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Food Review | Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

Hi... I'm back for a short food review at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant, Vivocity. It has been a long time since the 1st visit because whenever we are there, definitely a queue. So this time round we came early and manage to satisfy a 2nd round at this restaurant.
Wasn't feeling good so I ordered something light for myself. Plus a french fries. I can't get enough french fries. The seaweed french fries here was good and not oily. Crispy and soft. Definitely deserve a try on different flavours.
And I must really say the Shanghai soup noodles is thumb up! Smooth noodles and wanton skin. Fillings in the wanton is generous and Superb light-flavoured soup. 
I forgotten what my hub had but basically his set of meal looks Instagram worthy pic but the taste... nah.... mediocre. That's what he said. He has quite a picky taste bud. Not like me. So long as the food is not stale, everything is good! Quite healthy set, consider it has vegetables, rice, egg, pork/chicken chop and sausag…

[Invite] Highlights of Singapore Blog Awards 2014

Singapore Blog Awards has been running annually since 2008 and have seen the best of Singapore's blogging scene.
This year 2014, three (3) new Followers' Choice Award were launched and the winners have been announced:

Favourite Celebrity Instagram AccountAaron Yan 炎亚纶

Favourite Twitter InfluencerSpin or Bin Music

Favourite Youtube ChannelNinja Girls SG

Congratulations to the winners!!! 

More winners of other categories and I'm looking forward to Best Food Blog as I voted for Johorkaki

The ceremony was held at Scape, Level 2 The Ground Theatre. You actually can sense the vibrant of Scape. Flea markets can be found here, pretty chics and young chaps hanging out on weekends with friends, shops that sells very pretty and creative stuff and trendy clothes, accessories and more. Totally fit in the mood of this annual event by! Because it tells us about creativity, youthfulness, positive (and negative) influences through trending social media platforms which many can easi…

Food Review | Mellben Legend Seafood

If it wasn't because I have to go Serangoon Broadway to collect my regalia, we won't know there is this hidden gem in that area which is not very convenience and difficult to find parking lots.
Step in to their restaurant to lots of photos paste on the wall and you might spot some celebrities who made their way here for their awesome crabs.
Was choosing between Laksa Crab and Dry Beehoon Crab. Because it was just me and my husband, we ordered the Dry Beehoon Crab which is a good choice indeed. 
The beehoon was moist with the garlic taste. Savoury is the word to describe. You can choose to add beehoon at affordable price.
As for the crab, we choose a smaller one which is just nice for 2 pax. Having it at its original, it tastes fresh and sweet. You know it when you try to suck, 'bite' or 'pull' the flesh out from the claws/legs easily. 
Cost us $52 for the crab. Worth it. Good quality crabs deserves applause and 2nd visit from us. Probably when I come and retur…

Food Review | Tampopo

Stumble upon Tampopo when I was in town w the ladies and we made a deal to try out the next time we hang out. But since I'm in town w the husband, might as well try it out first. To save their calories from lousy stuff.
Tampopo is a family style Japanese restaurant that aim to serve with the best quality ingredients and is the pioneer of Kurobota (black pig) and has since named one of the best ramen in Singapore.
They have 2 restaurants in Singapore at Liang Court and Takashimaya. We visited the one at Takashimaya. 

This dish is tasty yet salty and have to go along with rice to minimize that saltiness. However this deep fried squid was good and chewy. Fresh ingredients indeed. Didn't squeeze the lemon as I always feel that it did not much help in enhancing the taste, like in Fish N' Chips.

It didn't look that appetizing at one glance. But don't judge by its look. 

This is how it looks after mixing it. Lots of crabmeats you can find plus the noodles were well-cooked. The…

Culinary | Love Broccoli

My love for broccoli + eating clean is concluded here. One weekday dinner, all I had was a bowl of broccoli, which to the husband is unbelievable. A smirk from him. Idiot! Think I can't? You bet. So easy with just boiling over the heat with pinch of salt. That's all it takes.

Thank you for enduring this lame post. Just wanna tell everyone to eat clean. Eat healthy. Eat your greens.

[Invite] Unwrap the fun with Mcdonalds

What's brewing at Mcdonald's? Spotted those nice green balloons on the right? 

Wow... arrived at Bishan Park Mcdonald's for their event and we were welcomed by these superb fresh greens. Hi Cucumber, Carrot, Tomatoes and Lettuce. What are you veggies up to? It looks like we are gonna have a superb healthy meal later on.

And the night started off with Ms Sam from Mcdonald's Singapore addressing to the bloggers. And I'm so in love w e green balloons. Pardon me for that. My fav color.

Mcdonald's new launch: McWraps! Comes in Grilled Chicken McWrap and Spicy Chicken McWrap. 
Live Demonstration

I love live demonstration and probably some games. It makes an event more lively as there are more engagement and interaction between the host and guests rather than just presenting their speeches and serving up the food. I'm lovin' it!

The Meal

How to save yourself from a messy affair

Be 'WOW' at Alive Museum Singapore

Lesson 2

K-Pop Stars? Korea Beauty Products & Fashion? Korean Food? Korea Trips? But how about an unusual Korean museum?

As you know I have been wanting to go Korea for a long time and hasn't been fulfilled yet. By doing some homework on the tour packages available from various travel agencies, I came to know of Alive Museum

About Alive Museum

+Alive Museum is Korea's original and biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum that gives you 3 different experiences in Trick Art, Digital Art and Object Art. 

At other museums, 'See but don't touch' rule is applicable but not at +Alive Museum Singapore . 

They are UNUSUAL.
Now, without having to fly over to Korea first, I get to experience the unusual at Alive Museum here in Singapore! Opened since June 2014, the 10,000 sqft new attraction located in the heart of Singapore city will sure be another booster to our tourism growth in Singapore.

Camera & extra battery. Checked √.
Tickets. Checked √. Myself & husba…