Still Alive

Of course I'm still alive and kicking after so many blog posts. This is sort of an accumulation over the exam period which I have been missing out a lot. But why should I be so hardworking as to blog when I don't gain anything at all? I suppose my blog to be a personal one and not of anyone's viewing. A personal online diary. But then when I see others have the courage to share their own personal life with others whom they don't even know, then fine. I do that though. 

I'm not like those famous bloggers whom gets free stuff and sort of things. I'm just a blogger of my own. I blog whatever I want to because I paid for it. Be it good or bad stuff, this is just me. If you don't enjoy reading, please go to the top right hand corner of the page and close it immediately.

So now my examination is over for good. Looking forward to the result day on 28 Nov and praying hard that everything goes well. And I'm done. I'm finally a graduate after 2 years. And for the moment, enough of academic stuff. I shall pursue my own interests in photography and culinary.

For once after 2 years, I feel the freedom air surrounding me. I have lots of free time to spare. I can go out with friends, laze at home, go lone shopping or do whatever I want. 

It is also time to set my 2014 resolution. But first, think back what I have achieved in 2013 so far for a good closing.

1) Prove people wrong about travelling to Taipei during Lunar New Year where not much shops are open for business when in fact there is, though limitation. Still get to enjoy ourselves at night market which is filled with superb big crowd;

2) Spend quality time with the parents. Going out with them, eat with them. Filial Piety. I finally did it before any regrets. I'm glad this year I come to terms with that. Probably I see how fragile they can each day and also I'm gonna get married soon. I feel good, and great. At least I know that they know and are happy that I made the effort to spend time with them rather than always missing over the weekend at my guy's place. Now I'm superb okay with not meeting my guy over the weekend because I know in future, I will see him 24-7.

3) Manage to come to terms that I can be happier at work if I can accept the stupid flaws of the Professor that I work with. As for now, communication and everything went well. Can talk. This takes a year to happen. And surprisingly, he gave a quite good appraisal of me. But it all depends how much the Head will give for increment. More please okay?

4) Achievement unlocked for completing my first 21.1km a.k.a Half Marathon in my life recently which I never think I can do it when I did not train much. It takes quite an amount of determination to do that for first timer. I'm glad that I tried and never give up. Maybe for 2014, I can set a resolution to complete a 42.195km Full Marathon. God bless me.

So for now this is what I have achieved, quite superficial. A month plus to go before 2013 come to an end. So not sure what is going to install for me this period. Hopefully get to achieve one more meaningful thing.

Going for 2 workshops organised by Canon. All on photography. I love it. Hope to learn more during the workshops. Because I superb love food photography. 2nd, travel photography. 3rd, architecture photography. Hopefully can invest on a new lens soon after reading up on what I really wanted the shots to be. 

And it is Xmas time again. I love Xmas and can't get enough of the lovely things around for Xmas. I shall blog more of my Xmas gatherings soon. Shall meet up with lots of classmates and friends.

Till then, shall stop here. Bye!