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Guilty Retreat

Haha... Had all tis during my retreat... Arggh... I tink put on 2kg liao.. Wat e hell!!! Haha.. Bt reali yummy... The aglio glio is my dinner.... Wine is my chill out session. Laksa is my breakfast... Lov it... Bt guilty...

Human issue

Hate it.. Jus today, I received 2 complaints from my site staff. Damn it.. Y do I hv to hear al tis out? I cant scold them but I cant comment much too... I'm nt in e position... Haiz.. Listen to them makes mi so frustrated... Cos alot of human prblms surfacin up.. Mayb it exists bt nobody wan or date to bring up.. I was tinkin.. If u bring up, at least I can tink of a way out... If I cant help, I wil go to my executives to solve. Worst come to worst, go to my boss le lor.. Hmm.. sometimes duno hw they tink.. I tink I beta go attach to one site for a week to experience e agony my gals at site hv... N e guys too.. Some of them r either lazi or refuse to listen to instruction given... Like to challenge their superior.. Cant stand them.. Reali... Then always complain tis n tat... Kaoz.. MC la.. take urgent leave la.. MIA la.. Then the supervisors wil call mi up on tat.. I mean wat can I do? Can I go find them like Military police, knockin on the door, catch them back to wat they sup…

Unique Greeting

This idea is nt frm miii... Is frm Jon!!!!! Arggh... My buddy is goin to kill mii for sure... Hahaha... Hw come he can come out wit tis kind of idea????? Kill Jon!!! Wahahaha...

Happy Birthday to Jacqueline!!!!!! IN Advanced

Happy Birthday to U!!! Happy Birthday to U!!!! Happy Birthday to Jacqueline! Happy Birthday to U!!!!! Best wishes to my makan buddy... YahOoooo..... 26th year comin yr way tis Sat!!!! Let count dw to our RETREAT!!!! Yeah....... Smilez always... Be Happy ALWAYS!

How Long~~~

Hw long is the journey to eternity? I wonder. Is tis an eva lasting journey or jus runnin away frm reality? I wonder. Is Fate playin a Right or Wrong game wit a helpless lass? I wonder... Wondering...

The Stony nite...

I nv b4 tink tat tis wil happen.. Bt it reali happen... N in front of so mani familiar faces... Haiz... Wat can I say...? I jus hv to accept it.. Shy.. Embarassed... I thot I watch too much drama or c too much of tat situation tat happen to another person... Bt it happen to miii.. Y on tat day...? Eventually alot of ppl will know... Arrghh.. Fine.! Jus giv it a try... No harm... It has been so long since I hv eva felt myself worth somethin.... It is presented b4 n so I hv to giv it a try... Bein a snail doesnt brin mii to anywhere... Fine... Jus cant imagine it has been witnessed by so mani familiar faces.. Arrgh... Wat a crazy nite!!! Shall nv forget e nite.. Nv... *faint* Mani pairs of eyes r lookin at miiii.... *freak out*

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Went for dinner and shoppin wit Jac. B4 tis, someone said if my Gucci bag was bought frm Bangkok!!!! Guess who is tat person? Mr Taste... Gd lor... I spend a bomb on tis bag yet I get tis kind of FEEDBACK!!! Thanks hor Mr Taste... Arrgh... Fine I bought it from Bangkok la hor... Arrghh... I wil nt brin tat bag for quite some time... Al bcos of him.. Arrgh.. Though he doesnt mean it... Bt he first thot of it is a fake one, den hw u wan mii to react??? Kill miii... Fine... Lets nt say tis sad thing... Went to tis restaurant wit Jac at Bugis.. Nt bad hor.. Bugis nw lots of new restaurants.. Taste is nt bad... Arrgh.. Y 'TASTE' again!!???? Bt there is a difference for the drinks.. Pls take a look up there... Kaoz.. Mine is the greenie drink... Jac's another... There is a big difference... So BIGGGG! Pls do nt order GREEN MANGO FIZZ!!! Too big n sweet too.. Nv finish it... After dinner we went shoppin.. Suppose to shop for Jac's workin clothes bt end up buyin beach sh…

I am FAT!

Is rite in front of miii at my workdesk... Haha.. Bt there is no fridge... Hmmm...... Rem I M FAT!

Nice gestures

Sometimes, is hard find a stranger givin u a helpin hand. I met 2 strangers who r so kind... They offer to shelter mi over to covered path way during raining days... Thanks... I nv know there is stil such ppl existing.. One time was during my ITE sch days. Another one is durin my workin days... My current job.. Haha.. Felt so fortunate... At least, some kind souls ard to make tis world a beta place to live in... Yeah.... Bless themmm...

Swearin @ HIM

I thot I block him tru friendster and msn, I can forget his existence. Yet tis stupid Facebook is another channel that he managed to get miii.... He left mi a msg.... From Him:
Hi dear >hey,how u???wana mit for gathering,msg or call mi when u free,miss u!chen yunming!

Tryin to act close lor... Wat e f***!!! Leave mii alone.. I tink those frens who knows him hv helped mii by ignorin his request of gettin my contact no... I count myself lucky... Can trust those frens... Jus giv mi a break...I dun even wan to befriend him... Reali dun even wan. There is no friendship between us after we break off 6 yrs ago... I dun wan him in my life... He is simply heartless 6 yrs ago... So y shd I care???? I dun hate him anymore.. Jus dun let him appear in my life anymore...

My Victory from Bangkok

Day 1Day 2
Day 3
My Day 4 nv manage to take a pic of it. Arrgh... Cos tat day prepare to come bk SG. Bt is ok.. Tat day manage to grab 2 tops at SGD5 each... So hapi... Thanks to my colleagues.. They said my souvenirs are mothballs... Thanks.. I dun even know they are mothballs... Damn it.. Another particular colleague said I gt no taste in choosin souvenirs.. Fine.. Mr Taste aka Jon Yang, I shall get beta ones when I go Taipei in June ok???? I shall upgrade my taste... Arrghh.. Thanks to him hor.. Hopefully he dun c tis post... I m here cursin n swearin man!!!!! I given him sometin beta than 'MOTHBALLS'!!!! Arrghh... Fine... Reali wana kill him! Seein al tis pics, I realise the souvenirs were bought on the first day.. Haiz... Fine.. I shall grab beta ones in Taipei... Mr TASTE has a v high expectation lei... *Faint* Shall buy a taste bug for him... Hee....

My new baby as of 23 Feb 2008

Bought it at $38 for the sake of spendin away the voucher worth $100 by Starhub. I gt no idea wat phone to buy. My bro suggested buyin tis. So I jus go ahead lor. Nv use too.. Use onli a few days I use back my K800i. Mayb let my mum use.

Early White Haired Chap

He said cannot put in my blog bt I insist puttin.. Cos is rare tat he wears tie. Onli special occasion.. Hmm... Handsome la okay!!! I wont say u tat bad de la.. He is our operations exec. Operations mean despatch, manpower issue, accounts everythin.. Hmm... He stil tinks he is under paid... Hmm.. Den hor, I tink I oso lei.. I tink I beta get more things from him to do so tat it will look like I m underpaid while doin lots of rubbish... Bt I reali gt lots of things to do de lei.. Jus tat I procastinating nia... Hmmm.. *Salute* Erm.. I mean to him... Cos he gt white hairs!!! Haha... Work til gt white hairs wor.. I dunwan white hair unless I'm old.. Guess his age??? Nt even 35yrs old ar!!! Kaoz.... So let call him e White Hair Chap!

I'm triggered by the leap years

It triggered my thots. Am I being wit someone for the sake of being wit someone? I hate tat feeling. The lines have definitely triggered mii deeply abt mi n him. Am I too rush? In coincidence, tis my 4th yr declarin 'SINGLE'. 'Li-Ann' waited for 12 years for 'Jeremy' n finally they r together. Is it worth waitin in reality? Seems silly to alot of ppl bt I sort of hvin different thots. Help mi... Arrghh. I jus cant feel e rite one has come. I m jus despo for love cos afraid of bein left on the shelf. Gosh... I tink I shd slow dw.. I reali shd. Til I reali feel comfortable... I tink I m stil nt ready. Reali nt ready... I stil cant overcome e fear.. e phobia... I tink I shd giv up e idea for nw...