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Bad mood? Blame mild dehydration, study suggests.

Yet another reading up. Well... I'm health conscious but just don't understand why I am still that fat. Blame my itchy mouth and lazy body. What to do? Bad mood? Blame mild dehydration, study suggests. A new, small study of 25 women suggests that being mildly dehydrated can take a toll on women's mood and cognitive function. In the study, published in the latest issue of The Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that dehydration was a prime factor in causing headaches, loss of focus, fatigue, and low mood while both exercising and resting.
US magazine TIME reported last week that the women in the study experienced the bad effects from only mild dehydration -- about one percent lower than optimal hydration levels.

The Huffington Post also cites a 2009 study conducted by Tufts University researchers in the US that found "that dehydration leads to fatigue, confusion, and a negative mood among young female athletes."

TIME reports that while men weren't included in t…

Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

Yes... I read another article from Yahoo! and this is so relevant especially for me. I need to lose weight. I think at the moment, I should have permanently lose 1kg after 6 months of effort. Why that little? Because I never watch my diet that tight, even though I chose healthy choices but sometimes I still need some comfort food on some days when I'm down on mood. So everyone, since is CNY and everyone of us has been going around visiting relatives and friends, u must have eaten quite a lot. So to prevent further increase in our weight, let's try some of these tips. But for me, I'm going for my run this evening after work. Have been so stagnant for weeks. U can read from this link too from Yahoo! Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss remains a major health issue for many of us despite the onslaught of weight loss tips and medical aids that surround us.
Most of the contemporary solutions border on providing unrealistic weight loss solutions or are too time-consuming. Dra…

My Wardrobe Series 2

Happy Lunar New Year! Nothing much about my Wardrobe. But actually 2 additionals. One which supposed to be bought 2 mths back but yet to wear. Then b4 CNY, I bought this dress.
The skirt was bought at Cotton On. Why I choose that? Simple and casual. Hmm... I can wear to work or for outings. Last night my first wear. Went over to a friend's house for CNY gathering. It is short but comfortable. Got the right choice! And guess how much? $5 again! Woohoo... I feel damn shiok!
And as for the dress, I bought it at Sixties. There is lots of different combi of the colours and of all, I choose these. Cost mi $24.95. If the sales is still on, I will buy another one. I really love the dresses there. I bought tops from there before.
So that's my intro for today. Wonder if I will again spend money on dresses. Sigh... Must save money!!! Lotsa money.

Dragon Year of Hope

Yahoo... We are ushering the Year of Dragon in less than 6 hours. Is the once a year thingy for the Chinese all over the world.  For us in Singapore, the place bustling with noise and people is Chinatown. Woohoo... Since Friday, I am in the mood of celebrating this festive season. Some highlights captured by my camera and his iPhone via Instagram....

Let us all have a wonderful Dragon New Year 2012! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!

10 Surprising Things that affect your mood

Well... I find it quite true. Found this article in Yahoo! News. Check it out if any of the 10 things affects your mood. I know what is mine. But I'm not gonna tell. Enjoy reading! Find out yours and start doing something about it! Or u can check out the link 10 Surprising Things That Affect Your Mood
Food intoleranceFood intolerances are responsible for a wide range of physical conditions including nausea and abdominal pain, but they can also affect your mood, causing irritability, mood swings, lack of focus, aggression, nervousness or hyperactivity. If you suffer from regular mood swings, try keeping a food diary – noting what you eat as well as any changes in mood – to see if you can identify a link.
Your home decorIf you want to give your mood a boost, try changing your home decor as your surroundings can heavily influence your mood. While red can make some people feel irritable or hostile, yellow communicates happiness and blue aids relaxation, so try accessorising your home wi…

My Freedom Ends

Yup... My freedom will actually end on 8 Jan 2012 at 2359. I will be a student again for 2 years and I will have to be as good as I can be when I was studying my part time diploma in Singapore Poly. This afternoon, attended the Student Induction with my gal pal. Dry as usual but is just like any orientation u go before the start of your course and etc. Ended earlier than expected. Got a luggage tag as souvenir. Hmm... I am ready. Well... on Monday itself, I might feel frustrated. Cos I have to take half day leave for an interview at Pandan Loop, then head straight back to work till 5.45pm and off I go for my class at 7pm till 10pm. Oh my god! Next week is a torture definitely. Straight 6 days I have classes. This is crazy. More crazy than I thought. But luckily it is just 1 week and that's it. Phew. I have to really go through this terrible ordeal. Yup it is an ordeal to me. So much of things in mind plus all these physical tiredness. I can make it! I will! Shall head straight home…

Top 10 Detox Foods

Just read up this article from Yahoo! and I do find it very useful. Out of 10, I have already having 3 of them, Green Tea, Fresh Fruits and Brown Rice. Luckily. Wanna share with myself and the rest. +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* LemonLemons are a staple of many detox diets, and there is good reason for this. Firstly, lemons are packed with antioxidant vitamin C, which is great for the skin and for fighting disease-forming free-radicals. Furthermore, the citrus fruit has an alkaline effect on the body, meaning that it can help restore the body's pH balance, benefitting the immune system. Try starting your day with hot water and a slice of lemon to help flush out toxins and cleanse your system. GingerIf too much fatty food or alcohol has caused problems for your digestive system, it may be worthwhile adding some ginger to your diet. Ginger is not only great for reducing feelings of nausea, but it can help improve digestion, beat bloating and reduce gas. I…

Culinary | Homemade Salad

I am always looking forward to weekends where I get to rest even though I work alternate Saturday. Today, I choose to take urgent leave from work. Not that I'm bad or what but I seriously very turn off from my work now. I really need a break. A day break is not enough for me, even for my colleagues. Sigh... Anyway, I can have my own time at least for today. Hahahah...
I went to NTUC at Jurong Point for grocery shopping. I want to make salad. A simple salad. I want to lead a healthy life. So I must at least know how to make a salad. Frankly speaking, I don't know how to cook. I can only cook maggi mee, frying of food and my latest, egg mayo. Hahahah... So here is my ingredients for my very own salad:
I have corn, cherry tomato, lettuce and red cabbage. Hmm... I realise I shouldn't have used red cabbage. I taste so hard, or maybe crunchy. And as for the lettuce, I regret big time buying that ICEBERG lettuce. Sigh. It makes it so soggy. Maybe I never did my homework well. I act…