katsu Curry $17

First of all, the curry is neither tasty nor watery type which the latter is good of course. Because you got to have certain level of thickness in the curry to make it perfect. Right? Most importantly, it is not spicy. The breaded chicken cutlet looks crispy on appearance but actually taste not the same. There is this off the fridge and fried kind of taste/smell. Never defroze the chicken properly I guess. However, soft texture inside out with a little chewy.

Chicken Katsudon $18.50

Everything is about the same as mentioned for the above except that it is the sauce and egg that covered the breaded chicken cutlet rather than curry. It tastes a little watery for the layer of egg but still acceptable. There are a good amount of onions to complement with the rice and sauce. The chicken cutlet is a little tasteless like the previous. Probably the seasoning is not enough.

So now I let you decide on whether is good or not from the above. Very superficial but at least when it is bad, I will say it out. Why must I hide my feelings when I'm paying for it? After we settled the bill and step out of the restaurant, we realised actually just beside them is a ramen/udon restaurant. Under same management. Thanks for that. Why do you separate it in this way? Makes me having doubts now. Let me consider if I'm gonna go for their ramen/udon the next round. By the way, I never read any reviews about this Saboten.

Saboten @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 21 
#01-19, IMM 
Singapore 609601